Is Your Spine Older Than You Are?

Is Your Spine Older Than You Are?

By Hwaa Irfan

It took the shoe company MBT to tell The British that their spine is older than they are in 2010. One 23 year old was found to have the posture of a 41 year old, can you believe that! The main reasons for the problem discovered through an MBT survey was found to be:

  • Carrying heavy bags on one shoulder only
  • Sitting incorrectly while using a computer
  • Walking with their head down

Then there was the additional problem of not sleeping without a pillow, as sleeping without helps to maintain correct posture.  Back problems do not go away easily, and that is only if one has found the correct solution. The online survey, which was completed by 22,000 respondents found that:

  • 74% of bloggers have had backache, a headache or eyestrain due to their extended computer use
  • 58% don’t take any precautions to correct their posture
  • 95% blog and access the internet in front of the TV
  • 94% blog and access the internet in bed.

Not Just Mechanical

We treat our spines like scaffolding that is just available to us for the purpose of mobility. It is only when obvious signs and symptoms inconvenience our daily lives that we might begin to realize that something is wrong, and even then it is a common problem, which prevents us from doing what we want to do. We might put it down to age, or something that we have done out of habit, but we do not realize how badly we take care of our spine.

If we walk with our heads down, this is usually because we do not want to make eye contact, or because our mind is preoccupied with a concern or two, but what this means is that our spine is being prevented from using its curvatures in our favor. Our shoulders become stopped, and our spine becomes unnaturally curved as walking in this way becomes a habit. With high heels, the body caves inwards, preventing the stomach from functioning properly, and the feet from exercising as one walks. If we are not relaxed our muscles contract through tension, which on turn distorts the natural posture of our spine. The blood in our related vessels flows less easily, as walking or moving in a state of tension becomes the habitual state we put our bodies in. With the disturbing noises of the city our tensed state is heighten, as the disharmonic vibrations of the environment becomes all pervasive.

Misalignment of the spine has a serious impact on the rest of our bodies. For example, the nerves of the lumbar section affect large and small muscles of the lower back, muscles of the thigh, legs, calf muscles, and feet. The longest nerve in the body, the sciatica, originates in the lumbar affecting the hips, knees, ankles and the feet. The large intestines, appendix, the male/female reproductive organs, the bladder, and prostrate glands are affected by the lumbar section. Misalignment of the lumbar can result in numbness of the back and legs, sciatica, muscle weakness or spasms , scoliosis (side-ways curving of the spine), joint problems, constipation, diarrhea, cramps, varicose veins, bladder problems, menstrual problems, and poor circulation for example.

These reactions to our actions, thoughts, emotions, and noises are all forms of energy happening at different levels of vibration. Then we can add to this the heavy bags we carry whether it contains a laptop, shopping or books.

The human bone structure is highly responsive to vibration. As much as 69%-79% of sounds heard within the audible range and sound move faster in water, which man is mostly made of. The bone structure then continually translates information from the more subtle levels into the neurological tissue. Inappropriate or loud music/noise causes vasoconstriction causing increased blood pressure, which leads to hypertrophy of smooth muscle, a narrowing of small vessels and a resistance to blood flow. This means our blood is being prevented from doing what it is supposed to do, and that is to distribute the required nutrients to all parts of the body.

Electricity and electromagnetic energies are the worst pollutants. With increasing noise pollution a person’s hearing can become more and lose the capacity to hear sound within a certain frequency range Plasma cortisol and blood cholesterol levels increased with increased noise levels beyond 85 dB. The effect lasted for several days after the noise ceased. Such pulses can be found coming from air conditioning units, transformers and other electronic equipment. How effective is the spine then in receiving the information that is being sent to it by the heart-brain, which is pumping out electric voltage 60 times more powerful than the brain affecting every cell in the body, and a magnetic field 5,000 times more powerful than the brain radiating out of the body several feet away.

The Vital Force

The above lifestyle misaligns our bodily center of gravity in terms of movement. We adjust our movement subconsciously from what it should be to the limitations of what it has become affecting our breath (the tail of the spine), and our thought (the neck of the spine) because our thoughts are based on words, and words are based on breath/air. ”The Tomatis Effect” states that the voice can only create and duplicate those sounds, which the ear is able to hear. This means that until you are able to hear various overtones, you will not be able to create them in your voice.

The tail of the spine or base of the spine is where the first major energy point/chakra is located. Connected to the physical body via the endocrine system, this chakra is concerned with the human will. Will of existence, will of being, will of doing all emanate from this point, which is represented by our coming into being on this earth. Strong clues are given to this by the fact that the key resonance of the earth’s atmosphere is 7.83 cycles per second, and that this resonance when applied to the human body heals injuries and fractures quickly. Resonance brings back into balance the true nature of an entity, which is the opposite to what causes us imbalance, or dis-ease.

{Surely We have created everything according to a measure} (Al Qamar 54: 49)

“It occurred to me that there might be a similarity between the human body and a TV cable,” he recalls. “The TV cable has hundreds of channels of information flowing through it. Similarly, the body has miles of nerves, blood vessels, and other channels that conduct electrical signals. When the skin is grounded, it might prevent the entry of ‘noise’ that could disturb physiological signaling.”

These were the words of Clint Ober who found he had a voltage of 4 – 5 volts due to sitting at his computer. Then he observed how the voltage of his body varied as he moved from place to place at home. The place most electrically active, was the area around his bed. As sleep is the time when the body rejuvenates he set up a conducting system on his mattress that led to a wire connected to a rod pushed into the earth outside the window, and he found his body voltage dropped to zero when he laid on the grounded surface he had created, which was like lying on the earth. He went to sleep that night on the grounded mattress, and awoke having had the best night sleep he had in years.

Then Ober experimented on his friends who all reported that they slept well. One friend told him he no longer awoke stiff, and Ober who was on medication from chronic back pain from several surgeries realized that he had no longer been taking the medication for pain.

The simple things we take for granted fooling ourselves into believing that the comfort zones we have created for ourselves are actually good for us. When we lose touch with our bodies, we lose sight of what our bodies really need by superimposing the desires of our egos. The spine loses it resonancy, and its ability to support the proper functioning of our bodies.

Spinal Resonance

Anything that vibrates has a natural resonant frequency that spontaneously vibrates in response to external vibrations that share the same or a similar resonant frequency. This sympathetic vibration is called resonance. When one experiences the resonance of a human speaking voice on one’s spine, which is not repeated by any other spoken voice, the feeling of resonance is unforgettable. Vocal harmonics resonates with the human bones at 2000hz. For Alfred Tomatis a French physician and otolaryngologist:

“ The sound produced is not in the mouth, not in the body, but, in fact, in the bones. It is all the bones in the body which are singing and it is like a vibrator exciting the walls of the church, which also sing.”

The resonance of the cranium and the skull is amplified by the bone’s ability to conduct sound, which according to Tomatis, actually stimulates the stapes muscle of the ear. There was a documented case in the Danish Nordisk Medicin of June 1993 of a 54-year old man with lumbago, and a long-standing hearing defect. After a session with a chiropractic, his hearing had improved. It was found that the organ of Corti in the ear had been impaired by the irritation of the nerves leading from the upper spine.

All life is connected!

Resonance provides a signature to differentiate ease from dis-ease. This resonance is a signature, which  Cymatics therapy uses to transmit into diseased areas of the body the signature vibrations of healthy organs and tissues. Cymatics supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself by providing precise combinations of frequencies that are associated with healthy tissue and organ systems by using sound waves. By determining what we should resonate at, we become aligned with our natural state of being, and in tune with the greater symphony of life!



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