Letters to the Self #23: Submission

Letters to the Self #23: Submission
Ramadhan Day 22

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

The nights are filled with blessings beyond compare. I know you are tired, as these last nights require more from you than the others. But strive; and seek its bounty. Lose your ego and find your Lord in your sacrifices.

Each moment of seeking Him, is closeness to Him; it is freedom of things that enslave you and tie you to this world; it is clarity from the desires that distract you.

So Self, take some time, slow down and let yourself be with God. When you are with Him, you can let yourself be vulnerable because with Him you will find sanctuary, give Him your burdens and take His Trust as your armour, show Him your flaws, seeking Forgiveness and receive His Mercy and Love in return.

You know yourself; the sins you commit- hiddenly, openly, in public and in secret; the sins you’ve tried to convince yourself are ok; the ones that you’ve over-rationalized even though deep within, they haunt you…you are His servant; He is calling you to His Light so leave the darkness and hasten towards it.

He is calling you to all that is good, all that you want even though you may not see it.

Wrapped between His will and your choices are the events that will lead to your final destination. As a traveler, you have the chance to change your trajectory now.

Do it, while you still can.


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