Letter to the Self # 26: Change

Letter to the Self # 26: Change
Ramadhan Day 25

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

I can see you becoming enthusiastic now. You want to make changes and you know, with Allah’s help, you can do it. It seems like you are filling up with this energy and you just want to get out there and change everything. I am so encouraged by this and I want to support you in every way that I can. Perhaps the best way to do so, is to remind you that the prophet peace be upon him said that the best deed is the one that is most consistent.

So, please make sure that you take your time and think- “what small changes can I make, what small things can I do consistently?” Don’t try to do everything all at once because you will burn yourself out and then it will be easy to fall back into your old habits.

I have seen some community activists who are also active, but either at the detriment of themselves, or their families. While they are out trying to “save and help” everyone else, they lose themselves and their families start (or continue) falling apart. A major part of the problem is that with many organizations, community work is not family-based. So in order to “give back” you are consistently away from your family. This becomes a destructive cycle. So remember to use “balance” to temper your way.

For some, lack of balance is a result of hurt and injustices they have seen and/or experienced. Still, the model we use is the one of moderation and it was best exemplified by Muhammad peace be upon him. No matter, how much people persecuted him, he always remembered the importance of doing what God wanted and not letting his emotions get the better of him.

Balance and Consistency are two essential tools with which you should equip yourself on your quest to meet your Lord. These are the ones that will ensure that the light inside you will continue to burn and that your journey continues to take you towards the One Most High.

I want you to be successful so take time and care; set your goals; write them down and work hard. Insha Allah should you be blessed to meet Ramadhan again, she will meet you from a better destination than she did this year! And so, your journey will continue forward.


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