Heavenly Signs: The Soul of Our Sun

Aerial view of the Wurdi Youang stone arrangement, also known as the Mount Rothwell siteHeavenly Signs: The Soul of Our Sun

By Hwaa Irfan

As we move in and out of each other, unaware of the connectedness of all things, and go about our daily lives as if we are in full control, the sun has been busy outside of our observations beyond the solar eclipse, the pleasant feeling of its rays on a cold miserable day, and the scorn we direct towards it when the weather gets too for our comfort.

In mid-January 2011, there were repeated explosions that spurted coronal mass ejections into space, causing aftershocks within the sun’s atmosphere. And a double eruption that produced a very strong solar flare with blossoming plasma clouds on January 27th. On the 3rd February, there was a geomagnetic storm, and the 4th February a solar wind passed through Earth.

Can you imagine that the sun we all see is just an illusion, just as when we see each other, or are attracted to another’s physical appearance that what we see does not tell us anything of real substance about what we see. The sun in fact has no surface, and that the gases hide from eyes the sun’s inner core. Like the veil of Islam, the veil of gases of the sun  helps it to work as it must.

Solar activity increased sharply over the weekend of 13th Feb. 2011 when the strongest solar flare of 2011 so far was unleashed.  The blast produced a strong burst of radio waves with extreme ultraviolet radiation caught the attention of shortwave receivers around the dayside of our planet, and it appears to have hurled a faint coronal mass ejection towards the Earth.  NASA expects the cloud to hit Earth’s magnetic field around Feb. 15th 2011.

In astrological terms the sun represents our ascendant – what we should become – our higher selves, and the moon is how we relate to the world. The symbol of the sun is ʘ. Just as the sun has different activities, so does man.  However, unlike the sun, man has learnt to enslave himself in many things material, and had given far too much in terms of beliefs, and appearances to the State. The sun representing the soul of the earth expresses itself through its surface layer the corona, all which energy is released into space, and that energy created from a process of natural reaction fission, can be likened to our souls, which we have kept locked up and confined having not found or fearing to express outwardly.  The negative aspects of this are represented by arrogance, cruelty, conceit, and aggression, the way in which the State in obvious, and not so obvious ways expresses its relationship with us, and in turn us with others. However, if we were to exercise, train, and express our souls, the positive aspects would represent creativity, vitality, leadership, confidence, and generosity. What a difference we could make to our own lives, and the lives of others if we could express these positive traits, because when the sun releases its energy into space, its stability is maintained!

The majesty of God’s work would not be appreciated by astronauts, for coronal mass ejections cause the kind of aftershocks that damage their electronic equipment when they are outside the protective earth’s magnetic field. How much do we really know about ourselves to be able to project who we really are, and yet to find within the means to be stable in that understanding.  When we are at dis-ease, we are more vulnerable to negative elements. Ukrainian scientist, I Zakharov et al of the Karasin Kharkiv National University found that during the sun’s geomagnetic storms that those with mental and physical traumas were worse during the recovery phase of geomagnetic storms followed by inhibition in the central nervous system.

There is an average of one Solar flare a week, and each flare has been observed to last from seconds to hours. The gases affected by solar flares heat to 10s of millions of degrees Kelvin, and speed up proton and electrons towards our Earth entering our ionosphere producing those beautiful auroras we like to observe. However, solar flares also impact upon our communication systems. As explosions of energy leap from the sun, its magnetic force can change the Earth’s ability to protect itself, affect shortwave radio communication through a process of ionization using its X-rays, gamma rays and magnetic force. This may sound threatening, but new technology can do, and do greater harm.

Mapping the Sun

“This can’t be done by guesswork, it required very careful measurements. If it goes back, let’s say, 10,000 years, that predates the Egyptians, the Pyramids, Stonehenge, all that stuff.”

So said astro-physicist Professor Ray Norris in reference to the indigenous Australian sundial discovered on what is now a farm 80 km outside of Melbourne in Mount Rothwell.  The Wurdi Youang has two points in alignment with the setting sun on midsummer’s day. Yet the Solar Calendar used in the West as a result of Julius Caesar’s visit to Egypt, was more accurate  than the Lunar Calendar used by Rome.


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