Letters to the Self #24: More Than You Think You Are Able

When we push past our limits, our limits become lessLetters to the Self #24: More Than You Think You Are Able
Ramadhan Day 23

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

We are almost nearing the end of this blessed month. You’ve abstained from food, drink and sexual gratification. I think that you’ve learned that you have much more power than you thought, haven’t you? It was filled with many opportunities for you to discover this. From the length of time that you fasted, the prayers, the many deeds that you did, the moments of silence, the tears and the clarity that came through reflection.

What are you learning Self? Are you recognizing your potential? Is it becoming clearer that you are an ambassador of God and that means you have a job to do in this world? Like Muhammad (peace be upon him), you are meant to be a mercy to those around you. You are to meant to go forward in your society and find a way to give back to those who were blessed with different things than you.

You are meant to own the things of this world with your hands and let God fill your heart with His Love and Light. It is time for you to shed all the things that have taken over your life. You’ve reflected on your priorities, so now, get them in order.

You have been given a noble mission, responsibility and privilege- to bring your gifts and talents forward and use it on behalf of the Creator of the universe to bring goodness to others; to help; to share; to do…. It starts wherever you are- in your home, your neighbourhood, village, town, city, province, county, state, country and world.

How can you do this Self?

Get up, let go of your past, shed the judgements of short-sighted people, discipline your ego, leave the hurt behind but keep all the learning from it. Then, look forward.

Your soul needs you to act now; your community needs your skills, so does your country and our world. Even more importantly though, this is why you were created.

If fasting taught you anything, it should have been the need to be constantly conscious of the Most Merciful and one of the most important ways you “remember” is through your compassionate citizenship and humble, non-judgemental service to others.

Self, how will your family, community, society and country benefit from you? As God’s ambassador, what will you do? Will you wake up now and do what you were meant to do or will you slip back into the monotonous servitude of people and things? Will your vision remain clear about your purpose or will you lose it now that the ritual fast is over?

You have a choice right now…I am urging you to do the right thing..let us work together and live meaningfully, so that when death greets us, we can smile knowing that we will be reunited with our Lord and can look back and know, we did our best while we travelled on the earth.


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