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Watch What You Eat!

Watch What You Eat!

By Hwaa Irfan

If you have been so wrapped up in your personal struggles to even notice what the powers that be are doing to protect the food industry, well it might be a bit too late to notice that you are not eating what you think you are eating!

The U.S. Food and Drugs Administration have obviously been too busy to let you know about the rising unexplained deaths occurring in the U.S., but the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Science have not been.

Since 2008, 2,000,000 lives became unexplained deaths as a result of genetically modified grain. Why is it that we insist on believing that we are fully knowledgeable about the human body that we can produce for it?

An unidentified lung disease from Iowa, which is one of the largest corn producers of the world, has led to fatalities. Over 99% of Iowa’s 2 billion bushels of corn is genetically modified, G.M. As if Americans do not have enough to be disgruntled about, the fact finding study was published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences. The GM variety, Mon 863, produced by the agricultural giant Monsanto, is nurtured on insecticide Mon 810, and the herbicide Roundup NK603 . The findings supported by the Commission du Genie Biomoleculaire, the French biomolecular engineering commission commented:

    “With the present data it cannot be concluded that GM corn Mon 863 is a safe product”

In addition, Greenpeace International in their report “MON 863: A Chronicle of Systematic Deception” state that this corn is unfit for consumption.

All of the mysterious deaths are lung related, but are recorded as related to the flu or pneumonia.

Go Organic

According to Abhijit Sengupta, a Fellow of the Institute of Social Sciences in New Delhi, India, once GM crops are released into the environment, there is no way to call them back, i.e. they spread contaminating organically grown crops.

According to Professor Susan Bardocz, biochemist and nutritionist:

    “Up till now all technologies were controlled. Electricity, even nuclear power can be turned off. GM is the first irreversible technology in human history. When a GMO is released it is out of our control; we have no means to call it back. We can insert a transgene, but we cannot take the released transgene out. Since GMOs are self-replicating, releasing them might have dire consequences for human and animal health and for the environment and can change evolution”.

The Food Price Crisis revealed the extent of the world’s food supply. The crisis was brought to the doorsteps of the rich countries, which caused the crisis in the first place through underinvestment in agriculture and focusing investment in the food industry owned agricultural giants. Now that there has been some leveling off in terms of accepting the situation to be normal, the investors, the agricultural giants and the stock market are set to legalize the situation through Seed Bills, and laws which would seal the production of seeds for the agricultural giants. At the same time, the solution given to third world countries to improve their food security, was to plant GM crops! This is far from offering the world food security, but is forcing the farmer to plant seeds which are suitable for their environment and good in production, that are not only GM, but are dependent on products from the agricultural giants to produce a crop. This is the case in India, where currently a Seed Bill seemingly ensures seed quality in favor of the farmer, but hinges on registration of all seeds with farmer proving that they have the rights over the origin of the seed, when 85% of farmers depend on their own seeds, which they share to produce a crop.

Meanwhile, now that Monsanto has bullied its way into cornering the agricultural market, it has increased the price of seed to the farmer, a price which is passed on to the consumer.

Now, the U.S. Supreme Court is to hold a hearing on GM crops in response to a judge making a temporary ban on the growing of pesticide resistant alfalfa, produced by none other than Monstano, however the outcome is likely to be political!

Talking Point: A producer can only sell if there is a buyer. Are you buying?


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