Wisconsin Police Join the Mass Protest

Wisconsin Police Join the Mass Protest

A leaf out of the textbook of the Egyptian Lotus Revolution…

From the people>>>


Protesters Inside Wisconsin Capitol Need Your Support. The government will start punitive and restrictive measures.

The Wisconsin Finance Committee Announces Plans to Eject Protesters this Sunday at 4 P.M.
Tell Gov. Walker, the Wisconsin Legislature and the Obama administration:

For 12 straight days peaceful protesters: high school and college students, families with children, workers from all of the unions including teachers, state workers, nurses and firefighters have continued a 24 hour presence at the Capitol.

The presence of the people inside is the only way to insure that the politicians and the bought and paid for Governor Walker heed the democratic will of the people.

The Capitol belongs to the people! We built it: we paid for it.

On Friday night, police were ordered to lock doors at 9 P.M. and to restrict people from bringing in bedrolls, blankets and air mattresses to make it more difficult for people to maintain their 24 hour people’s lobby.

Prior to this, loudspeaker systems boomed all night long forcing people including the police to wear ear plugs.

None of this has daunted the spirit of those who are participating in the occupation.

But they need your support.

Many inside are prepared to go to jail if need be.

SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION AT http://www.bailoutpeople.org/wisconsinworkerspetition.shtml

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