Letter to the Self #5: Gratitude

Letter to the Self #5: Gratitude

Ramadan Day 4

Dear Self,

I decided to read some seerah today. It’s amazing really to see how one man, illiterate and poor was able to transform the world. What was remarkable to me were the choices he made.

There were times when he was so hungry, the fire was not lit in his house for weeks that he and others tied rocks to their stomach to ease the pain they felt but he never, ever complained. Instead, he always seemed to be thankful; ever present on his face was a smile and the light of certitude that God was always with him and those around him.

One day when Omar (ra) walked in and saw that he had awoken from sleeping on the earthen floor on date palm leaves that had marked his skin, he began to cry. The Prophet, peace be upon him, asked him what was wrong and he said that he was thinking about the kings of other empires and here it was- he was a Messenger of God who lived in these conditions. He, peace be upon him, said to him, isn’t it enough that they have God and what He promised them for the sacrifices that they made?

Self, The Prophet peace be upon him, never complained. He had an attitude of gratitude. In short, he chose contentment by working hard and trusting in God’s Divine Plan. Sometimes you want something so much that you become ungrateful and impatient. You forget and allow doubt and worry to fill your being such that you remove the light that exists from His Mercy.

Instead, why not try working hard for what you want and then trusting in His Will. That is all we can do. Even more important, is that once you do your best, remember that whatever happens is from the great Divine Plan and so instead of being frustrated, accept it. It is a path of the course that you must walk to become who you are destined to be.

When it comes down to it, remember, “HasbiAllahu wa ni’amaal wakeel”– God is sufficient for us in all circumstances and in Him we place our trust. Keep this du’aa in your heart regularly, so you don’t forget to remember: choose happiness and acceptance, once you’ve done your part. Patience, Contentment, Gratitude and Trust in Allah are keys to Paradise.

Much Love,


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