Plasma Waves and Obama’s Executive Order Regarding Space Weather Events*

Plasma Waves and  Obama’s Executive Order Regarding Space Weather Events*

By Alexa Person

Friday, October 14, 2016, one day after President Obama issued an Executive Order regarding space weather events, the Earth’s magnetic shields collapsed and the energetic streams of energy flowing around Earth (solar winds) completely changed direction. These events corresponded with a severe geomagnetic storm that can be tracked in the satellite video below.

A massive plasma wave literally washed over our planet. This wave consisted of high frequency energy bearing Ascension codes and these codes arrived in the form of Light, otherwise known as photons. My ascended Twin Flame, Ahy, has taught me a great deal about these photon packets, which I now understand to be Amplituhedrons.

Satellite Imagery and Executive Order regarding Space Weather

Since this event took place, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in a number of unexpected side effects:

  • Stillness. More than usual. It’s as if Gaia is allowing us to experience a “pause” while we are given a chance to integrate the energy bombarding her 4th Density.
  • Time has vanished. And along with it, urgency has disappeared. Everything is getting done, but any anxiety associated with the completion of tasks is nonexistent.
  • Profound sense of peace.
  • Conscious contact with our Higher Dimensional Selves.
  • Body temperatures rising unpredictably and dramatically while at rest.
  • Powerful Light energy intermittently discharging through the skin and/or spine causing intense tingling sensations.
  • Increased focus.
  • Unconsciously shielding the Mind/Body/Soul.
  • Increased contact with the Higher Self.
  • Appetite fluctuations paired with conscious eating.
  • Fatigue.
  • Increased sensitivity, joy and clairvoyant abilities.

Due to the onset of my own side effects earlier last week, I cancelled appointments and managed only the most pressing responsibilities. Knowing it was important to be still with this energy, I chose to isolate myself with the intention of integration. I noticed that within the stillness, I desired my own energy. Pushing back all my Guides and other external energies, I found myself hibernating within the stillness of my own I AM Presence.

I normally do not review journal entries once they are written, but I was specifically guided to share these two entries.

The following writings took place before and after the plasma wave moved over our planet. The passages are excerpts taken directly from my journals. For the sake of authenticity, I have kept the copy in tact and have not altered it in any way. It is my prayer that they are of some assistance. If only one person finds any guidance in what I share, I will consider these efforts a success.

Journal Entry I

I entered a deep meditation and experienced an intense connection with the Amplituhedon. Elementals and the Cardinal Directions gathered and assisted me in moving it [Amplituhedron’s energy] outward in every direction; 360 degrees it moved away from the Earth’s core. Multiple crystalline Amplituhedrons swirled away from the center at tremendous speeds. As they moved, I felt a rush and connection with them.

Working with the Amplituhedrons was different this time. Instead of moving through each individual layer of the Earth, I connected intensely and instantaneously [with the energy], moving it upward into the Christos Grid and the Magdalen Grid, only to turn my attention outward to reconnect this radiant pink light with the Sun and the Great Central Sun.

I had an epiphany. I felt my consciousness proclaim: “I am fine. I am where I need to be. I am in Service of Others. I am positioned exactly where we decided I would be.”

No longer do I yearn to fly off the Earth and leave her for my higher, familiar realms. I know my job is right here in the NOW. This is the moment I’ve been waited for, the one we have all waited for: the Harvest.

My mind continually wanders past the multiverses and I consider who or what gazes down at the honeycomb mazes of life and wonders, “Do they have any concept of anything grander?”

And so it goes, I guess: one atom building against another and so on-the Divine Matrix.

Shortly after this entry, I had another moment with the Amplituhedron that directly related to everyone on the planet.

Journal Entry II

As it connected to Gaia, I wondered if I needed to visualize the Amplituhedrons. Suddenly, I began moving the energy upwards from the center Earth’s Amplituhedron and called upon the Elementals and cardinal directions for assistance. It wasn’t as dramatic as before, but it moved incredibly fast, much faster than other times.

As I got to the surface where I joined with all mankind again, something different took place. I found myself standing with hands cupped open in front of me, manifesting another Amplituhedron. This one revolved in the air, spinning just in front of the heart chakra of every human being. It remained there, revolving in a holding pattern, waiting to be accepted.

We are all being asked to consciously step into the new frequencies coming into the planet. It is accepted by Free Will.

I watched and marveled at the beauty of this geometry floating before the abstract representation of ALL people.

The Amplituhedron then rose into the blue sky and lowered itself into brilliant blue water where it turned 45 degrees to the right and lodged itself into the Earth. A second Amplituhedron revealed itself and remaining upright, hovered far in front of the one buried beneath the water in the soil.

Two identical Amplituhedrons remained before me. One buried at a right angle within the Earth and a second levitating in another realm, completely unhindered by the other.

Confused, I asked my Higher Self what this scene meant and I received a brief, yet lengthy (this is how it works) explanation of how 3rd Density will phase out.

The Earth’s timelines are wobbly, splicing, and we are being asked to choose our path. Some people will bury themselves in the gravity of the Earth’s illusion and others will transcend it. But all is in order and perfection, as there is no judgment. All paths ultimately lead to the same place-Source. Some paths are merely shorter than others.

The time has come. Frequencies are being evaluated and put into order. There is little time to reevaluate and alternate paths. The difficulty lies in the trajectory of assimilating the lessons of Unity Consciousness.

Holding Space for the Higher Self

Immediately after experiencing the double Amplituhedrons, I thought about an exercise I did a long ago:

  • My cells were in solitude
  • I spoke to my cells
  • I brought Light into my cells
  • Activating the “junk DNA”

As a result, my body became conscious of me, thus I “awakened to myself”. Just as my cells became aware of me, it was my job to hook into the greater sea of Unity Consciousness and look past the 3rd Dimension. I strove to higher ground, ever-seeking a higher frequency of consciousness, praying my Higher Self would bless me with a “sign”. Thankfully, I quieted my mind long enough to allow this “sign” into my consciousness.

The irony is our Higher Self is always communicating with us. The problem is that we are so contaminated by the illusion of the 3rd Dimension and everything it offers that we don’t listen. Distractions have the intention and priority to become unavoidable. Technology, addictions, entertainment and vices never sleep. They rage 24 hours a day. In an age of instant gratification, Stillness is not rewarded. So how does the Higher Self reach us?

If we are wise enough to practice stillness via meditation or other sacred practices, the Higher Self will communicate and the threshold between the illusory offerings of this dimension and higher ones will be broken. Contact made, the upward reaching cycle continues. As activated beings we begin to see the Universe(s) through the lens of Unity Consciousness.

The Solar System then becomes a multiverse. The multiverse soon becomes part of a system of multiverses, and so on, whereas before releasing fear, there was merely one Solar System-the ego.

And so, the cycles continue, but where do they end? What happens after we traverse multiverses? Is there a designer? Multiple designers? Are they wondering when we will begin to ponder their existence?

If Nassim Haramein’s model is correct, there is no ending. The fractal can be drilled down in either direction. Density is irrelevant.


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No Fly-Zone at Standing Rock*

No Fly-Zone at Standing Rock*

of 80 cars and vans from the Eugene area arrived at Standing Rock ...By Jay Syrmopoulos

Pipeline opponents attempting to protect their water supply from the Dakota Access oil pipeline (DAPL), as well as prevent the continued destruction of burial grounds and cultural sites, are anticipating a confrontation with police today. This news come after “water protectors” refused law enforcement requests to vacate reoccupied land in the pipeline’s path, owned by Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners.

Last week, native activists took the bold action of declaring eminent domain over their traditional territory and set up a new camp “Front-Line” camp directly in the pipeline’s path. Pipeline opponents say they have simply reclaimed the land under the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851, clearly noting the Sioux never ceded that territory. The new encampment lies across Highway 1806, where pipeline security guards armed with guard dogs and pepper spray attacked protestors attempting to stop the bulldozing of cultural sites and burial grounds on September 3.

The impending crisis comes after nearly 200 water protectors set up the new camp on land that Energy Transfer Partners last month purchased from a local rancher in an effort to bolster strategic and tactical control of areas surrounding construction of the controversial pipeline.

According to the AP, however, the Native Americans claim the land is theirs by way of an “1851 treaty and they won’t leave until the pipeline is stopped.” “We never ceded this land,” said protester Joye Braun.

This latest flashpoint in the ongoing conflict is north of the larger and more permanent encampments, which have been constructed on federally owned land where over 200 Native American tribes have gathered to oppose the pipeline’s construction.

On Wednesday, a heavily militarized law enforcement presence began mobilizing heavy equipment, including Humvees, armored personnel carriers, buses and demanded the protestors leave the occupied area.

In an ominous sign, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has restricted flights, and banned the use of drones within a radius of about 4 ½ miles of Cannon Ball. The FAA declared that only aircraft affiliated with the North Dakota Tactical Operation Center are allowed within the restricted airspace. The flight restriction went into effect Wednesday and will last until November 5.

Indian Country Today reports:

What began with prayers and a single tipi alongside Highway 1806 quickly grew to more than a dozen tipis surrounded by tents, buses, cars and hundreds of water protectors. Some are calling it the “1851 Treaty Camp” to acknowledge their Treaty rights.

Across the road is the encroaching pipeline and a heavily militarized police force with armored vehicles, helicopters, planes, ATVs and busloads of officers. Tensions are growing as unarmed citizens worry that police will use unnecessarily harsh tactics.

In recent weeks, nearly 300 unarmed water protectors who were arrested have been subjected to pepper spray, strip-searches, delayed bail, exaggerated charges and physical violence, according to interviews with several who were taken into custody. The ACLU and National Lawyers Guild recently sent attorneys to Standing Rock to help the Red Owl Collective, a team of volunteer lawyers headed by attorney Bruce Ellison, who are representing many of those arrested.

The massive law enforcement contingent, consisting of sheriff’s deputies and officers from numerous other states and counties, as well as National Guard, began staging near the encampment — with scores of Armored Personnel Carriers, buses and Humvees poised at the ready.

“At some point the rule of law has to be enforced,” Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney said Wednesday.

“We could go down there at any time. We’re trying not to.”

Dakota Access LLC, the pipeline developer released a statement encouraging trespassers to “vacate the land immediately”or be “removed from the land.”

“Alternatively and in coordination with local law enforcement and county/state officials, all trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and removed from the land,” the company said. “Lawless behavior will not be tolerated.”

Just days ago, sheriff’s officials had said earlier they didn’t have the resources to immediately remove activists from the private land, about 50 miles south of Bismarck. Subsequently, law enforcement officials put out a call for reinforcements, with hundreds of officers from out of state responding.

On Wednesday, actor and environmental activist Mark Ruffalo and civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson went to the new camp to speak and pray with the water protectors. Ruffalo had arrived the night before to speak on an anti-DAPL panel with Native activists at the Prairie Knights Casino and Hotel, according to Indian Country Today.

After touring the camp Jackson spoke to the crowd, reminding people that nonviolence is key to winning the battle for justice.

With promises broken, land stolen, and sacred lands desecrated, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is standing up for their right to clean water. They have lost land for settlers to farm, more land for gold in the Black Hills, and then again even more land for the damn (sic) that was built for flood control and hydro power,” Jackson said.

When will the taking stop? When will we start treating the first peoples of these lands with the respect and honor they deserve?

The rerouting of the pipeline away from Bismarck to its current route is “the ripest case of environmental racism I’ve seen in a long time,” Jackson said. “Bismarck residents don’t want their water threatened, so why is it okay for North Dakota to react with guns and tanks when Native Americans ask for the same right?”

The pipeline was originally scheduled to run north of Bismarck until local residents expressed displeasure with the plan, with the DAPL ultimately being rerouted to its current trajectory near the Oceti Sakowin Standing Rock Reservation.

With an impending militarized police raid of the camp, Mekasi Camp-Horinek, one of the camp coordinators, told officers the protesters planned to stand their ground, saying “Do what you’ve got to do,” according to the Bismarck Tribune

“I don’t have a crystal ball to know when it will happen, but we know it will happen,” said Mekasi Camp-Horinek, a member of the Ponca tribe in Oklahoma.

“We’re going to hold this ground.”

Water protectors could be heard chanting, “Stand in peace against the beast.”

“I’m here to die if I have to. I don’t want to die but I will,” said Didi Banerji, who lives in Toronto but is originally from the Spirit Lake Sioux reservation in North Dakota.

The protesters are simply trying to keep law enforcement from preventing their efforts to stop the pipeline said David Red Bear Jr., 30, from the South Dakota side of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

“If we don’t stop them here, they’re going to cut us off closer to the pipeline. We can’t let that happen,” Red Bear said.

“We’re not trying to force anybody’s hand. We’re just trying to stand up for what we believe in.”

The reality is that the citizens of North Dakota are funding a protection force, in the form of police, for a multi-billion dollar corporate entity. North Dakota’s Emergency Commission previously approved $6 million in emergency funding for law enforcement costs related to the protest — with almost all of those funds having been used already. The Department of Emergency Services plans to ask for more, spokeswoman Cecily Fong said.

Do North Dakotans want their tax money spent on police acting as paid enforcers for Wall Street and big oil interests?

While law enforcement claims they are just doing their job and enforcing the law, in reality, they are acting as enforcers for an unjust corporate oligarchy that consistently puts money over people. The financial elite are the ones who the police are truly protecting and serving — not the American people.


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The Zika Virus has been Proven Harmless*

zika1The Zika Virus has been Proven Harmless*

After nearly a year of causing hysteria, mass travel cancellations and unnecessary abortions it finally daunts to “journalists” and “experts”  that the Zika virus is harmless. It can cause a very minor flue – two days of a low fever and uncomfortable feeling for a quarter of those infected – that is all. It does not cause, as was claimed by sensationalists in the media and various self-serving “scientists”, birth defects like microcephaly.

We told you so.

In February we wrote: The Zika Virus Is Harmless – Who Then Benefits From This Media Panic?.

The piece refereed to a Congressional Research Service report and various sound scientific papers. It concluded:

There is absolutely no sane reason for the scary headlines and the panic they cause.The virus is harmless. It is possible, but seems for now very unlikely, that it affects some unborn children. There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about it.

The artificial media panic continued and huge amounts of money were poured into dangerous insecticides to kill mosquitoes (and important pollinators) that did not do any harm. Indeed, generous use of some of these insecticides likely were the very cause of a blip in microencephaly cases in northeastern Brazil.



In March we wrote: Reading About Zika May Hurt Your Brain.

We listed 35 sensational “news” headlines about potential catastrophes related to a Zika epidemic. The common factor of those panic creating media wave – all those headlines included the miraculous little word may. The pieces were pure speculations with some quoting this or that “expert” who was hunting for research funds or lobbying for some pharmaceutical or pesticide conglomerate.

In June we added: Zika Virus Does Not Cause Birth Defects – Fighting It Probably Does.

New serious research found what some people in Brazil had suspected from the very start of the small and strictly locally limited jump in microencephaly cases in Brazil:

[D]octors in the Zika affected areas in Brazil pointed out that the real cause of somewhat increased microcephaly in the region was probably the insecticide pyriproxyfen, used to kill mosquito larvae in drinking water:

The Brazilian doctors noted that the areas of northeast Brazil that had witnessed the greatest number of microcephaly cases match with areas where pyriproxyfen is added to drinking water in an effort to combat Zika-carrying mosquitoes. Pyriproxyfen is reported to cause malformations in mosquito larvae, and has been added to drinking water in the region for the past 18 months.

Pyriproxyfen is produced by a Sumitomo Chemical – an important Japanese poison giant. It was therefore unsurprising that the New York Times and others called the Brazilian doctors’ report a “conspiracy theory” and trotted out some “experts” to debunk it.

But [s]cientist at the New England Complex Systems Institute also researched the pyriproxyfen thesis. They found:

Pyriproxifen is an analog of juvenile hormone, which corresponds in mammals to regulatory molecules including retinoic acid, a vitamin A metabolite, with which it has cross-reactivity and whose application during development causes microcephaly.

[T]ests of pyriproxyfen by the manufacturer, Sumitomo, widely quoted as giving no evidence for developmental toxicity, actually found some evidence for such an effect, including low brain mass and arhinencephaly—incomplete formation of the anterior cerebral hemispheres—in rat pups. Finally, the pyriproxyfen use in Brazil is unprecedented—it has never before been applied to a water supply on such a scale.

Given this combination of information we strongly recommend that the use of pyriproxyfen in Brazil be suspended pending further investigation.

Today the Washington Post finally admits that the Zika virus does not cause birth defects:

[T]o the great bewilderment of scientists, the epidemic has not produced the wave of fetal deformities so widely feared when the images of misshapen infants first emerged from Brazil.Instead, Zika has left a puzzling and distinctly uneven pattern of damage across the Americas. According to the latest U.N. figures, of the 2,175 babies born in the past year with undersize heads or other congenital neurological damage linked to Zika, more than 75 percent have been clustered in a single region: northeastern Brazil.

The wide areas where the flue virus occurred outside of the small area in Brazil saw no increase in birth defect numbers. The number of (naturally occurring) microcephality cases stayed constant despite a very large increase in (harmless) Zika virus infections. The numbers in Brazil also turned out to be partially inflated because of a lack of standard diagnosis criteria and unreliable statistics. A factor we had pointed to in our very first piece.

The WaPo piece today muses about several “possible” causes for the local increase in cases in northeastern Brazil that indeed happened. It quotes some of the very “experts”, like from the pharmaceutical industry influenced CDC, that were wrong on the issue since the very first panic headline. It strenuously avoids to even mention the most likely cause – the excessive local use of an insecticide that is supposed to cause birth defects – in developing mosquitoes. Thus the reporting is still void of journalistic ethics and irresponsible in its conclusions.

It did not take much effort to get this right. An hour or two of skimming through publicly available sources of good standing, some basic higher education and sound reasoning was enough. But instead of doing such basic inquiries “journalists” and media “served” panic and speculations by biased “experts”. Keep this story in mind for the next sensationalist onslaught of panic headline. There surely will be some “interests” behind those; just don’t expect unbiased facts and basic logic reasoning.


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Failed Weapons Systems Cost Pentagon $58bn over Two Decades*

Failed Weapons Systems Cost Pentagon $58bn over Two Decades*

The Pentagon loves to throw good [tax-payers] money after bad ‒ to the tune of nearly $60 billion on failed big-ticket weapons systems over the last two decades, according to a new internal Department of Defense review.

From the Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) that focused on fighting the last war to its RAH-66 Comanche stealth helicopters that never quite got off the ground, between 1997 and October 2016, the Pentagon invested $58 billion on weapons technology it never received. That doesn’t include the boondoggle that is the F-35 jet, which was finally declared“ready for combat” at the beginning of August.

The FCS ($20 billion) and the Comanche ($9.8 billion) are just two of 23 major weapons programs that were canceled before they were finished, and together the two Army projects made up more than 50 percent of the “sunk costs” outlined in the Pentagon’s annual internal acquisitions performance review. The 224-page report by Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall was published earlier this week.

The report noted how much money was spent on each canceled program, how far along in the process they were before they were killed, and if any of the technology was rolled up into new programs. For example, although the FCS was canceled, parts of it ‒ including many of the manned ground vehicles and the Intelligent Munitions System ‒ were swept up into a current program called the Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization Program.

Most of the programs were killed before they blew through their budgets, but eight of them spent all the money allotted to them before the Pentagon canceled them, the report found.

The Government Accountability Office, a Congressional watchdog, conducted an audit of Pentagon spending in 2011 and found $70 billion in waste, the New York Times reported at the time. Much of the overspending happened because the DOD started building weapons systems  before the designs were fully tested, the auditors said.

With acquisitions overruns long being a thorn in the side of the Pentagon’s budget, in March the Air Force enlisted IBM’s Jeopardy!-winning cognitive computer, Watson. Two contractors are currently working to create programs that would enable Watson to navigate the 1,897-page Federal Acquisition Regulation, helping potential government vendors actually bid for military contracts. The project is expected to become operational by 2018.

Another way the Pentagon has sought to cut down wasted spending is through the latest update to its acquisitions program, called ‘Better Buying Power 3.0’, which was announced in April 2015. The program was designed to have “a stronger emphasis on innovation, technical excellence, and the quality of our products,” Kendall wrote in a memo ordering the program’s implementation. It calls on the military-industrial complex to make projects more affordable in terms of funding, schedule and manpower throughout the entire lifespan of their products. It will also reward contractors for successful expense management, and ask them to eliminate unproductive processes and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Of course, holding contractors accountable for their failures when it comes to major cost overruns or weapons systems that don’t work is easier said than done. And it doesn’t help when someone at the Pentagon thinks it’s a good idea to spend money on bomb-sniffing elephants.


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Google Removes Wall to Anonymous Online Advertising Tracking and User’s Names*

Google Removes Wall to Anonymous Online Advertising Tracking and User’s Names*

By Julia Angwin

When Google bought the advertising network DoubleClick in 2007, Google founder Sergey Brin said that privacy would be the company’s “number one priority when we contemplate new kinds of advertising products.”

And, for nearly a decade, Google did, in fact, keep DoubleClick’s massive database of Web-browsing records separate by default from the names and other personally identifiable information Google has collected from Gmail and its other login accounts.

But this summer, Google quietly erased that last privacy line in the sand — literally crossing out the lines in its privacy policy that promised to keep the two pots of data separate by default. In its place, Google substituted new language that says browsing habits “may be” combined with what the company learns from the use Gmail and other tools.

The change is enabled by default for new Google accounts. Existing users were prompted to opt-in to the change this summer.

The practical result of the change is that the DoubleClick advertisements that follow people around on the Web may now be customized to them based on your name and other information Google knows about you. It also means that Google could now, if it wished to, build a complete portrait of a user by name, based on everything they write in email, every website they visit, and the searches they conduct.

The move is a sea change for Google and a further blow to the online ad industry’s longstanding contention that Web tracking is mostly anonymous. In recent years, Facebook, offline data brokers, and others have increasingly sought to combine their troves of Web tracking data with people’s real names. But, until this summer, Google held the line.

“The fact that DoubleClick data wasn’t being regularly connected to personally identifiable information was a really significant last stand,” said Paul Ohm, faculty director of the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law.

“It was a border wall between being watched everywhere and maintaining a tiny semblance of privacy,” he said. “That wall has just fallen.”

Google spokeswoman Andrea Faville emailed a statement describing Google’s change in privacy policy as an update to adjust to the “smartphone revolution”

“We updated our ads system, and the associated user controls, to match the way people use Google today: across many different devices,” Faville wrote. She added that the change “is 100% optional—if users do not opt-in to these changes, their Google experience will remain unchanged.”

Existing Google users were prompted to opt-into the new tracking this summer through a request with titles such as “Some new features for your Google account.”

The “new features” received little scrutiny at the time. Wired wrote that it “gives you more granular control over how ads work across devices.” In a personal technology column, the New York Times also described the change as “new controls for the types of advertisements you see around the web.”

Connecting Web browsing habits to personally identifiable information has long been controversial.

3fcd8-zbigniew_brezinski-between_two_ages_americas_role_in_the_technotronic_era_1970Privacy advocates raised a ruckus in 1999 when DoubleClick purchased a data broker that assembled people’s names, addresses, and offline interests. The merger could have allowed DoubleClick to combine its Web browsing information with people’s names. After an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, DoubleClick sold the broker at a loss.

In response to the controversy, the nascent online advertising industry formed the Network Advertising Initiative in 2000 to establish ethical codes. The industry promised to provide consumers with notice when their data was being collected, and options to opt out.

Most online ad tracking remained essentially anonymous for some time after that. When Google bought DoubleClick in 2007, for instance, the company’s privacy policy stated: “DoubleClick’s ad-serving technology will be targeted based only on the non-personally-identifiable information.”

In 2012, Google changed its privacy policy to allow it to share data about users between different Google services — such as Gmail and search. But it kept data from DoubleClick — whose tracking technology is enabled on half of the top one million websites — separate.

But the era of social networking has ushered in a new wave of identifiable tracking, in which services such as Facebook and Twitter have been able to track logged-in users when they shared an item from another website.

Two years ago, Facebook announced that it would track its users by name across the Internet when they visit websites containing Facebook buttons such as “Share” and “Like” — even when users don’t click on the button. (Here’s how you can opt out of the targeted ads generated by that tracking.)

Offline data brokers also started to merge their mailing lists with online shoppers.

“The marriage of online and offline is the ad targeting of the last 10 years on steroids,” said Scott Howe, chief executive of broker firm Acxiom.

To opt-out of Google’s identified tracking, visit the Activity controls on Google’s My Account page, and uncheck the box next to “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services.” You can also delete past activity from your account.


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Al Nusra Blocking Aleppo Aid Delivery*

Al Nusra Blocking Aleppo Aid Delivery*

Russia is calling on the international community to ensure the safe passage of civilians evacuating Aleppo.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday that Russia and the Syrian government were ready to resume the ‘humanitarian pause’ which initially began last week.

“Six humanitarian corridors are open around the clock, hot food and first-aid are provided for the civilians leaving the eastern districts of Aleppo,” Konashenkov said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov earlier blamed the Islamist terrorist group Al Nusra Front and its affiliates in eastern Aleppo for blocking humanitarian aid efforts to reach some 250,000 civilians.

He also said the U.S. had failed to identify and separate what are classified as legitimate – or moderate – rebel groups from Al-Qaeda loyalists such the Al Nusra Front.

This had been one of the main conditions leading up to the September ceasefire, and – Lavrov says – failure to implement the separation contributed to its collapse.

Russia began a unilateral ‘humanitarian pause’ in Aleppo last week to allow civilians to leave the city and facilitate aid deliveries.

Russian military sources said that some civilians using ‘safe corridors’ were fired upon by rebel groups.

Lavrov’s statements came following telephone diplomacy he conducted separately with both his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

State Department spokesperson John Kirby said that during their phone call Kerry had expressed concern about the renewal of “attacks on Aleppo by Syrian government forces and Russian warplanes after a pause in the fighting last week”.

Following the phone calls, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement about Al Nusra Front blocking aid delivery.

“Representatives of U.N. humanitarian agencies should eliminate these obstacles, and cooperate with the countries which have an influence on the militants,” the ministry noted.

Civilian deaths

Meanwhile, Amnesty International on Wednesday called on the U.S.-led Coalition targeting the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria must do more to ensure it does not strike civilian areas.

“In its backing of anti-ISIS ground forces during this summer’s Manbij campaign, the U.S.-led coalition killed some 250 or more civilians, and yet it does not acknowledge them,” said Neil Sammonds, Amnesty’s researcher for Syria.

“We fear that since it is not recognising or learning from such mistakes that in the campaign for Mosul, which is far greater than Manbij, the coalition is on course to kill even greater numbers of civilians and risk a serious backlash.”

Earlier this week, the Russian military said it had tracked two US-led Coalition fighter jets which had fired on a funeral gathering in a town near Iraq’s Kirkuk.


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How Lying Takes our Brains Down a ‘slippery slope’*

Researchers have shown that self-serving lies gradually escalate, and they have revealed how this happens in our brains. Credit: © pathdoc / Fotolia

Telling small lies desensitises our brains to the associated negative emotions and may encourage us to tell bigger lies in future, reveals new UCL research funded by Wellcome and the Center for Advanced Hindsight.

The research, published in Nature Neuroscience, provides the first empirical evidence that self-serving lies gradually escalate and reveals how this happens in our brains.

The team scanned volunteers’ brains while they took part in tasks where they could lie for personal gain. They found that the amygdala, a part of the brain associated with emotion, was most active when people first lied for personal gain. The amygdala’s response to lying declined with every lie while the magnitude of the lies escalated. Crucially, the researchers found that larger drops in amygdala activity predicted bigger lies in future.

“When we lie for personal gain, our amygdala produces a negative feeling that limits the extent to which we are prepared to lie,” explains senior author Dr Tali Sharot (UCL Experimental Psychology).

However, this response fades as we continue to lie, and the more it falls the bigger our lies become. This may lead to a ‘slippery slope’ where small acts of dishonesty escalate into more significant lies.”

The study included 80 volunteers who took part in a team estimation task that involved guessing the number of pennies in a jar and sending their estimates to unseen partners using a computer. This took place in several different scenarios. In the baseline scenario, participants were told that aiming for the most accurate estimate would benefit them and their partner. In various other scenarios, over- or under-estimating the amount would either benefit them at their partner’s expense, benefit both of them, benefit their partner at their own expense, or only benefit one of them with no effect on the other.

When over-estimating the amount would benefit the volunteer at their partner’s expense, people started by slightly exaggerating their estimates which elicited strong amygdala responses. Their exaggerations escalated as the experiment went on while their amygdala responses declined.

“It is likely the brain’s blunted response to repeated acts of dishonesty reflects a reduced emotional response to these acts,” says lead author Dr Neil Garrett (UCL Experimental Psychology).

“This is in line with suggestions that our amygdala signals aversion to acts that we consider wrong or immoral. We only tested dishonesty in this experiment, but the same principle may also apply to escalations in other actions such as risk taking or violent behaviour.”

Dr Raliza Stoyanova, Senior Portfolio Developer, in the Neuroscience and Mental Health team at Wellcome, said:

“This is a very interesting first look at the brain’s response to repeated and increasing acts of dishonesty. Future work would be needed to tease out more precisely whether these acts of dishonesty are indeed linked to a blunted emotional response, and whether escalations in other types of behaviour would have the same effect.”


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