How Comes/Ezzay!

How Comes/Ezzay!

A flash back comes to mind on a 6th October route of a youth on a microbus sitting right at the back holding his MP3 player as if, if he was to let go his life would fade away. Huddled over every sound that was coming out, it eventually became audible that he was listening to Mohammed Mounir.

Many songs have burst forth as a result of the January 25th Egyptian revolution 2011, and some have very little to say. Perhaps the most popular song is by Mohammed Mounir known as the “Voice of Egypt” a Nubi who is very prolific when in interview. His song called “Ezzay,” which means “How come?” compares Egypt to a lover in the song.

‘I love you, and I know you love me, too, but you have to appreciate what I’m doing for you. I will keep changing you until you love me as I love you,’ “

Mounir’s song was not played on Egyptian state radio, but the video is online, and has finally been played on State T.V. because whether they like it or not it is not only one of the soundz (rock) of Cairo youth, but also the lyrical voice.

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