Letter to the Self #29: Forgiveness

Letter to the Self #29: Forgiveness
Ramadhan Day 28

Dear Self,

The doors of Forgiveness are open so continue to use them during these blessed days.

In a ahadith of Muhammad peace be upon him, “ God says, “Oh my servants, you are all sinners except him whom I have pardoned. So ask me forgiveness, and I will forgive you. Whosoever knows that I am the Possessor of the power to forgive them, I will forgive them, and I do not mind [doing so].

In another narration he, peace be upon him, said, “ If a person says, “Glory be to You (God)! I have wronged myself and committed evil. Forgive me. Verily no one forgives sins but You”, their sins are forgiven, even if they are as numerous as the tracks of ants.

One other prayer for forgiveness – “ Oh God, You are my Lord, and I am your servant. You have created me. I am observing my covenant and promise to You as much as I can. I take refuge with you from the evil which I have committed. I acknowledge to You Your favour upon me, and I acknowledge to myself my sins. I have wronged myself and I have confessed my sin (directly to You). So forgive me my sins- those I have committed and those I shall commit. Verily no one forgives sins except You.

Remember Self, to acknowledge sins, is to hold yourself accountable. Whether it is in the presence of people and when you are on your own. Pray that your secret (private) life is as good as your public life and that your public life is good. For the moments when you make mistakes, forget, fall into error, remember that God’s mercy and ability to forgive is all encompassing. He awaits the call of those who seek Him. So do not ever despair that you have ANY mistakes that would cause Him to turn away from you. He loves you but as in all relationships, when mistakes are made, you have to make an effort to ask for forgiveness. Protect this relationship- it’s the most important one in your life.


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