Letter to the Self #3: Arrogance

Letter to the Self #3: Arrogance
Ramadhan Day 2

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

It’s been the first day of fasting, and I had a chance to think about “arrogance” some more. In some ways, I don’t think you have an arrogant personality, do you? I mean, you are kind to people, you share with others, you don’t think you’re better than others.

But maybe, the truth is, even if you’re not, there may be some ways in which you could be.

When you walk down the road and see a homeless person, you think you’re better than her don’t you? Or when you think about getting married why would you never consider someone who is not the same race as yours? But even more than that, what about the times, you put off your prayer because there is something “important” to do? Or when you do that one thing that you know you shouldn’t do, because Allah said you shouldn’t. We have friends who do that too. Isn’t that arrogance?

When you decide that you won’t do something that God wants you to do, isn’t that a form of arrogance? At times you’ve gone beyond that and try to convince yourself that your wrong-doing is correct or justifiable. Is that because you’ve allowed yourself to forget sometimes? Even though you don’t have to answer to Allah right now, you will have to answer eventually.

When you do all your “good deeds” and people are always coming to tell you how good you are and all the good you’ve done…are you doing it for God then, or because you want to be seen?

When you show up at public functions and help everyone on site, but at home your family is without the help they need? Isn’t showing off a form of arrogance as well?

You want to be seen, to be acknowledged as being wonderful, great and forget that in truth, your job is kindness only the sake of God, not for thanks or praise.

I know you want to be a better Self, so remember to always to renew your intention especially when you’re unsure of why you’re doing something. In the moments you may think about making a bad choice, something that will take you away from His Pleasure, then close your eyes and imagine what it will be like when you have to answer for those things directly to Allah. Work hard to make better choices and surround yourself with people and things who will encourage you to do so. Ask God to accept your deeds as something for Him and not for any other reason and find your freedom and happiness in knowing His Pleasure will be with you.

Today’s message Self, is that freedom comes from purity of action and that starts with a clear intention.



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