Letter to the Self #20: Sacred Spaces

Letter to the Self #20: Sacred Spaces
Ramadhan Day19

By Jeewan Chanicka

The earth is a sacred space which was placed in our trust. It is time to think about our actions and how they affect others, because this trust is something we will be asked about by God, Who placed it in our care. Do you think about your actions and how they affect others around the world or how they affect the earth itself? Whose time will run out first- yours or our earth?

Dear Self,

I have been thinking more and more about humility. The more I look at civilizations in the past, I realize how much arrogance led to their destruction. I look at us today and wonder if we are heading down a similar path? The more that we have lost sight of our relationship with God and used it to guide our “progress”, the greater the scale of destruction seems to be.

We’ve lost sight of the earth being a “sacred space”, a beautiful place for worship, a mosque, in which there are signs of His Presence, reminders of our mortality and quite importantly- of our inter-connectedness. The more we’ve advanced the doctrine of “ME”, we’ve lost the responsibility of “WE”.

Do you live in this world with your own Self?

We share this world and we’ve lost sight of the importance of remembering the responsibilities that come along with communal living. When we are asked to give up something, or to change our habits, the words- “that’s such an inconvenience” or “that’s not for me” glides off our tongues and hearts forgetting…choosing ignorance…so we can “live in the moment”.

We’ve entered Ramadhan with thousands dying in fires and millions affected by floods, the largest island of ice in 50 years, just broke off a glacier near Greenland, millions of barrels of oil spilt in the ocean off the coasts of the United States and China. Fresh water on the earth is almost been used up. Our politicians who are only advancing this “live in the moment” dogma don’t care what will happen in the future and many of them have enough money to protect their own families..


This is not what Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) left as God’s legacy- a beautiful soul who protected even the ants. Don’t you remember he removed a campfire so it would not destroy an ant-hill? Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) also said that if you were planting a tree and the Day of Judgement was to advance upon you, FINISH planting the tree!

What have you done to try and protect our “sacred earth” Self?

An old Native American saying, puts it wisely, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”…perhaps this is something to think about the next time you feel it’s inconvenient to make a sacrifice to benefit our environment, to change your habits or to think about those whom your actions affect.

What have you left for our children Self?


… and then do something about it.


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