US-Backed Attacks on Egyptian Masses!

US-Backed Attacks on Egyptian Masses!

Today, many people were injured in Tahrir (fractured skulls, people lost their eyes, and rock injuries). A friend of mine was injured in several places ; the people (Muslim & Christian) inside the square had nothing to fight back with. They spent the first three hours creating a human chain to protect those who were injured; they ended up having to break street stones to create pieces to fight back. They are taking shifts so for example he is home for 3-4 hours to rest. there is high likelihood of a worst scenario tomorrow. He witnessed the capture of pro-mubarak protesters who had police badges on them. He was in fact, even with his exhaustion and pain, very optimistic. He spoke of the end being near. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM. Many will fast on Thursday and when breaking the fast, make dua for our brothers and sisters.


From United National Antiwar Committee Emergency

On January 28th we issued an appeal for all UNAC affiliates and supporters to turn out to last weekend’s demonstrations in support of the masses marching in Egypt for democracy and justice. Today we write in a follow-up emergency appeal for renewed mobilization to stop the murderous attacks going on today, February 2nd and likely to escalate in coming days.
On February 1st, two million marched in Cairo, a million or more in Alexandria, and hundreds of thousands more in towns and cities around Egypt. The response of Mubarak, after consultation with Obama, was to refuse to step down and to ignore ALL the demands of protesters.
Obama, in a speech two hours later, approved Mubarak’s stance, with duplicitous encouragement that he take some (unspecified) steps before the September elections, in which he pledged not to run.

As soon as the words left Mubarak’s lips, the millions in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, in Alexandria and elsewhere shouted their rejection of his speech.

Police mounted on horses and camels, armed with whips, began riding into the crowds. Other cops threw Molotov cocktails, rocks, stones and chairs from the roofs of buildings. Gunshots were heard in several locations. New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof reported that “mobs arrived in buses, armed with machetes, straight-razors and clubs.”
Cops began beating protesters mercilessly, and thousands were wounded.

Meanwhile the US media began featuring interviews with rich Cairenes characterizing antiregime protesters as lazy, ungrateful workers who should go back to work and stop complaining about the price of bread!
So far the army has not moved into action, neither heeding the calls of protesters for protection against the cops, nor yet dispersing the protesters. But the head of the army has told people to go home, that after Mubarak’s speech the time for protest is over.

More solidarity protests are coming up this weekend. In New York alone there are protests today, Friday and Saturday. And a call has been issued for protests around the world on Saturday, February 5th 2011.

Call the White House and State Department to demand complete withdrawal of all US forces in and around Egypt!

Obama sent a newly-appointed envoy, Frank Wisner, to Egypt to coordinate the content of their speeches on February 1st. Wisner works for corporate law firm Patton Boggs, which boasts of its connections to Egypt’s top corporations. The choice of Wisner was no accident – especially as Mubarak’s dictatorship has served first and foremost over his decades in power to impose austerity demanded by Western corporations and banks and the IMF and World Bank.

(see details at ment-and-leading-commercial-families-in-egypt/ )

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  1. I have always had vast respect for the people and country of Egypt. This is diminishing by the minute.

    It is a sad day to see that the these respectable people are starting to behave like the rest of the barbarians of africa that believe that mob mentallity and mass action is the way to run a country.

    Egypt has been civilized for centuries and now the want to act like hooligans.

    The military must maintain law and order untill the country can move over to a new era in September. IF anyone steps out of line they should shoot them.

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