Letter to the Self #4: Laziness!

Letter to the Self #4: Laziness!
Ramadan Day 3

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

I have been remembering to work on removing arrogance from my thoughts and actions, and to keep renewing my intentions in what I do. Thank You for reminding me.

The first couple days of Ramadhan are always a bit challenging I find, especially when the days are longer. You go to sleep later, wake up earlier and wait a long time to be fed. The thirst is usually the hardest part though. Sometimes, it makes you grumpy. Other times Self, I notice you just go and sleep or watch TV to pass the time. Is that the best use of your time? If fasting is meant to clear out all the distractions from daily life to help us be thankful, reflective and increase our remembrance, why do you make your days and nights the exact same just without the food and drink?

I read a ahadith that said that those who do so, aren’t actually fasting, but simply depriving themselves of food and drink. Imagine if you were fasting, and it was worthless in the end. That would be horrible.

I wouldn’t want that for you.

You thought about a couple goals before Ramadhan. WRITE THEM DOWN AND PUT THEM UP, and work on doing those things. Every time you feel like you might slip back into your old routine, find something that you can do to help you keep your focus- read Qur’an (with the translation), pray extra, read a good book, do some good for your family, neighbours or community, give charity, don’t forget to put your Sadaqat-ul Fitr (the charity you give for Ramadhan.) away early to help others, go to the mosque, read tafsir (explanations of the Qur’an) or seerah (Story of the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him). These are some things that you can do to help maximize your benefit.
In the things that you have to do, like when you work, or study, or doing chores around the house, remind yourself that you are doing all of these things for God. With the right intention, comes the blessing.

It takes almost one month to change a habit, so choose something you want to get better at and work on it one day at a time. You can do it! Shaytan is chained now. So change your routine and remember…
Without changing what you look at, listen to, say, how you interact with yourself and others each day, you will not be gifting yourself with the opportunity for growth and the chance to re-discover your purpose, potential and the many gifts you have been given to bring light into the world.

Allah is giving you an opportunity this Ramadan- don’t lose it!



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