Letter to the Self # 11: Purpose

Letter to the Self # 11: Purpose

Ramadan Day 10

Dear Self,

Every breathing moment, is a chance to do good; to serve creation; to make the world a better place. When God referred to being leaders in this world, He meant, leadership through service to humanity and really all of creation- animals and the environment.

Sometimes, we think that doing “good” means that we have to “join a cause or an organization” and while those things are important, each breath of life is a chance to do good. It begins by being good to ourselves, being good to the people with us- our family, our friends and then translating that into doing for others.

Self, start with kindness to yourself- making good choices in your diet and sleep patterns; helping at home- not taking your family members for granted but instead seeking ways to help, just like you try to impress strangers sometimes; impress your family first. Then find ways to use your unique talents and potential to help those around you. DO NOT BE LAZY.

Somehow we’ve lost sight of our true purpose for living and so when we finish our schooling, our lives become dominated by “work – I’m so busy” and getting a house/car and if we are married, “I am so busy with family”. Some of this is normal but in reality if/when we go back to our purpose- if our purpose is worship and we worship through our actions- then our jobs, our marriages, our relationships should be to worship God. EVERYTHING Self, should be designed towards the goal of serving your Creator. I want you to try working with that goal-of attaining His Pleasure- by developing yourself AND then giving back. You didn’t get anything you have by yourself or only by your efforts. If God, did not bless you to have them, you would be nowhere.

Remember, for every good thing that you do, there is reward in that, even if no one says Thank You- God has seen it, and for that you will be rewarded. Just as if you were inclined to do something evil and you kept away from it, you would be rewarded for it too.

Motivate yourself to live up to your true potential Self and encourage the people who are around you, not to lose sight of that. It’s easy to fall into the trap to be like everyone else. But, you are not like everyone else. You are YOU and God knows your truest, highest potential. He knows what is in your heart. The only way to re-discover your inner light is by starting to DO and by GIVING BACK to those who were not blessed with what you have.
Start today, you will not be disappointed!


One who makes up his mind to do a good deed, is rewarded by God for one full measure of it and if he then proceeds to carry it out Allah rewards him from ten to seven hundred times and even many times more. He who is inclined towards an evil deed but does not carry it out, is rewarded by Allah for one full measure of good deed. Should he carry it out, he is debited by only one evil deed.

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