Letter to the Self # 15: Beyond the Limited Self

Letter to the Self # 15: Beyond the Limited Self
Ramadan Day 14

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

We are half way through this spiritual journey and I wonder if you are taking advantage of the blessings that are in front of you? Time continues to elude us, after it is gone, we cannot find it again, so keep working hard.

As you continue to work hard, difficulties will arise, I want you to remember to find your strength within. Your purpose is to change yourself, to tame your ego and to realize your true potential. Only in so doing, will you truly find your purpose before your Creator. It is He, who created you to bring light and mercy to those you touch. Do not allow your mistakes, the errors of the past and the misguided words of people to take you away from your path to enlightened ascension. It is only in finding your purpose in your relationship with Him will you find true inner peace.

While all of creation turned down the weight of the responsibility of being Allah’s ambassador, you were amongst those who stood up to fill that role.

So, Self, when you face difficulties, anchor yourself down and find your inner strength. Turn to Allah and make du’aa (supplication) and do not let doubt creep into your being. Instead be patient and know that His Perfect Plan unfolds in the way that it must and with patience, you too shall discover its beauty and perfection.

We don’t always recognize the goodness that can come from hardship, but your Lord, is Most Compassionate and ever Present in your life. He will not abandon you, so do not abandon Him by losing hope or giving up.

Today, Self, remember that when things get difficult, even if you are at the lowest you’ve ever been, Allah will never let you go. Be Patient and be constant in your du’aa – that my friend is a sign of strength not a sign of weakness.


The Prophet pbuh said, “ Allah likes a strong believer more than the weak one. Out of all good things, ask for that which may be the most beneficial to you. Keep imploring Allah for help and do not give up. Should you come across some mishap, do not say: Had I only done this and that things would have turned out so and so; instead say, only Allah so determines and did as He willed; because this phrase, “ Had I….” only opens the gates of evil conduct. – Muslim

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