Egyptian Armed Forces Have Taken Power

Egyptian Armed Forces Have Taken Power

At the time of posting this on Feb. 11 2011, the Armed Forces had taken power on the Day of Departure of President Mubarak after his speech of Feb. 10 2011 enraged protestors further who massed today in the biggest demonstration to date. Former President Mubarak has now left Cairo.


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Ahmed Eleiba , Thursday 10 Feb 2011

A field army commander tells Ahram Online the just released communique of the Supreme Armed Forces Council means the army has seized power, for an interim period

The just released Communique #1 of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, announcing that the Council will remain in an open-ended session, in order to safeguard “the people’s achievements and demands”, is being interpreted widely as indicating that the Egyptian army has effectively seized political power in the country. A senior field commander gave Ahram Online’s correspondent in Tahrir Square  his own interpretation of the statement. According to the senior army officer who preferred anonymity, the Supreme Council is about to announce, in statement #2, that it has taken over authority in the country, for an interim period, the duration of which is to be determined later.

Asked about what such a step might mean for the president, the vice-president and the prime minister, the armed forces commander said “these are people who have no power over the of the armed forces.”


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