Reliving the Art of Communication

Reliving the Art of Communication

By Hwaa Irfan

No matter how much the ordinary citizen tries to ignore the paranoid activities of governments, and get on with real life before death dawns, today one can bet there is at least one government that will definitely come up with a box of tricks that is guaranteed to reduce the populations desire to vote for them, or for any “political” party.

When the Serbian, Nikola Tesla first discovered radio-telecommunications, beyond reasonable doubt the only intention was to make communication easier for everyone. Well it seems to have gone full circle now, at least in the U.K.   

As the Big Brother first put to fame by T.V. serials in 1970s England becomes more of a governmental obsession,  U.K. “ministers” are planning to resurrect plans to record and archive every Internet click, email, and telephone call made by Joe public according to the British daily, The Daily Mail. The aim is to know every website one visits, when, to whom, and what has been said/written to anyone, anywhere!  We have already witnessed how information communicated via Facebook can turn the life of a member upside down and inside out, out of sheer innocence!

Disregarding the fact that the British citizen no longer has faith in its government believing it to be corrupt, and disregarding the fact that the actions of the British government past and present have led to their insecurity, the standard reason given as to why is to “fight terrorism”.

Bear in mind that recently the U.K., the U.S., and France agreed to sustain, and if not increase military spending, which has been the case despite apparent cuts throughout the global economic crisis. Military spending in real terms rose to $1.53mn in 2009, whereas there has only been an apparent 8% cut by  the British Conservative government for 2010, and a 25% cut for all other departments, with an Al-Qaeda threat which always seems to pop-up at the most appropriate times.

The most likely scenario is that Internet and telephone companies will be expected to register, and archive data. Well, there is a silver lining to every cloud!

  • When was the last time that one spent time with a friend or made new friends!
  • When was the last time one broke the routine of work-home-work!
  • When was the last time one was not dependent on the telephone and/or the Internet as a means of communication with the outside world.
  • When was the last time one expanded ones horizons?

It is probably this kind of lifestyle that has increased people’s insecurities of the unknown, with data from the U.K. (Citysocialising) demonstrating the increased sense of isolation/loneliness that people feel and is not compensated for through online social networking. Of course this high tech, living has not worked out with cyber crime becoming more predominant than physical crime.

When telephone became the means of communication, it allowed us to communicate beyond our physical walking capabilities. At the same time what is taking place when we communicate mainly by phone, and through the Internet is that communication moves towards an increasingly unreal state. Yes, it has become normal, and therefore one believes there is nothing wrong with it, but our relationship with the world is based on our five+ senses.  We lose the use of those five+ senses when we communicate mainly by phone and through the Internet.  For some this may seem like going back to the Dark Ages, but the witch-hunt is on, and prior to the commercialization of telecommunications, speaking was visual, i.e. one could see who one spoke with; when non-verbal communication makes up 55% of our communication that is extremely important.  Instead what we have now is a separation of sight and sound, and this warps our impressions, what we understand , and our reflexes. When we speak on the phone we are dependent on three factors, the voice = sound, previous experience, and the imagination. The imagination takes over when previous experience is speaking on the phone. This is diminished further when communication is through the Internet, because here we are left with a hyppereality that makes the imagination more real than reality!

So, fear not the advances of Big Brother, and seek instead to communicate face-to-face for maybe this is the silent revolution that can bring humanity closer together by forming more meaningful relationships,  and at the same time diminish the kind of relationships that are not healthy for one’s well-being, self development, and needed social change!


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