Letter to the Self # 27: Destination or the Journey!

Letter to the Self # 27: Destination or the Journey!
Ramadhan Day 26

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

How quickly the time is passing. Our beloved guest, the one we once anticipated so greatly is setting to depart and we are getting ready to greet the days of ‘Eid. It makes me realize that sometimes, we focus so much on the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey.

I see that in you many times, where you set a goal and you just want to get it done. We’ve talked about setting goals and using them to help you attain your potential but don’t forget the secret of a good goal lies in the process of getting there. As someone who knows we worship in everything we do, remember that the journey is as important as getting there. This is our Creator’s way of removing veils that previously kept us from seeing the true reality. In fact, it is in the process that you discover and learn the most about yourself.

Our life’s goal is to attain God’s Pleasure…and hopefully be blessed to stand in His Presence but the journey is what will take us there. So as you set your goals and vision, as you start to build your capacity and try to achieve your purpose, remember that each step along your journey is equally important. In fact, it is the journey that truly determines the destination.

Take time to “smell the roses”, open your heart to the mercy and blessings that surrounds you, live according to the standards He has set and live truly each moment with passion. This is the best kind of worship and more importantly it will take you to the destination you desire.


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