Letter to the Self # 6: Time

Letter to the Self # 6: Time
Ramadhan 5

Dear Self,

I noticed that you decided to turn the volume down on all the noises that distract you- music, TV, internet, idle talk, Now, all of a sudden, there’s all this extra time, don’t you find?

Doesn’t it make you realize that the excuse of “not having enough time” actually is inaccurate? I guess it’s that you haven’t been prioritizing the way you spend my time.

Time is so fleeting. Think of all the important things you have put off to do till “later”. All the important people- family and friends who you did not reach out to; brothers and sisters who needed your help but you didn’t take a moment to notice; neighbours who you hurt by your neglect and did not even realize it- all because you were just too “busy”.

Now you have time- isn’t it strange. You stopped eating, drinking and made some minor changes and …
First of all, I am proud of you for trying. I know how difficult it becomes when you just want to fall back into your old patterns of behaviour. You are proving to yourself, just how strong you truly are! Use all this “extra” time to max out on doing good for yourself, family, brothers and sisters and community so that you can gain the best of Ramadhan!

However, remember, even though in this month you want to get the most you can in terms of doing good deeds and trying to be a better person, remember, one of the graces of Ramadhan is the change that you make, the improvements that carry beyond the month itself.

So Self, I want you to be aware of all the TIME you now have and realize that perhaps, you need to make some changes that you can stick to beyond this beautiful month because if you don’t, your departure from this world will be from a bed of regret and a lifetime of wishes to go back and “do things differently”. Then, it will be too late.

It’s time to start thinking of your priorities in using your time and re-prioritize how you’ve been doing what you do. Small changes may mean a life that is not filled with noise but one that is lived with meaning! Imagine facing Allah, knowing in your heart, that “I used my time well and I truly tried my best!”.



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