Facing Armageddon

The Oldest Image of the CosmosFacing Armageddon

Between the Sun & the Moon

By Hwaa Irfan

What does one do when everything that has held to be true is turned upside down? Shaytan promises and manipulates through our weaknesses all that we have forsaken in our lives. When one is in the midst of an unidentifiable enemy, the ability to comprehend is thwarted by the instinctive nature to survive, and the lower self.

In these time, no one knows that more than, both those who thought they knew their religion and those who have realized that they know very little. Those that have unreasonable fear of Islam/Muslims, have learnt how to exploit overly sensitive Muslims too well; with examples like the Danish cartoons heightening the panic amongst Muslims. This panic has helped to polarize positions; and have brought to the surface personal demons for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

{O believers! Stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others towards you make you swerve towards wrong and depart from justice. Deal justly, that is next to piety; and fear Allah, for lo! Allah Knows very well all that you do} (Al Maidah 5: 9).

A Symbol of Reciprocity

In recent years, a few have noticed the procession of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian events descending upon us within days, and weeks of each other. To live in an environment whereby these occasions can be shared with related salutations which are reciprocated one could think that Allah (SWT) has been providing for us a window of opportunity to get to know each other more. In the year Islamic lunar year of 1427 and the solar year of 2006 the days are numerically the same, if one removes the accustomed 11 day difference; a controversy abounds over the findings of a 3600 year old device (dated to the Bronze Age) that was used to synchronize the solar and lunar calendar.

When Europe knew not philosophy, Muslims lived their lives by scientific-based philosophy; today’s experts question how such an ancient piece of technology can be from pagan Europe, because the device, The Sky Disc was found in the forest of Germany in 1999 by looters, then officially seized in 2002 in Switzerland, has been referred to as the Sky Disc of Nebra. The Sky Disc is one of those items that seems to be discovered or “re-discovered” at times when we are in need of guidance – challenging Europe understands of its own history as the West challenges the identity of anything not Western.

    “In other words, perhaps the Sky Disc itself wasn’t European at all. Perhaps the disc had simply been passed by traders from the advanced East, and had somehow wound up in the hands of primitive Europeans. The importance of the Disc now hangs in the balance” commented Thusitha Jayasundera from the BBC Horizon program.

Since then, it has been found to have Babylonian origins, and that it was used to calculate whether a 13th month should be added to the lunar calendar.

What is for sure is that humanity hangs in the balance!

The universe holds all that is in an intricate balance. The Sky Disc holds the symbol of the sun and the moon, yet we humans can only hold each other in contempt. Much has been done to Muslims and other peoples of the earth since the 19th century with the balkanization of Muslim lands to support the prosperity of the global dominant culture of the last century and the beginning of this century; a prosperity with an expensive price tag! Re-marketed as globalization, self interest was the driving seat with a nationalistic thinking that could not be sustained without respect and the cooperation of each other’s nations and the subjugation of the rest of creation. Using reductionism in Islam, we forsook our rich heritage accommodating this secularism, which accommodates all kinds of injustices, which in turn we too have accommodated. This secularism are in arm with it’s foundation stone, capitalism has turned citizens away from being human, and into being a collection of individuals all self interested. As the grandson of Mahatma Ghandi, late Ramachandra Ghandi so poignantly described:

    “The implicit anthropocentrism of the secularist imagination, even more than its explicit Eurocentrism, is its chief weakness. Anthropocentrism makes it impossible for secularism to be ecologically sensitive. Licensed to plunder nature, secularism, becomes the ideology of those who are most capable of plundering nature: the industrialized, scientifically and technologically advanced societies of Europe and their imitators and servitors around the world.”

We have found it easier to accept the false notions against each other, because the dominant cultural paradigm which we all play a part in perpetuating banks on this alienating competitiveness. As long as we remain divided the sun and the moon within us will remain divided like ourselves and thus unable to provide answers. The Sky Disc found at a time when we are each other’s answers, and at a time when nature revolts at our malaise warns us of what we need to do to return an equilibrium to our inner nature, and the earth on which we live.

{Mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may come to know one another} (Al Hujurat 49: 13)

First written 2002
Updated April 26 2010

The Sky Disc of Nebra