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Sinai Bedouin and The Revolution – Video Statement

Egypt: Sinai Bedouin and The Revolution – Video Statement

Statement by representatives of the majority of the tribes of North and South Sinai, regarding the Egyptian Revolution. They support the revolution and pledge to protect the eastern borders of Egypt. The Bedouin representatives consisted of around 350 mainly young Bedouin men from different tribes and met at Wadi Watir near the city of Nuweiba in South Sinai. They have elected a delegation to represent them in any negotiations with the government.

The tribes gathered together in the support of the downfall of the corrupt system, and conveyed respect for those who started the Revolution. They are aware of the martyrs who died in Tahrir Square, and will continue to protect the borders as thy have always done.

On the 11th and 15th of Feb. 2011, the tribes gathered at Nuweiba in support of the Revolution and calling for their men to join the Revolution 18th Feb 2011. For 45 years some of their central points have been taken under the wings of the corrupt system. Their sons have been imprisoned without any justification. Their real needs include the following:

  • A return to all that had been agreed on in previous times
  • The trial for their dead of whom 230 have been shot by the police
  • Relevant compensation for their dead
  • Te release of their captives held in prisons
  • Asking for the same rights as the perpetrators of violence in the protests i.e. military trial
  • End to the mechanism that has taken their lands that’s has been theirs for thousands of years

Long Live the Revolution!

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