Letter to the Self #21: Possessions

Letter to the Self #21: Possessions
Ramadhan Day 20

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

Have you reflected on all that you have today? You have so much but what do you have to “show” for it?

When I think back to the time of the prophets- Muhammad, Jesus and many others, it seems that they did not have a lot of “things”.

Today, you sit at home with your iphones, ipads, blackberrys, computers, your many comforts- hot water, heat, lots of food (so much that you choose to throw away food), televisions and so much more. Have these things made your life any better?

When you look at the humble beginnings and lives of many of the prophets, you see that they did not have much; still their impact transformed the world (and they didn’t have the internet then!). Yet, we spend so much time going after all these things, supposedly to help us be able to be better people, to do more.

When I think about it though, I feel that you don’t own these things; instead they own you! They pre-occupy your time, your every waking moment. To add to that, you always seem to “need” one more thing and so you have to spend more time and money to get more. So too it is with your degrees on your wall, your big home and fancy cars. They have taken hold of your heart. You’ve forgotten the point of your life- to worship God by becoming a better individual and to serve others.

Am I saying that it’s wrong to have these things? No I am not.

What I am saying is that the things you now live your life for are supposed to be “tools” to help you live your life in a way that is meaningful before God. We have lost sight of this and now measure our success in life by the amount of “tools” we have collected. Yet those tools have in no way helped us to achieve our highest potential or to live with purpose. All we can say is I was busy in my life collecting stuff to impress people. Remember that you want to worship God through your service to others. You want to use those “tools” as an instrument of goodness and light, not to spend your life collecting them.

In short, own the things of this world with your hands not your heart but then spend your time using those things to do good and remember that is why God put you on this earth!


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