G20 Reasons Why Your Fortune is Not Your Own!

G20 Reasons Why Your Fortune is Not Your Own!

By Hwaa Irfan

Some kind of covert operation seemed to be at play amongst the protestors at the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada in June 2010. The G20 is an unelected international body of financiers, ministers, central governmental bankers, and heads of state that have been “controlling” our global economy since 1999. Somehow they do not seem to have got it right because I remember life being a lot simpler before then. Mobility in and out of lifestyles was much easier, and one did not feel compelled to tailor one’s life to a system. Now, while the corporate oligarchs of the world have successfully harvested the wealth of your labour and nations for themselves, in defense of a just world, protestors found themselves up against masked protestors who were agitating actions such as the torching of police cars. Mainly peaceful protestors were arrested amongst the 600 who had been fired at with plastic bullets and an array of arsenal using 19,000 officers (police, U.S Navy Seals, plain clothes officers, mounted patrols, snipers on rooftops, 1,00 private security guards, the Black Bloc – provocateurs, and 6 kilometer of barbed wired) in speech free zones. With evidence showing police disguised as street thugs, peaceful protestors were intimidated, detained without being shown warrants, ID’s and access to people outside. This is the pattern of G20 Summits for peaceful protestors.

It is with a sense of powerlessness that the number of protestors have dwindled against these economic conferences that are designed to protect only the rich, and to swell the ranks of the poor. The repeated declaration that an economic upturn is in the wings, have only been that – declarations. Following the G20 Summit in Toronto, already measures to protect the rich have begun, with the U.K. installing ATM’s that dispense £5 notes. The weak story is to increase the circulation of £5 notes to prevent the crumpled versions being handed out at in shops. Now Bank Machine argues that dispensing £5 notes helped people to budget. Fears have been temporarily allayed by reassuring customers that they have access to their personal funds – but for how long? One response to the Daily Mail article had the same feeling:

    “However, it does strike me as being the first signs of restricting cash-flow. Banks have been told now to hold huge cash volumes as protection against further financial crises…..so that suggests they will restrict the money-flow available to the general plebs. Look out; I see further big problems ahead”.

    “Okay chaps, I know there’s a de facto (or actual) “D-notice” on how bad the banking situation really is, but can’t one at least tell the truth about how seriously lacking in liquidity all the main UK banks are? This withdraw a fiver option is an attempt to encourage people to take less cash out, so that more remains in the emaciated banks. It has nothing to do with crumpled notes”.

In the same breath, U.K. banks are being told to become misers and to hoard £130bn in fear of a cash crisis. Money does not come from nowhere, and as we can recall from the behavior of the U.S. bankers in the months that followed the global economic crash, the bankers are doing well personally speaking, whilst everyone else has not been doing so well as the queues to the kitchen soups swelled, and the flow of funds to charitable organizations such as these dwindled. The reason given behind the call to hoard is to avoid future bailouts, but that money has to come from somewhere, and it might not be the rich who are paying but Public Joe.

    ‘The G-20 goals are very good, but history tells us it is very unlikely that they will be met,’ said Sung Won Sohn, an economics professor at the Martin Smith School of Business at California State University to Daily Mail.

One commentator in response said the obvious, which as usual is missing from global economic debates:

    “Am I being stupid, but shouldn’t we get our money back first?

Well, that’s a curious notion. Our labour is their gain, and anything else is just to keep us working for them didn’t you know! Meanwhile, those who have been deprived of a job in the U.S., have been ignored again as the bill American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 falls by the wayside leaving 2 million people without any benefits whatsoever. Two million and counting who will have to decide whether to:

• Expect anything from the government

• To turn to themselves and each other for solutions

• Life on the streets

Meanwhile, the unemployed in the U.K. who do have social security benefits are being told to move to where the job is in a move to break up whole areas of communities (5.5 million people) that are unemployed. So forget about maintaining families, and the uninterrupted education of one’s child, just move! Well that is 5.5 million people who might be on the verge of discovering what refugee status is like!

Former U.S. Federal Reserve official, Chris Walen told the Telegraph:

    “The party is over from fiscal support. These hard-money men are fighting the last war: they don’t recognize that money velocity has slowed and we are going into deflation. The only default option left is to crank up the printing presses again.”

And that may be the truest word spoken I have come across – the party is over, and a very few got very rich on an economic system that can only sustain a few, the few behind these global wars which is not about the distribution of the world’s natural resources, or Muslims, but is about ensuring their status quo. Now that they have found rich mineral deposits in Afghanistan, rather than stop “investing” money in the so-called fight against terror, they will be pumping more money that we have not got into Afghanistan instead of using the money to help make the necessary changes back home in the U.S.

These are the Responsibles that we have allowed into positions that control our daily lives. We have allowed them to “educate” us into a sense of powerlessness over our own lives. We have lost the confidence to vote, but we have not claimed the confidence to take con troll over our own lives, and that will take both the successful, and the unsuccessful to look in the mirror and admit that the trap we have created for ourselves the position, the status, the meaningless marriage, the cars, the holidays etc does not make a meaningful life if after all of that you do not own your own life.

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