Letter to the Self #2: Ego

Letter to the Self #2: Ramadan 1 2010

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

I know sometimes you doubt yourself but you are a beautiful being… after all you were created by God- weren’t you?

God created you in this world and wants the best for you. Your design was not by mistake so you reflect the light of perfection yet as a creation, it is true that you are imperfect. Sometimes though, when I listen, it seems like you have forgotten that no creation is free from making mistakes. Today though instead of seeking to remove the doubts by improving yourself you are becoming arrogant.

You’ve become distracted by all the “noise” around you and telling yourself “it’s all about me! Its about what I want and what makes me happy!”

Is it really though? While you are a reflection of God’s love and mercy, have you closed your eyes and heart towards understanding your place on this earth?

Open your windows; slow down on your run in life’s ever-hectic rat race; turn off your blackberry, ipod and iphone, shut off your computers, take off your tv and simply OBSERVE, just for a moment: If you do, you will realize that YOU are a speck of dust in the realm of the universe. One dot, in a place, in a country, on a planet, in a universe, in a multi-verse. A creation of the Lord of the Worlds.

In truth, You- Self, are one cell within the bloodstream of life. Arrogance makes you think that the world revolves around you, but observe: When a wave is about to crash on the shore, or a leaf falls to the ground can you stop it?

Did you enter into this world on your own?

When you were a baby, did you care for yourself?

If you stop and think just a little, you will realize that while God wants you happy, life is NOT just about you- because you function as part of a bigger picture!

That is not to take away from the power that lies within you, because one cell still has the power to change a body. Yet, it has to remember to function within that body to keep everything in balance. So while it is ok to be happy and to think about what you want, it’s also important to think about the others around you and the fact that your actions do NOT only affect you. Self, remember that arrogance is the path to destruction.

So lose the arrogant attitude Self. Let this month, be one of humility. Today as we begin, let us work to improve ourselves and do our best to find where we fit within the fabric of life.



Shaban: Letters to the Self

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