How the Human Spirit Triumphs Against Inhumanity to Man

How the Human Spirit Triumphs Against Inhumanity to Man

By Hwaa Irfan

Fifty years is not as long as the 500 years that native Americans have been suffering exclusion, 0 class citizenship, the right to their land, food, work, and being the better caretakers of their environment than their occupiers-cum-oppressors, but the humiliation of living in a land where the thought of being worth something has just been the same for the Palestinians. With all of that, the human spirit never ceases to amaze me when despite all the odds, the will to make life worth living continues.

Caged into their open prison by the U.S and Egypt by indestructible $U.S. 32 million metal wall, the Palestinians have succeeded in breaking down their means to the outside world. Mohammed who has been digging for 18 months refers to the wall as a joke. He told reporter Jon Donnison:

    “We just cut through it using high-powered oxygen fuelled blow torches,”

The U.S. paid for bomb-proof wall which is 11 km long, 5 – 10 cm thick, and 18m deep did not succeed to make the lives of the Palestinians even more unbearable.


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