Prosperity and Abundance Now!

Prosperity and Abundance Now!

This was sent by Bro. Hakim in the States:

    With G-d’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

My inner spirit tells me that G-d is blessing us and our natural business interest unconditionally this day. This can be an everyday event for you, if we will just be at peace with that which Almighty G-d has promised to deliver in our lives. Expect and be profitable today.

    “Abundance circulates through and around me in an ever-increasing flow. A specific share of the natural creation is assigned to me as a DIVINE TRUST. My possibilities are unbounded.”

You are Blessed

Our Blessings will reach us when…

WE choose to be content…accepting that you are in the right place now for your growth, discovering that the peace you seek is within you -that today’s miracles are enough, and knowing that you will grow according to your faith in G-d.

WE choose to be responsible… knowing that you create your circumstances with your thoughts, choices, actions, and reactionsaccepting total accountability for your life and results.

WE choose to persevereholding to your visions when it is easier to lose sight, climbing over barriers when it is easier to quit, and viewing every obstacle as a blessing to increase your knowledge, strength, and resolve.

WE choose to give… knowing that you must give before you will receive, and that what you give will return to you many times in the most incredible ways.

WE choose to forgivereleasing your mind from attack on itself, discovering the healing of personal accountability, realizing that the past is a gift to guide you—not imprison you, and allowing yourself to move forward with a peaceful heart.

WE choose to express gratitude… focusing on each of today’s miracles, increasing your awareness of the abundance surrounding you, and opening your heart to accept more of G-d’s richest blessings.

WE choose to love… allowing the peace in your heart to flow toward others, and knowing that love is the only gift that can outshine fear and despair.

When you can think of yesterday without regret and tomorrow without fear, you are near contentment.

~ Anon

The Universe loves you and supports you. The Universe has no choice but to support you, provide for you, take care of you, and to fulfill all of your needs and desires all the time and on time. Thus, your role is to believe in the Creator of the Universe, have faith, trust, in all of your affairs, and wait with open arms and great expectation for your blessings to manifest. When we embrace this formula, we will never again have unfulfilled needs. Just allow Almighty G-d to be G-d in our lives today and we are blessed.



A Jazaka Allahu khayrun to Bro. Hakim’s network!

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