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Deep Thinking

Deep Thinking

With Harun Yahya 

Have you ever thought that the Earth you are now walking on is moving at a speed of 1,670 kilometers an hour? Have you ever thought why your hair constantly grows, while your eyebrows and eyelashes stay fixed? Wouldn’t it be bad otherwise? Have you ever thought about all the wondrous happenings in and around you? This film is an invitation to think so. Because in the Qur’an God invites us to think about the living things that He has created. 

Most people think that in order to “think deeply”, one needs to put one’s head between one’s hand’s, withdraw to an empty room, and isolate oneself from all other people and affairs, Indeed, they make such a big thing of “thinking deeply” that they find it too difficult, and conclude that it is a quality exclusive to “philosophers” Watch>>> Deep Thinking

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