For Profit University of Phoenix Loses Half its Students*

For Profit University of Phoenix Loses Half its Students*

What else can be expected when the cash cow is slaughtered…

Enrollment at America’s largest for-profit university was about 460,000 students five years ago. Now it’s 213,000.

The University of Phoenix’s parent company, Apollo Education Group (APOL), announced more losses Wednesday. Its revenues and enrolment both sank roughly 14% in its latest quarter compared to a year ago.

Apollo CEO Greg Cappelli tried to strike an optimistic tone, but investors gave the stock an “F” for falling. The stock tanked almost 30% Wednesday.

“While we faced challenges in the second quarter, we believe Apollo Education Group has the right long-term strategy in place,” Cappelli said in a statement.

What happened: Apollo’s fast fall is another sign of the decline in for-profit education. Last July, one of Apollo’s former competitors, Corinthian Colleges, shuttered its doors. In 2012, the University of Phoenix closed 115 of its campuses.

Once a cash cow industry, for-profit education companies have struggled to overcome criticism of the quality of its education and the costs. They’re the sore spot in the national debate about value of higher education.

For-profit colleges only enrol roughly 12% of the country’s students, but students at for-profit colleges accounted for about half of student loan defaults in 2013, according to federal data.

On a call with analysts Wednesday, Apollo noted that default rates at the University of Phoenix have actually declined significantly in recent years.

But the headwinds continue for for-profit institutions in the U.S. Last March, the Obama administration proposed new limitations on federal aid doled out to for-profit colleges.

President Obama then announced another initiative in January to make community college free. For-profit universities compete for many of the same students that community colleges take in.

What’s ahead: The numbers are telling: Apollo Education Group had revenues close to $5 billion in 2010. This year it will be lucky to take in $2.7 billion.

Wall Street analysts have lowered their forecasts for Apollo in recent months, and most have a “hold rating” on the stock.

With rough earnings and mounting challenges, the University of Phoenix has a difficult road ahead.


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NWO: France Clamping Down on Cash in the Name of Terror*

NWO: France Clamping Down on Cash in the Name of Terror*

The recent round of false flags has proven productive as France rolls out the same Big Brother mechanisms as the Anglophile British colonies…

It was just a matter of time before Western governments used the trumped up “War on Terror” as an excuse to drastically ratchet up the very real war on the use of cash and personal privacy that they are waging against their own citizens.

Taking advantage of public anxiety in the wake of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket, France has taken the first step.

It seems the terrorists involved partially financed these attacks by cash, as well as by consumer loans and the sale of counterfeit goods. What a shockeroo!

The terrorists used CASH to purchase some of the stuff they needed–no doubt these murderers were also shod and clothed and used cell phones, cars, and public sidewalks during the planning and execution of their mayhem. Why not restrict their use?

A naked , barefoot terrorist without communications is surely less effective than a fully clothed and equipped one.

Despite the arrant absurdity of blaming cash and financial privacy for these crimes, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin brazenly stated that it was necessary to “fight against the use of cash and anonymity in the French economy.”

He then announced extreme and despotic measures to further restrict the use of cash by French residents and to spy on and pry into their financial affairs.

These measures, which will be implemented in September 2015, include prohibiting French residents from making cash payments of more than 1,000 euros, down from the current limit of 3,000 euros. Given the parlous state of the stagnating French economy the limit for foreign tourists on currency payments will remain higher, at 10,000 euros down from the current limit of 15,000 euros.

The threshold below which a French resident is free to convert euros into other currencies without having to show an identity card will be slashed from the current level of 8,000 euros to 1,000 euros.

In addition any cash deposit or withdrawal of more than 10,000 euros during a single month will be reported to the French anti-fraud and money laundering agency Tracfin.

French authorities will also have to be notified of any freight transfers within the EU exceeding 10,000 euros, including checks, pre-paid cards, or gold.


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Interview with President Assad

Interview with President Assad


From Alexandra Bruce


This is a rare interview with Syrian President, Bashar Assad in English, recorded on March 4,

  1. It’s always interesting to see the other side of a story and this is a great opportunity to

know Assad’s point of view of what’s happening in his own country, for which we have

Portugal’s RTP TV network to thank.

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Costa Rica Only Uses Renewable Energy*

Costa Rica Only Uses Renewable Energy*

By Paul Heltzel

Costa Rica has now powered the entire country for more than 75 days using only renewable energy. The country hasn’t needed fossil fuel for all of 2015 thanks to hydropower and a heavy rainy season.

The nation of 5 million inhabitants also gets renewable energy contributions from a mix of solar, geothermal and wind power.

Because Costa Rica needs a steady flow of water to maintain such an impressive feat, the Central American nation has budgeted nearly $1 billion to tap into its many volcanoes, expanding its use of geothermal power.

Geothermal energy generated 10% of the nation’s power last year.

The country tops an impressive list of nations producing much of their power from renewable sources. Reports Quartz, Sweden, Bulgaria and Estonia have already met their 2020 renewable energy goals.

Denmark creates 40% of its energy from wind. And the Dutch territory Bonaire is already producing nearly 100% of its energy from renewables and hopes to go over the top using algae as a biofuel.

Costa Rica aims to be entirely carbon neutral by 2021, reports


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12 Reasons to Ban DuPont Products*

12 Reasons to Ban DuPont Products*
By Christina Sarich

Sure, Monsanto is listed as one of the most hated companies on the planet, but what about other biotechnology giants such as DuPont?

This company has been terrorizing the planet for far too long, but they hide easily in Monsanto’s ominous shadow. It’s easy to lose sight of the other companies that are just as responsible for ruining our food supply and contaminating our water, soil, and air, as we just focus on a singular mammoth corporation. But we need to open our eyes to see the entire collection of carnage these companies commit – or to get to know the other rotten apples in the bunch.

DuPont is just as big in genetically-modified seeds and agricultural chemicals, and pursues largely the same policies as Monsanto with respect to pricing, IP enforcement, and other blatant, propagandizing, corporate manoeuvres.

Here’s a little lesson in Dupont history. I hope you get to know them better by the time you’ve reached the end of the page.

Getting to Know DuPont

Dupont is in the biotechnology business, with their main products being chemicals. The corporation is one of the top ten companies completely strangling the natural world – and it needs to stop.

If that isn’t enough reason to put them on your watch list, here are 11 more.

  1. Every war the United States has fought starting in 1802 with the war against Tripoli (today Ubya) and the Barbary Pirates until the incursion into Somalia this last year, the American military has depended upon DuPont gunpowder.

“Unlike Alfred Nobel, who felt so guilt-ridden about his invention of dynamite and its subsequent use in warfare that he established the Nobel Prizes, the DuPont family was apparently more interested in arranging marriages between cousins to maintain the family fortune.”

  1. The corporation has also manufactured DDT, PCBs, and Agent Orange, just like Monsanto.

  1. DuPont developed nylon and polyester which don’t decompose very easily and junk up the planet. These fabrics are considered to be on the top six list of things to avoid wearing.

Then suffocate them to death

  1. The company has also helped to develop nuclear weapons.
  2. 5. DupPont has dumped carcinogenic chemicals into people’s water supplies repeatedly, and even though they’ve been sued for it multiple times, they continue to do so.

DuPont was ordered to pay $1.85M for killing trees in U.S. for violating the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodentcide Act (FIFRA) by misbranding a herbicide product called Imprelis.

  1. DuPont helped to develop numerous carcinogenic agricultural products – i.e. pesticides and herbicides.

  1. Monsanto does indeed spend millions lobbying our government to have their way with our seeds and agriculture, but so does DuPont.

  1. They spend millions to make sure that GMO labeling initiatives are defeated. Just recently they spent more than $3.2 million to keep Americans from knowing what they are eating.

  1. Just like Monsanto, they like to sue farmers for patent infringement. They recently won more than $23 million from farmers for just that.
  2. DuPont shares the GMO corn market with Monsanto. They each own around 36% of it.

  1. DuPont has cornered the GMO soy market, owning more than 37% of it. GMO soy has been linked to infertility, birth defects, and infant mortality, for starters.

The most hated corporation on the planet may deserve some company.


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The End of the American Century*

The End of the American Century*

There is only one essential factor missing from this article, America is not a sovereign state. As the military wing the so-called U.S. serves an entity long in the planning and implementation of complete global domination to the East on European shores. Only the will of the people can serve to address the balance that has never been in place since the inception of their agenda…

apocalypse-statue-of-libertyBy Eric Zuesse

On March 22nd, I headlined “Why the Western Alliance Is Ending,” and I listed the recent events which indicate that the Western Alliance doesn’t have much longer to go. And, now, it has actually already ended. The handwriting is on the wall, for everyone to see; it’s so out-in-the-open, as of today.

Here is what has just happened (as reported in German Economic News, and translated by me), which virtually brings down the curtains on America’s dominance of the world — a dominance that started when World War II ended in 1945:

March 21: “GEOPOLITICS: Washington nervous: China, Japan and South Korea forge an Alliance.” This news story reports:

“For the first time in three years, the foreign ministers of the three countries met. They agreed on Saturday in Seoul to work towards a summit of their leaders, and to take on problems with the interpretation of history [which have separated them till now]. They also expressed their intention to continue to work for a free trade agreement and for new multi-party talks on North Korea’s controversial nuclear program.”

Here’s the important context of that: The U.S. in WW II conquered Japan, which had invaded China and conquered Korea; but, now, Japan, China and South Korea are moving toward one-another, while China, and indirectly the BRICS group of rising economic powers as a whole — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — are making their move past the previous U.S.-European control of the world. Furthermore, these Asian powers are collectively inviting North Korea to move toward them, and to join this group, which would finally bring an end to the stalemated hostilities between South and North Korea. So: welcome to the 21st Century! (For more details on that, see the terrific news reporting in GEN.)

And, in addition: for these three economic powerhouses to “work for a free trade agreement” that’s outside the orbit of Obama’s secret negotiations for his TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership with them, may mean that they all will be less likely to accept the trade-deal that he is trying to negotiate collectively with them. So: this three-party ministerial meeting is, in itself, potentially an extremely important historical event. But it is part of this larger and interconnected whole, which is far more important than any trade-deal.

Whose PawnMarch 20: “General Motors ends Opel production in Russia.” This news story reports yet another sign of the separation between the Western and the Eastern economic blocs, which, yet again, is both a direct and an indirect result of Obama’s sanctions against Russia, and of his Secretary of State John Kerry’s agreement with the king of Saudi Arabia to increase oil production in order to drive down the oil price and thereby starve Russia of its crucial foreign-exchange earnings from Russia’s huge oil-sales. However, countering Obama’s purpose of harming Russia, GM’s Russian production facilities might now be acquired as abandoned assets by Russia’s oligarchs or the Russian state, and produce new models, the profits from which will remain inside Russia and accrue to Russians. In this regard: Reuters headlined on March 19th “Lada maker’s hopes rise as rival flees Russian car market,” and reported that, “Russian carmaker Avtovaz, producer of the … Lada, expects to grab a bigger share of the shrinking domestic market as its international rivals pull back.” That money will stay in Russia, building up Russia’s economy, instead of Germany’s (Opel) and America’s (GM).

March 23: “Volkswagen Drives Back Russian Production.” Germany’s largest car-maker adds yet further to the opportunities for Russia’s investors, and for investors in other BRICS countries (since they’re not participating in Obama’s anti-Russian sanctions).

March 23: “Spain: Protest party, Podemos, comes third in regional election.” ”The Socialists won the [Andalusian] election, the Conservatives of Premier Mariano Rajoy clearly lost the election.” The conservative party, and its leader of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, which have been strongly pro-American and have supported America’s fascist anti-Russian coup in Ukraine as much as they thought the Spanish public would tolerate (given that Spain’s public are overwhelmingly anti-fascist after the dismal fascist Franco decades), were trounced in regional elections. Spain’s new socialist party, Podemos, was silent on foreign policy because of Spain’s domestic problems, but will likely be less supportive of America’s anti-Russian war than the conservatives have been — which already has not been very supportive (because Rajoy fears a voter-backlash).

March 23: “France: Sarkozy-bloc ahead, National Front strong, Hollande beaten.” The party of the ‘socialist’ Francois Hollande, who has been as cooperative with Obama’s anti-Russian policies as he can be (given the public’s sentiment against those policies), has been beaten in local elections throughout France, by two politicians who have spoken out strongly against Hollande’s kowtowing to American supremacy and his caving to Obama on Ukraine and Russia (such as by defaulting on the Mistral deal): Nicolas Sarkozy and Marine Le Pen. Nominally, these are ‘right-wing’ politicians, but in this matter they are predominantly against imperialism, they’re progressives here, because the imperialism is being practiced by America against their own country, France; and they are more like Charles DeGaul, who was a French patriot who opposed American domination of French affairs.

Public pressures in Europe are largely behind the breakaway from America of European leaders (the phenomenon which was discussed and documented in my “Why the Western Alliance Is Ending”). However, the signal event isn’t really in Europe; it’s in Asia: “GEOPOLITICS: Washington nervous: China, Japan and South Korea forge an Alliance.” What that indicates, and which is only being supported and reinforced by these European events, is a re-alignment of world-powers, in which, Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s “EurAsian” concept is being endorsed virtually world-wide, except perhaps among the Arabic oil-sheikdoms such as the Saudi, Qatari and Bahraini aristocracies, all of whom are allied with the U.S. aristocracy and crucial to the dollarization of the oil-price and thus of the trading of weapons for oil and gas.

Vladimir Putin’s multipolar world is winning; it’s attracting support from non-fascists in all corners of the globe. Barack Obama’s opposite vision — reflected especially in his often-repeated phrase, in which he refers to the United States as “the one indispensable nation” (meaning that all other nations are “dispensable”) — is the likes of which the world hasn’t even heard, from anyone else, ever since the time of Adolf Hitler’s infamous “Deutschland über alles” in the 1930s and ’40s; and it really means the very same thing, only for a different country: it’s actually nationalism, instead of patriotism; and only a small minority of people, even in today’s Nazi Ukraine and in Nazi Germany, have supported it, or sought to impose it. It’s far stronger among aristocrats than among the public.

Bootwar by David DeesThe shock of the world, to find a President of the United States saying that, and his going so far as to tell America’s military to view America’s economic competitors as being what they will be fighting against, is driving away the public, and now even the leaders of other nations. For example, Obama told West Point cadets:

“The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. … Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbours. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums.”

He thinks our military should be fighting against nations (such as Russia) that have rising economies. For him, it’s about conquest, and not only about national defence. And he’s obsessed with conquering Russia. Even the aristocrats in most other countries are now backing off from that. He has the support for it, at home, of virtually all members of Congress, but even in the U.S., more than two-thirds oppose it. He has over-reached, so very far, that it’s finally beyond his grasp, and it’s only driving the world faster into the multipolar vision that Russia’s leader, much maligned by the Western press, has been championing for the world’s future: a world of free and independent states, which recognize that for any one of them to benefit at the expense of others is wrong and brings no one any good in the final analysis — much less in the present (justwars such as in Ukraine).

Whatever may happen to Vladimir Putin, his vision has actually taken over the world, and he has made clear that Russia itself (and he himself) has no intention or desire to do so. (He even refuses to accept the rebelling region of the former Ukraine into becoming a part of Russia. He had accepted Crimea only because it’s vital to Russia’s national defence and had been a part of Russia until 1954.) This is remarkable. And his contrast to Obama is also remarkable.

Obama’s arrogance is what’s driving the world away. It has brought about the end of The American Century, in world affairs. It has given entirely new meaning to the old phrase “the ugly American.” In its new meaning, this phrase refers not to the American public (who never really deserved such opprobrium anyway), but clearly to the American aristocracy, the billionaire elite whom Obama and the U.S. Congress actually serve. They are America’s problem, but perhaps they won’t become the world’s, after all. That is what is at stake here: whether an overreaching national aristocracy will succeed in imposing its will upon and against the entire world. Other aristocracies are now deciding: no. They won’t. And that’s today’s big news-story.


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Palestinians Now Forced to Live in Caves*

Palestinians Now Forced to Live in Caves*

Scores of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have made homes in caves on the outskirts of Al-Khalil (Hebron) because the Israeli occupation authorities continue to prevent them from building homes on territories earmarked for illegal settlements for Jews. Noaman Hamamda, 57, told Anadolu that he and his fellow Palestinians in this predicament have tried to build homes with bricks and cement, but the Israelis demolish the structures on the grounds that they have been built without a permit. It is very rare for Palestinians to be given a building permit by the occupation authorities.

Hamamda and his 13-member family currently live in a cave covering around 30 square metres; they have no basic amenities. Nevertheless, he and other Palestinians in the area say that they would rather suffer such harsh living conditions in the caves than abandon their ancestral land to Israeli settlement projects.

“The occupation keeps trying to evict us,” said Hamamda while his wife Rasmiya prepared tea with primitive utensils, “but we refuse to give up the land. Life is hard for us here, but you get used to it.”

The family’s cave is split into three sections: one for sleeping, another for storing grain; and a third for receiving guests. Outside the cave is a wood oven that Rasmiya uses for cooking and baking bread. “We live a primitive life, but we endure it for the sake of protecting our land,” she said.

Hamamda’s is one of about 15 Palestinian families living in caves in Al-Khalil’s mountainous Al-Mafqara village, one of a cluster of Palestinian villages nestled between five affluent illegal settlements reserved for Jews and built by Israel on confiscated Palestinian land. Israeli troops have entered the area in force repeatedly in recent years to demolish structures built by Palestinian residents.

The most recent raid by Israeli forces on Al-Mafqara was in 2013, when army bulldozers destroyed an electricity generator that had provided residents with power for a few hours each night. During the same raid, the Israelis also levelled a local mosque.

“I can’t watch television anymore because Israel destroyed the electricity generator,” said 11-year-old Adam, Hamamda’s youngest son. He and his friends in Al-Mafqara must walk three kilometres every day to reach their school in a nearby town.

“When I come back from school, I either tend to the cattle or play with my friends,” he added.

The boys also suffer from assaults by Jewish settlers.

“Sometimes they chase us. If they catch us, they beat us,” said Adam.

The ill-fated villages fall within so-called “Area C”, which accounts for nearly two thirds of the West Bank’s total territory and remains under “full Israeli security and civilian control” as per the US-sponsored Oslo Accords. Signed between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 1993 and 1995, the agreement divided the West Bank into Areas A, B and C. Typically, Israel prevents Palestinians in Area C from erecting structures on the grounds that the land falls under “Israeli administration”.

“Scores of Palestinian families in Al-Mafqara and surrounding areas live without basic facilities like water and electricity and have to use animals for transport,” Rateb Al-Jobour, coordinator of Al-Khalil’s popular resistance committees, told Anadolu.

“The [Israeli] occupation is trying relentlessly to force residents from the land so that it can be used for expanding settlements,” he pointed out.

According to Al-Jobour, some 50,000 square kilometres of land in Al-Khalil are threatened with confiscation by Israel for building additional settlement units or military training camps. He said that Jewish settlers living near the villages routinely assault Palestinian residents.

“Settlers frequently attack women and children from the villages,” he added.

“They also routinely cut down trees and poison cattle.”

Two months ago, Peace Now, a left-leaning Israeli NGO, said that the Israeli government had issued tenders for 450 new settlement units to be built in the occupied West Bank. International law considers the West Bank and East Jerusalem to be occupied territories captured by Israel in 1967; all Jewish settlement building on such land is illegal. Palestinian negotiators insist that Israeli settlement building must stop before the stalled peace talks can resume.


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