The House of Three Rooms

The House of Three Rooms

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Once upon a time there was a large house built of only three rooms. Each room was upon the other. The first room on the ground floor had no useful windows because they were opaque. Evil men and their women and children occupied this room. Because they could not see outside of the house, they were constantly afraid of what might lie there. Left to their imaginations, and their fears, they obsessively explored means of control that increased their false sense of security, and they designed and played with weapons of war and the protective tools and toys of power, mastery and control.

People of the first room knew there were two other rooms with occupants of some kind, because the nature of their habitat required that they provide these unknown dwellers with subsistence and basic materials. They set out to learn about their house and the other creatures who seemed to occupy it.

The First Room/Floor dwellers discovered that the Second Room/Floor dwellers fashioned their provisions into an unfathomable technology.

The First Room/Floor dwellers held the Second Room/Floor dwellers in contempt. However, the first room dwellers had coveted the benefits of the technology their spies had found there. They constantly tried to intimidate the second room/floor dwellers to force them to apply the technology to fully serve the needs of the first floor – then they became determined to acquire the technology themselves.

Further, the First Room/Floor dwellers had the only exit to the outside world. Apart from passing their waste material into the outside world through a special portal, they were unwilling to go out into that fearful unknown. Perversely, they would not permit any of the upper level inhabitants to leave the house.


The second Room/Floor had only a translucent window that let in some light through which the outer world could only be seen as dim and vague shapes. In this room there were groups of men, women and children who were not evil, but who occupied themselves with argument and debate as they created a sophisticated helping technology.

They had a vague awareness of the inhabitants of the Third Room/Floor, but were unable to enter there. They feared the evil they recognized in the first room, and were constantly debating the problem. But by the terms of the lease they had accepted, they could not remove them and so they felt constantly intimidated and helpless.

They adjusted by denying the evil’s relevance to their future. They either tried to pacify their fears through persuasive arguments, or by generously indulging the inhabitants of the first room hoping to keep them at bay. Some occupants of the second room tried to remain entirely aloof from them, and even deny the relevance of the first room altogether. While they strenuously debated the issue, they took no serious action.

The Second Room/Floor dwellers, being afraid of the First Room/Floor dwellers, compensated by harassing the apparently even more helpless Third Room/Floor dwellers. Their lease required that they pass the basic subsistence items, such as food and water, into the Third Room which they did, sometimes in an abusive manner. They occasionally tried to enter the Third Room to intellectually tease and torment its dwellers, but failed. This became a kind of sport, but they could never figure out how to fully get pass the locks of the doors – only meager supplies and their taunting words could enter. They could not figure out whether the Third Room/Floor dwellers were able to leave their room, since they seemed to need so little resources, and no one could leave by the door in the first room even if they could sneak past their middle room.

In accordance with their own values and reasoned frame of reference, the Second Room/Floor dwellers claimed that the occupants of the Third Room led pointless lives and were also helpless to the evil in the first room. But the occupants of the Third Room did not oppose them and even ignored them. They did not even seem to care.


The men and women in the Third Room were aware of but indifferent to the inhabitants of the first two rooms. They were not interested in what they had found there. They were not concerned about the evil they had witnessed in the first room, nor in the technology, diversions and intellectual preoccupation they had found in the second room – these had no substance for them. So they ignored the intimidation coming from the first room and tolerated the occasional verbal contempt and harassment that came from the middle room. Because their windows were fully open to the light and information from the larger world in which their house existed, they had no need to address the concerns which occupied the dwellers of the other two rooms. Thus they lived their own lives peacefully and simply.

The Third Room/Floor Dwellers acquired and mastered only those resources, technology, and subsistence they needed to live comfortably. They occupied their time in Mystical discourse with the Intelligence evident in the larger world, which intelligence they realized had created their house in the first place. They had no need to care about the other occupants nor their unenlightened activities.

Then one night in the darkness, the evil men and women suddenly rushed from the first room into the second room and smashed all of its intellectual substance they could not use (e.g. books, records, culture) during which they attacked its helpless dwellers. They killed many and enslaved the remainder to do their bidding. Then they brought in their own children and reveled in the benefits of the technical and material largess they had taken. They ruthlessly used and abused the intellectual slaves they now forced to serve them.

As they prepared to enter the Third Room to attack and kill whoever of its inhabitants in order to acquire and exploit even its modest material resources, the First Room/Floor Dwellers all suddenly and mysteriously fell fatally ill. To the last man, woman and child, they all died, both the evil masters and their intellectual slaves. None ever set even one foot in the Third Room.

By dawn of the next day, the Third Room/Floor Dwellers were no longer trapped in their House of Three Rooms. They were peaceful, absent the evil threat of the first room, and without the torment of the occupants of the second room. Since they were no longer trapped by the tenants of the two lower rooms, they freely left the house in which they had been held prisoner and lived happily ever after in the realms of light with which they had maintained discourse while trapped in their House of Three Rooms.

This is an old story.

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