Letter to the Self # 14: A Better Way

Letter to the Self # 14: A Better Way
Ramadan Day 13

By Jeewan Chanicka

Almost at the half-way mark of Ramadhan – this next week and a half is the best time to do any last minute shopping (for ‘Eid) and heavy cleaning…this way you don’t waste your time, efforts and energy in the last ten days with that…you want to save all your energy for those blessed nights!

Dear Self

As you continue to understand living with purpose and achieving your higher potential, have you stopped to really think about what you “want” for yourself? So we are born to worship God, but apart from the rituals, which all Muslims are obligated to do, what in your worship is special? What sets you apart from everyone else? How do you use your unique talents and capabilities to give back? After all, you are as unique to this world as a snowflake from the heavens and a fingerprint etched in the landscape of time.
When you think about your life and think about your goals and final destination- what do you want to achieve with what you’ve been blessed? The other important question to answer is: do your actions match those desires you have for yourself?
Sometimes we like to think that our actions do; like a parent who says they are working for the good of their family and although they are financially comfortable, they spend more of their time at work and less with their children, losing all the time with the ones they claim to be working for OR like those who say they are busy doing community work and they are out doing everything for everyone else while their family or closest friends or neighbours are suffering.

In short, Self, I am asking you to think through these things to see if you are living a contradiction and to remember that you have to make sure your actions are aligned with your goals and even more importantly, that your goals will earn you God’s Pleasure.

Remember if you don’t start by choosing what you want to achieve, praying for it, working for it, you will never achieve it. God waits and listens for the prayer of those who seek His help, just so He can answer it.
But we have to work for what we want. Along the way, we have to continue to evaluate to see what progress we are making and if there is anything we need to change in order to be the best.

Self, you’ve done a good job over the past few years but don’t become complacent.
Keep working; a diamond only shines after much work and pressure.
Keep working to be the best YOU that you can be.


Remember: One who desires chastity, Allah makes him chaste; One who wants contentment, Allah makes him contented; and the person who aspires for steadfastness, Allah bestows steadfastness upon him. No one has been awarded a blessing better than patience and submission. (Bukhari and Muslim)

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