The Charity of Love

The Charity of Love

By Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad

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“An ‘aya’ (verse) has been going around in my head recently, and I’ve been trying to figure out why, it’s a well-known one: ‘corruption has appeared on land and sea because of what people’s hands have acquired.’ One meaning of this, I suspect in my own head is the environmental crises. It’s our own silly fault that the air is no longer breathable, that the ice caps are melting, that we spend so much digging up the Earth, turning the Earth into strange and unnecessary things, and then throwing those things away again after a few days or months or years and then burying them back into the Earth again, and living most of our lives in order to earn the money in order to do buy these silly things; that’s ‘fasad’ (corruption), if you like. But there are other sorts of ‘fasad’, and all ‘fasad’ ultimately is to do with the corrosion of the human soul. Allah (SWT) has created everything in the Earth to be obedient to Him, except the mysterious disobedience of human beings. As the sons of Adam, peace be upon him, we alone have this capacity for ‘ma’sia’ for disobeying our Lord. ‘We have ennobled the sons of Adam, and we have carried him on the land and the sea.’ We can be above those things; we can be the crown of creation. But similarly we are capable of being ‘the lowest of the low.’ This is the paradox of the human condition; we can rise higher, and we can descend…

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