Letter to the Self # 13: The Spoken Word

Letter to the Self # 13: The Spoken Word
Ramadan Day 12

Dear Self,

I read this ahadith, “ Cleanliness is equal to half of faith and to say ‘Al hamdu Lillah’ (all Praise is due to God) helps the scale of actions to become heavy; the utterance of ‘Subhan Allah’ (Glory be to God) and Al hamdu Lillah are good enough to fill the space between the heavens and the earth with blessings. The Salat (prayer) is light; Giving Charity is proof of one’s faith; and to be patient is as good as light and the Qur’an is a plea in your favour or against you (depending on what you do with what you know). Everyone begins their morning ready to bargain for his soul and either frees it or loses it!”

Today Self, let your tongue be moist with the remembrance of God. Fill the time while you are driving, standing in line, waiting for someone with the words that will bring light and remove the obscenities and idle talk that you often want to fill it with. It’s funny how easy it is to waste our time, use bad language, talk about others and not want to try and replace something we know is negative with something that can bring us so much benefit.

What you say is a reflection of what is within and what is in you is what you have put in. Today, start the process of filling your being with goodness and His remembrance.

When you fill your soul with light, you will illuminate the path you walk upon and it will also fill the lives of those you touch with it’s goodness.


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