It’s Raining Cats and Dogs… Well Almost!

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs… Well Almost!

By Hwaa Irfan

Sometimes, just sometimes, when we think we have all the answers, and know what makes the world tick, life proves that it can be much stranger than fiction. For those who have stumbled across this incident, it is not so funny, but extremely strange, overwhelming, and daunting. To hear a report that some birds have mysteriously died is one thing, but to hear these reports happening around the world is… well quite frankly alarming, and it isn’t even April’s Fool!

The Google’s Global Map has been mapping the reports of mass death of animals as follows (with links):

  • 5000+ Black Birds
  • 500+ Black Birds
  • Dozens of Black Birds
  • 100,000 Drum Fish
  • Tens of Thousands – Fish
  • Thousands of Fish
  • Thousands of Fish
  • Dozens of fish
  • Fish
  • 50 – 100 Birds – Jackdaws
  • Penguins
  • 24 birds – H5N1 flu
  • 100 Pelicans
  • 300+ Doves
  • 70 Bats
  • 100 Tons of Fish
  • Hundreds of Snapper
  • 10 Tons of fish
  • Hundreds of fish
  • Thousands of fish
  • Hundreds of Fish
  • Hundreds of Fish
  • Scores of Fish
  • Hundreds of Fish
  • 150 Tons of Red Tilapias
  • Thousands of Fish
  • Scores of dead fish
  • Several Manatees
  • Hundreds of Starfish, Jellyfish
  • 200 Birds


One hundred tons of sardines, croakers, and catfish washed up dead on the coast of Paranaguá, Antonina and Guaraqueçaba Pontal do Paraná December 30 2010 at a time when fishing for seafood ban was lifted.


Tens of thousands of wild birds died in December 2010 of Sudden Death Syndrome (well that’s what I’m calling it), leaving the officials of Health Canada helpless in front of reporters without an explainable answer to the cause.

On a farm in Quebec City, 80 pigeons had Sudden Death Syndrome and just keeled over and died. Since December 18 2010 Sylvain Turmel keeps picking up dead pigeons, but despite being told not to talk to the media by Wildlife officials, Turmel went ahead to a local radio station.

New Zealand

Hundreds of Snapper fish found dead.


One hundred jackdaws were found dead on the road in Falkoping


July 2010, 40,000 devil crabs washed up on the beach of Kent.


In July 2010 thousands of dead clams were washed ashore on Folly Beach, followed by an approximate 85,000  dead drum fish on the shores of the Arkansas River in January 2011 – could this be a clue as to what the U.S. is not doing!

Not long after the Arkansas incident, In Louisiana a minute before the New Year was rang, 5,000 red-winged blackbirds rained down on the small town of Beebe as if straight from the Alfred Hitchcock film The Crow. Preliminary lab tests concluded that the birds died “from multiple blunt force trauma,” which basically means they flew into something, but given the way birds navigate and lead a navigation, it is highly unlikely to happen with 5,000 birds! But then if one is desperate for an immediate reductionist answer then why not that of the director of Cornell University’ ornithology laboratory, i.e. the birds “might have been sucked up by a washing machine type thunderstorm” which spat them back out – the trustworthy explanation of an expert.

The last week of 2010, thousands of dead fish were found floating in the temperate zone of Florida’s Port Orange.

Again in Louisiana (maybe it’s the same incident, but a different story), Monday 3rd of Jan 2011, 550 starlings and blackbirds were found dead along Baton Rouge, but these birds had internal injuries and blood clots.

In Nashville, Texas. Hundreds of birds, and 150 grackles (do you know what grackles are?) were found on the roadside in Big Cypress Creek. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency could not determine the cause of death because the grackles (!?) had badly deteriorated – one wonders how long the Agency had the grackles then!

Hundreds of dead birds have been found this week in Nashville and nearby counties.

Not long after in Kentucky, several hundred birds had been found – but why all in the U.S. – maybe it’s all those Hollywood end of the world (the U.S) films…

Then on 05th January 2011, an approximate 2million fish were found dead in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

The psychological impact on some Americans have led to thoughts of “Aflockalypse,” the run up to Armageddon, and the African American version of “Global Katrina 2.”


Well, the extreme cold weather has been blamed as well as power lines, lightening, and fireworks, but who is letting off fireworks in July!

Meteor showers have been many, but there have been no reports of meteors actually going through earth’s atmosphere affecting the navigational routes of birds.

The not so much talked about geomagnetic/polar shift is approach Russia, it has Tampa Airport, U.S. remarking its landing strips.

Or maybe God’s creatures are protesting on mass for the climate change that the leaders of the developed world reneged on… Whatever the cause, man-made, natural, or both, I have a feeling that we are not connecting the dots, and that is the limitation of the modern mind!


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