Letter to the Self #22: Do You Have Trust Issues?

Letter to the Self #22: Do You Have Trust Issues?
Ramadhan Day 21

Dear Self,

You always seem to be thinking of how you can earn more so you can get more things? You think sometimes that you have to engage in activities that are prohibited because you have no choice- otherwise how will you survive? When money does not come to you as quickly as you want, you pre-occupy your time trying to find ways to make more and more. Worries begin to consume you and slowly, it devours your soul. To me, it almost seems that, at times, you forget Who is your Provider.

As you pre-occupy yourself with such thoughts, without realizing it, you gradually erode your connection with God. Instead of trying to repair it, you spend more time convincing yourself why it is you need to engage in haram activities; you take time away from your prayer and continue to give up your beliefs in order to “earn”.
Have you ever stopped to think about what it is you are actually earning? While you may see an “improvement” in things financially, you are doing so by sacrificing your relationship with God.

Why couldn’t you trust Allah?

Wasn’t it Allah who created you? Who has looked after you your entire life? He has put a test before you for you to see what you would do. So, what did you do? What do you continue to do? Did you give up on your relationship with the One Who never abandoned you?

This is not an issue about needing provision, this is an issue of trust- your lack of trust in God!

Allah is Ar-Razaq, the Provider.

I want you to remember that your provision is already written for you and you are required to do your best and work for it. Then TRUST that He will provide for you without your need to compromise yourself, your beliefs or your values.
Your Lord never stopped providing for you nor does He want you to suffer. You have to realize that the guidelines He put forth are to help to elevate your soul and to liberate you from slavery to people or desires. So do not dispose of them or lose hope. Do not put your trust in other people or in things.

Instead put your best effort forward and work on your trust.

Once a lover trusts their beloved, their relationship will blossom and become stronger. At the first sign of trouble do not give up or compromise the things you hold dear. Is that how you deal with all the relationships in your life?
He was always there, He always has been, He always will be. He Loves you and will provide for you. Trust me.
More importantly though- trust Him.


Synopsis: Trust in the One Who has never abandoned you that He can provide for you. Follow the guidelines He has set, do your best and then TRUST that His provision will come.

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