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The Blame Game

The Blame Game

By Hwaa Irfan

Blaming is an infection habit that once it starts it ricochets and proliferates faster than any weapon of mass destruction. It is so easy to fall into, to off-load the burden of responsibility onto someone or something else when we are the burden of proof why something did not go the way we want it too!  It is so easy because we can remove ourselves from the picture, and let the person in the limelight take full responsibility. It is a 21st century dis-ease that should be registered on the top list of diseases, especially in the U.S. as the mid-terms become violent verbally, and physically. 

I was alone amongst the people around me at the time that Obama won the presidential elections.  None of them were Americans, but nearly all were elated at his success. Not that there is an iota of commonality beyond ethnicity between him and I, but I was frightened for him, and wished he had not won. Observations leading up to those elections two years ago, of world reaction made him out be the messiah, the one who has come to save everyone because “Change we need”. 

It did not hang right for me that someone, from out of the blue, a stranger to the U.S. old boy’s network and upbringing, could walk in on the scene, and be allowed to lead the way like Moses in the wilderness. All of a sudden money came flowing through to make sure he won the presidency . Instinct told me this is a set up, a set up to let cool the emotions of the nation and the world, against the crimes and legacy that was left for him as the fall guy. To me he is just the fall guy, probably never meant to last a full term in office – a guy who was left to carry the hopes and dreams of America and the rest of the world. To make sure of this, any possible background information was made “unavailable” during the campaign – somebody somewhere wanted to make sure there were no obstacles, and that somebody/ body of people are extremely powerful!

After all, nothing was bound to go right, given the path of disasters that was left for him to cope with, and the fact that power lies in the hands of a people who are not in the voting system; a fall guy who could be left to “entertain” the public, while those who walk the corridors of power could be left to put the finishing touches on the ground work that had been laid under George Snr.  and George Jnr.  Given the crimes George Snr. And George Jnr have committed in the name of the nation, they were suddenly forgotten when Obama became president holding them unaccountable.

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that the agenda of the global network under George Snr. and George Jnr. has been set. This networking has put the world’s resources, the resources that secure their futures squarely in the hands of world’s elite from oil – to food America and the world’s elite have removed the citizen from the decision-making process, while the citizen blames someone else. The issue with China is more to do with the fact that China owns most of the rare earth resources, playing the U.S. at its own game.

The machinations set in place can go on without obstacles, regardless of who is the president because it is all about those who head multinational companies for the addiction of the extremely wealthy is power without the vote riding carte blanche across human lives, human rights, civil liberties, public health, and public sanity. America is not bankrupt. It has the resources to do what Europe cannot do in this period of global economic/climate/water/food price/human rights crisis. What has happened instead is a realignment of resources removing the middle income bracket from the equation, removing the American dream away from the lower classes. U.S. exports have increased this year, but imports have also increased with a decreasing trade deficit, which does not indicate a failing economy. U.S. has the largest government owned stock of oil totaling 727 million barrels stored in Freeport, Texas at a cost of $29 billion of taxpayers money under the direction of Bush Snr.U.S. exports in material goods were $153,872mn. in August 2010, as compared to 2008.   The increase in export of services (e.g. royalties, expertise, TRIPS, ) from Aug 09 – Aug 10 increased to $4.4bn. U.S. military exports totaled $23bn, in 2007, $32bn in 2008, with the highest importers of U.S. military exports being Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and then Israel. The 2010 figures do not seem to be available. So is it going to be save the U.S. at the expense of the rest of the world? Is that what U.S. citizens want when it comes to the crunch? 

Was it not just before the U.S. mid-terms that public funding for candidates was made illegal by the Supreme Court? Yeah, real change we need, that is for sure, but it is not going to change until the whole voting system changes, and until the U.S. voters take responsibility for their votes by exploring the background of the candidates and who finances them. Until then the blame game will only reap more of the same of what everyone “says” they want changed, and voting Republican will not given the current situation is Republican in nature.

God gave each and every one of us the lessons we need to learn to take our place in the world. He gave us difficulties from which to find strength, but instead we hand over those difficulties to the government, we He gave us problems to solve, but instead we hand over the solutions to the government. He gave us the ability to work and provide for ourselves, but instead we hand over the resource to do so to the government.

Blaming is a disempowering habit that removes responsibility away from those who perpetuate the problem – the blamers. It does not solve any problem whether political or personal – it creates a culture of victims. Blame creates a wall of separation disabling cognitive abilities, and the ability to take hold of the situation for both the blamer and the person being blamed.  It eliminates from what has been done, and replaces it with egos who may have never done a hard day’s work in their lives. To be put on a pedestal and then expected to fail is not a gratifying experience.

For all the world to believe that one man can solve the whole world’s problems is the position that Obama was placed in before even taking office was and is ridiculous, and even more so when the real power has always been “unavailable” to the public. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions when it comes to public responsibility and that includes the responsibility of the public to be patient, cooperative and yet persistent enough to see real change come through for everyone. This of course means sacrifices, and if one is not used to making sacrifices it can seem a little harsh, but personal sacrifices need to made, and much can be learnt from sacrifice!

Instead of listing what President Obama has not done in two years as compared to the 3 terms of Bush & Son, list what he has done, and then look around to see who is a man of their word, and whether that man will serve as a fall guy, or as in the case of Bush & Son, because anything more requires the will of the American people to at least uproot the power of corporations from American politics!

If it is a real change we need, then the change has to begin with the self!


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