Letters to the Self #25: Window of Opportunity

Letters to the Self #25: Window of Opportunity
Ramadhan Day 24

By Jeewan Chanicka

Dear Self,

As our beautiful guest prepares to leave us, it is important not to let tears of sadness from missing her presence obscure our vision as to why she came in the first place. You, Self, have begun to notice your inner beauty and your strength as a soul; you have more power than you understood. You did what many others think they can’t do. In fact, you’ve begun to let your light disseminate from within, light your path and even illuminate the path of others.

As Ramadhan leaves, continue to focus on what you will take from her and what you will continue to do, should you be blessed to greet her on your doorstep again.

Did you begin to do your daily prayers? Did you stop talking about others? Did you improve your eating habits? Began to fulfill your duties at home? Did you begin a new good deed?

Choose some of these things to continue so that Ramadhan ’s presence would have actually made a REAL difference for you. In this way, instead of being a servant of Ramadhan , you continue on as a servant of God. Don’t pick too much so that you are overwhelmed but also don’t choose too little. You know yourself. Start with the MOST important thing that you KNOW in your HEART you should continue. Listen to it, Self, it is trying to guide you to your inner light. Dismiss the voices and noises that will tell you its too difficult. See them as obstacles in a race that you know you can win and start to work on them. Put them down on paper, tell some of your close family members, friends, community leaders, so they can help you stay on track.

I know you may be physically tired now, but inside your heart, there is an oasis of peace refreshing your soul- allow it to fill your being. This is divine tranquility that comes from the One Who brings peace to those who truly seek it.

Remember most of all, that everything that you have, each of your faculties, your abilities, your talents, your skills were blessed to you for the purpose of elevating your soul. So elevate your soul by striving to attain closeness to God and by being a mercy to your society- they are ALL God’s creation. These are your opportunities; the gifts given to you by the Most Loving One to use as His ambassador. Use them to bring benefit to yourself and others.

I know you can do it Self and you know what is even more important?

Allah knows you can do it too!


A person who calls people towards doing good deeds will get the same reward as those who follow him and do good; and nothing will be diminished from the reward of those who do those deeds. Similarly, those who call people towards vice will have the same punishment as those who follow him without any lessening in the punishment of the perpetrators . (Muslim)

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