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March for the Alternative Turned Nasty

March for the Alternative Turned Nasty

There is a general feeling that the sudden clamp down on protesting in the Middle East and North Africa comes with the support of the international elite. To first raise the spirits of the masses, then to silence them is a not merely a reaction, but a delioberate response to a situation by those who never thought in the long term what they were ctually being asked to do. This suspicion comes in light of the general intimidation of protestors at all G20 Summits, and the media clmapdown that follows any sizeabe protests that take placee in the West.  On the 26th March 2011, nearly half a million people took to the streets of London to protest against the government anti-prosterity measures – it was a peaceful protest.As night fell that day, Trafalgar Square became a site of conflict between demonstrators and the police. There is a reason why the U.S. and aliies allowed for the initial protests in Tunisia and Egypt to take place, hyporcritical in light of the recent protests in Wisconsin, U.S., and London, U.K.

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The truth behind the battle of Trafalgar Square March 26th 2011
Published March 27th 2011

By Christopher Ram 55T alternative media blogger

This is a accurate account of what really happened yesterday in Trafalgar Square by eyewitness accounts by myself and other people that were in the protest. You got a untrue account of the protesters by the mainstream media labelling them as anarchists, drunk yobs and violent troublemakers without substantial proof whatsoever. They show the innocent protesters throwing things at the police as they have been heavily provoked by the police which was never mentioned by the mainstream media. The anarchists that caused the damage of the buildings earlier in the afternoon passed through Trafalgar square about 2 hours ago without stopping at the national gallery side of Trafalgar square.

From the start and till before the storming by the riot police it was all peaceful and in good nature. However about 10-15 minutes before breaking news from Sky news and BBC news, a 80 year old pensioner gets punched in the face by a police officer near the Olympic countdown clock which was never mentioned by the mainstream media, then all of a sudden lots of police officers and riot police came from the left hand side of the national gallery side stormed towards the protesters and started to kettle them from all sides provoking reactions from the innocent 80 year old men getting punched and the protesters getting kettled and stormed by the riot police. Its worth mentioning that the whole of Trafalgar Square and part of Charing Cross Road which includes the main Station itself were occupied by riot police by all sides was in complete lockdown.

The remaining few hundred innocent protesters that were trapped in the kettle got arrested for alleged breach of the peace and mostly got released at various Police stations at different parts of London and they had to make there own way back . This was clearly illegal kidnapping and not mentioned by the mainstream media for the lack evidence against these protesters just for being in Trafalgar Square. Reports of police provoking violence occurred earlier in the afternoon it started when a women got punched in the head three times and another person was put in a headlock, Some officers were openly provoking violence. There were no anarchists around them, They just wanted to walk down the side street. Also the police try to attempt a illegal kidnapping of Charlie Veitch and other members of his group called the love police for standing peacefully outside Downing Street.UK uncut members in Tunbridge Wells caught Sky news journalists paying activists to throw bricks at the window. Plain cloth police officers were shown at the protests showing there police ID at the police officer was shown.

In conclusion the police state was in operation at Trafalgar Square/ Charing Cross area to flex there cowardly muscles for no reason and it was completely staged and provoked by them for no reason. The police were targeting and arresting innocent protesters and not confronting the anarchists that were smashing windows and causing damage to property in the afternoon which was shown in the mainstream media. Trafalgar Square/ Charing Cross for a few hours was in complete police state lockdown for no reason and the lies from the mainstream media that were trouble makers, drunken yobs and anarchists in Trafalgar square were completely untrue as they only passed through Trafalgar square without stopping. People need to be aware of what really happened in the Trafalgar Square/Charing cross and the attempted Downing Street kidnapping of Charlie Veitch and company. Please spread this article to everyone you know to found out the truth what happened in Trafalgar Square to counter the psy ops by the mainstream media to discrediting hundreds of innocent protesters being arrested just for being trapped in the kettle as they need to justify the massive costs of the riot police by arresting lots of innocent people in the process. They are so scared of Trafalgar Square being turned into Tahir Square and will do anything to get rid of them by both the mainstream media and police.

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The War Against Libya in Historical Perspective

The War Against Libya in Historical Perspective

From the Berlin Conference of 1884 to the London Conference of 2011

From: Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition

March 30, 2011 – The leaders of 14 capitalist powers in Europe plus the United States met for a conference in Berlin 126 years ago to decide how all of Africa’s land and vast resources would be divided as colonies and zones of control among themselves. No Africans were invited to the conference.

The 1884 Conference of Berlin, more than any other single event, became emblematic of the dynamic transformation of capitalism into a system of global imperialism.

By 1902, 90 percent of Africa’s territory was under European control. African self-governance was wiped off the map in most of the continent. Only Ethiopia remained an independent state. Liberia was technically independent too, but it was in fact under the control of the United States.

The so-called “Scramble for Africa” by Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, the United States and the other capitalist powers was essential for the growth and enrichment of the modern-day capitalist class, which included the owners of the biggest banks, syndicates and monopolies.

Africa was plundered and looted and, as a result, the western capitalists entered the 20th century with the largest fortunes in the history of the human race.

The ‘Scramble for Africa’ continues…

One cannot help but think about the Berlin Conference of 1884 when analyzing the London Conference of 2011 that took place on March 29. It was convened by the same imperialist governments that took part in the 1884 meeting. Africans were invited this time, but the African Union refused to attend. Almost all African nations were absent. Only Tunisia and Morocco sent representatives.

Although China, Russia, India and Pakistan decided not to attend the London Conference on Libya, the Washington Post’s front page headline reads, “World leaders indicate military campaign will continue until his [Gadaffi] ouster.” The Post suggests that “leaders” of the world met together and decided to keep bombing the country until they crush the current government and replace it with one that they find acceptable to imperialism.

It is hard to beat that for imperial arrogance. The great thinkers at the Washington Post declare who the “world leaders” are, even though most of Africa, China, Russia and India are absent and, in fact, oppose the brutal bombing of Libya that is designed to eliminate its sovereignty.

So as to avoid the impression that we are making an exact analogy between the Berlin Conference of 1884 and the one that took place on March 29, it is worth recognizing that some things have changed since 1884.

The imperialists who met in Berlin, for instance, did not have to waste any time pretending to care about the human rights of Africans or democracy in Africa. The bankers and corporate tycoons in the 19th century could speak bluntly about their “vital interests” as nothing other than naked colonial ambitions to loot Africa’s territories, resources and labor. They did not have too much concern about “public opinion” back in 1884.

That is a definite difference. Public proclamations by imperialist governments today have to pledge that they have no imperial or material incentive when they invade, bomb and occupy countries, and that their motives are pure – saving lives and promoting freedom. In the case of Libya, they are moved by the need “to protect civilian lives.”

Another primary difference is the emergence of neocolonialism as a replacement for the old colonialism. The anti-colonial uprisings in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s of the peoples of Africa, Asia and the Middle East coincided with the weakening of Britain, France and the rest of European capitalist powers as a consequence of the destruction wrought from World War II. While the imperialist powers tried to suppress the anti-colonial movements, those resisting colonialism received material support from the USSR, China, North Korea, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and later Cuba. Formal independence was achieved by the former colonies.

‘Vital interests’ in Libya

Libya had been a colony of Italy and was occupied by British and French forces in 1942. The United Nations declared Libya to be an independent country in 1951 under the leadership of a hereditary monarch. The monarchy was overthrow by a military coup, led by Gadaffi, in 1969.

Libya has Africa’s largest oil reserves. It is also part of the oil-rich Middle East, which U.S. imperialism considers to be a pivotal region that requires the exercise of colonial-type control. That is what Secretary of Defense Robert Gates means when he repeats every few hours on television that Libya is being bombed because the region represents a “vital interest” of the United States.

The London Conference is under the domination of the imperialists and former colonial powers. They want to install a puppet government in Tripoli or, as an alternative, partition the country and create client or puppet government that would rule over Benghazi and the oil-rich eastern territory of Libya. The new military leader of Libya’s rebel forces just arrived in Benghazi after having spent the past two decades in suburban Virginia, according to a March 26 McClatchy Newspapers report.

The United States, Britain and France have spent over $600 million dropping bombs and missiles on Libya in just the past week. But they do not expect, if victorious, to necessarily become the colonial power on the ground. The exercise of their control would likely take a different form.

Neocolonialism: Old masters, new methods…

Classic colonialism featured the acquisition by the colonial entity of the formal state power, and with it the formal and legal administrative and military obligations that belong to government. The indigenous population provides personnel, administrators, bureaucrats and soldiers under the command of the hierarchal authority of the colonizers.

Classic colonialism also featured the complete control and direction of the indigenous economy by the colonizing entity for the purpose of acquiring natural resources, cheap labor and access to markets for the industrial and commercial capitalist interests of the colonizer. This characteristic is equally present in both classic colonialism and neocolonialism.

Kwame Nkrumah, the first president and prime minister of Ghana, and a leader of the Pan-African movement, described the features of what he called neocolonialism:

“The essence of neocolonialism is that the State which is subject to it is, in theory, independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. In reality its economic system and thus its political policy is directed from outside.”

Nkrumah prophetically described the many variants of the new colonialism, but placed the primacy of economic penetration as the “normal” and central method whereby the old colonial powers retain control over the former colonies.

“The methods and form of this direction can take various shapes. For example, in an extreme case the troops of the imperial power may garrison the territory of the neo-colonial State and control the government of it. More often, however, neo-colonialist control is exercised through economic or monetary means.”

Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown in a CIA-backed military coup in 1965 while he was on a state visit to China and North Vietnam. Nkrumah was a Marxist and a Pan-Africanist. A founder of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), Nkrumah was the recipient in 1963 of the Lenin Peace Prize, the Soviet Union’s version of the Nobel Peace Prize. When he was ousted by a CIA-backed military coup, all of the imperialist governments of the west were jubilant. So much for their embrace of democracy…

The bombing war against Libya today should be condemned without hesitation by all progressive people. This is a rich man’s war. The global imperialist order that took shape in the 1880s and continues today is the greatest violator of human rights everywhere and the U.S. government is, in the salient words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”

ANSWER Coalition National Headquarters – 202-265-1948 –

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Teachers Being Jailed in Honduras

Teachers Being Jailed in Honduras

From: Honduras Solidarity Network


Urgent Appeal: Day of Action for Honduras – March 30th

  • “One Teacher Dead – Twenty teachers jailed for “sedition” and ‘illicit protests’. Teachers threatened with mass firings for their national strike against the repression and attacks.”
  • “Journalists attacked by police – Cameraman in hospital after police deliberately fire tear gas bomb at his face”
  • “Massive use of tear gas and beatings send teachers, students, and bystanders, including small children to the hospital”

This is the news from Honduras after a week of protests against the Lobo regime’s human rights violations, attacks against the unions, and plans to privatize education and public services. The army and police have forcibly occupied the National University and repeatedly assaulted the offices of the teachers’ unions. Peaceful protest marches have been violently attacked; many hundreds of tear gas bombs have been fired; one teacher has been killed in the protests, and many persons detained.  At the same time the harassment and paramilitary threats against the peasant and indigenous communities in the countryside continue unchecked and with total impunity.

U.S. Government spends millions to support repression

While almost every day Human Rights organizations issue urgent alerts for Honduras, the U.S. government
 is moving forward with its plans to “normalize” Honduras’ position in the international community and is trying to get Honduras reinstated in the Organization of American States (OAS); it was expelled after the military coup in June 2009. Furthermore, the U.S. has scheduled millions of dollars in aid to the illegitimate regime of Porfirio Lobo: $1.7 million dollars in direct aid to the military and an estimated $4.6 million in aid to the police and other security forces.

Since Lobo took power in January 2010, through elections that were not recognized by most international human rights groups and observers organizations such as the Carter Centre, there have been as many as 36 political murders, according to the Centre for Constitutional Rights, these murders include teachers, peasants, members of anti-coup resistance groups and 8 journalists.

Join us on March 30th – SAY NO!

–        To the repression and human rights violations.

–        To U.S. military, economic and political aide to Honduras.

–        Stand in solidarity with the March 30th civic strike called by the resistance organizations, unions, and student groups in Honduras.

* Call and email:

Congressional Representatives and Senators (202-224-3121)

Department of State (Honduras Desk: 202-647-3482 202-647)


The White House (202-456-1111)

Tell them of your concern for the human rights crises in Honduras and your demand to cut off aid to the Lobo regime and end efforts to reinstate Honduras in the OAS.


And SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION – Tell the Obama Administration, Congress, the U.N. and the media you demand an end to the repression in Honduras and that the recognition of the Porfirio Lobo government to be withdrawn…


  • Chuck Kaufman, Alliance for Global Justice, 202-544-9355, 202-544-9355


  • Vicki Cervantes, La Voz de los de Abajo   312-259-5042, 312-259-5042


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The Banquet of the Spirits Come to an End

The Banquet of the Spirits Come to an End

By Hwaa Irfan

‘Yãkwa’ they call it… we might not agree with it – believe it to be the superstitions of a primitive peoples, despite never having heard of it, it is the belief and the practice of a people, who also we might not heard of. We might be so busy with our questionable lives, but they the Enawene Nawe tribe of Brazil made a decision about theirs, and unlike us were happier until our world touched theirs bringing about a silent (to us) and a slow death of all that they understand to be.

For the Enawene Nawe of the Juruena River, all life is connected both the living and the dead, the Seen and the Unseen, and who are we to argue otherwise. In that understanding, they strive to do what we do not do to live in harmony with their world instead of dominating and destroying it. Referred to as the “moral economy of intimacy” by British anthropologist, Joanna Overing, this relationship with their environment prevents what is so prolific in the globalized world, abuse of power referred to as the “symbolic economy of alterity” by Brazilian anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. This world view continues to be attacked albeit at a slower rate than at the inception of the colonialistic Doctrine of Discovery. In recent times, attack on their lifestyle and culture began with cattle ranchers cutting down their forest for cattle pasture, threatening the Enawene Nawe if they insisted on building their wooden fish dams in their own terrain. The Enawene Nawe’s fate has been sealed by the recent decision by the Brazilian government to build an unbelievable 80 dams across the Juruena River.  This would not only destroy many indigenous cultures, but would also upset the nature of balance losing much of nature’s medicinal apothecary. Some of those dams are funded by Grupo André Maggi a multinational company one of the world’s largest soya producers.

The ‘Yãkwa’ rites represents for the Enawene Nawe the balance between them and nature, a balance which allows them to carry out the most basic of human needs, the right to eat. Given the continuous ridiculous level at which food prices continue to soar around the world today, many can recognize their anxiety at being able to eat. The ‘Yãkwa’ is not a one day/night ritual, but a seven month long ritual which pulls the community together in a collective approach to survival, an approach one hastens to add is so badly needed in the world in which we live. To the Enawene Nawe they live midst a bounty, a bounty of the natural world where everything grows without effort, and that effort must be respected. The human world is imperfect and thus subject to external threats both Seen and Unseen. From the world of the Unseen, humans battle for survival, and as such the means, i.e. food to survive.

The Last Rites

Ironically, the Brazilian Ministry of Culture had recognized the ‘Yãkwa’ as an intrinsic part of Brazilian culture – a heritage, but like President Obama’s ‘recognition’ of the indigenous peoples of North America, ‘recognition’ is just that. For the first time, the Enawene Nawe found themselves placed in a position whereby they could not practice the ‘Yãkwa’ rites because there were hardly any fish in the river. The same again happened last year in 2010 as a result of the dam building, as the Enawene Nawe faced a life threatening food shortage to the extent the construction company had to buy three kilos of farmed fish, not a lot so that the Enawene Nawe could eat.

January 2011 represents for them given the intent of the Brazilian government the last chance to practice this annual rite.

Like Hagrid’s 3-headed dog in Harry Potter, a flute is used to tame the ‘wild beast’, for they, the Enawene Nawe, have special flutes for ‘Yãkwa’, which are played over seven months to tame the lower spirits of nature that to them influence food production. By playing these flutes, they bring about a balance in the relation between them the Enawene Nawe, and the lower spirits of nature, and in so doing to be able to harvest from the river, and in return grow foods for the spirits of nature.

From January to June a process ensues which commences with the planting of corn and ends with the planting of manioc. Canoes will be built, fishing traps are made, and fishing expeditions will take place – this represents the first part of  ‘Yãkwa’.

In the second part (which lasts two months), the men will leave for the smaller waterways where they will build small dams to catch and roast fish. When the men return to the village, a small drama is carried out enacting a battle between humans and the Unseen forces. Then for four months, there is much exchange of food along with chants, and dances using  9 sets of ‘Yãkwa’ flutes. The Unseen has been tamed when the planting ends, ending the cycle of ‘Yãkwa’.

Will the Enawene Nawe be allowed to complete their 2011 rite of ‘Yãkwa’?

By preventing a people from being self sufficient in their natural resources, one is increasing poverty in the region,  dependence on the government for survival, increasing the number of people requiring food, housing employment, and welfare support, and instability due to compromise of general well-being, and the problems that arise from that. This is an added responsibility on a government that may care or not care for a people who ask little, and need little of which they can provide for themselves. All of this for a perception of the future built on dams, which will cause more instability than the dams can provide in real terms.

Write a letter to the Brazilian government


“Brazil: Amazon Tribe’s Unique Fishing Ritual Could Be Their Last.”

Wright, R. “Arawakan Flute Cults of Lowland South America: The Domestication of Predation and the Production of Agentivity.”

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The Earth Keepers

Earth Shift and Shift of the Ages

Partial Solar Eclipse Jan 04 2011

Earth Shift and Shift of the Ages

By Hwaa Irfan

Our eyes only tell us what is apparent to us, and what is apparent to them is what we see in our daily lives. Our perception of the earth that we stand on is shaped by pictures, and information, but at the end of the day we have no idea about the life of the earth beyond what it provides us, and when it reacts aggressively. We know according to the information that we have been given consciously, and subconsciously that the earth is round, and that it moves around the sun with the other planets; but we do not feel that movement, and so in our perception of reality it is still – we can walk, we can move, jump, and dig without worry, because we have always done that without seemingly to pay any ‘price’ for that.

If we are open and sensitive, we become aware of the earth as a living entity, with an identity, and a force that struggles to maintain a balance against the odds we present it with. If we are sensitive enough, we might have even felt that time is passing more quickly, and with that speed more anxiety and fear amongst those who do not know what is going on.

When we hear through the media that the axis of the earth has shifted because of the extremely powerful 9.00 (on the Richter scale) earthquake in Japan, we begin to panic, but in reality we have no idea of what that means. The actual reports from the experts like NASA, and other geospatial experts, actually state ‘probably’, or ‘maybe’, but the sensationalist reporting from other media convey it has a definite – maybe it is too early to tell, or they or not in a position to tell just yet one says having no idea how they measure if an object moves position in all that Space!

The thing is any powerful earthquake as well as other changes in the balance of nature e.g. the melting of the North Pole, has that ability, in theory at least! We do know that the largest Japanese island of Honshu where the city of Tokyo is moved 2.4 meters, because it is measureable! Being a tectonic earthquake, i.e. the continental plates on which we landmass builds up, in this case Pacific and North America plates rubbing shoulder-to-shoulder causing a shift in the earth. The same thing happened in 2004 with Chile and Indonesia that had a 9.1 earthquake unlike Haiti’s 7.0 on the Richter scale.

Instead what we do have is a theoretical calculation based on a model by research scientist Richard Gross of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which guestimates  a 17 centimeters, towards 133 degrees east longitude, based on the theory that anything that changes earth’s mass should shift earth’s axis, and shorten the length of days.

Shift of the Days

This should was applied in the case of Chile’s earthquake with a projected 1.26 microseconds, and a shift in the axis of the earth by a guestimate of 8 centimetres, and again in the case of Sumatra where it was guestimated that the length of a day should have been shortened by 6.8 microseconds with a shift in the earth’s axis of 7 centimetres – so how have we fared since then? The earth is still rotating, and for the living we are still walking, driving, jumping, digging, and bombing on it, for we are not aware that the earth is a living, breathing entity that has things to do. Has NASA research scientist Gross commented:

“Earth’s rotation changes all the time as a result of not only earthquakes, but also the much larger effects of changes in atmospheric winds and oceanic currents,”

“Over the course of a year, the length of the day increases and decreases by about a millisecond, or about 550 times larger than the change caused by the Japanese earthquake. The position of Earth’s figure axis also changes all the time, by about 1 meter (3.3 feet) over the course of a year, or about six times more than the change that should have been caused by the Japan quake.”

Polar – Human Shift

What comes to mind when we think of a polar flip? The increasing and more devastating natural disasters probably reinforce that first impression. We want everything to remain the same as we have always understood it despite that nothing bad lasts forever – yeah it was all a series of illusions that have not quite worked out, to say the least some good has to happen sooner or later. The reason why it was all bad is because we never really felt good about it, good to be alive, to feel in rhythm with life, and to honour all life including the life that we walk, drive, jump and bomb on! We were always in denial of the truth, and then when everything started to go wrong, we demanded to know the truth, a truth that has a bitter overtone.  By abstaining from life we consent to all the horrible things that have happened.

For some time now there has been talk about a polar flip, much of which was hush, hush and put down to New Ageists.  Now it quite evident that there is something going on when an airport closes temporarily to ‘upgrade’ its runways. It happened at London’s Stansted Airport in 2009, and so it was for Tampa International Airport, U.S in January 2011. The Federal Aviation Administration asked for the primary runway which was aligned 180 degrees from the north, and 360 degrees from the south to be changed on account of the magnetic North Pole being on the move again! The magnetic North Pole has been resident in north Canada for two centuries, and is presently relocating to Russia. It began processing its unofficial migration papers in 1904, and has been picking up speed over the past 10 years – and Aristide did not take so long!

One wonders if with all these shifts, if this is not the reason (or HAARP) why governments remain ‘mum’ over the mass deaths of sea and air animals which still continues to happen around the world maybe because their navigational skills have been thrown out of sync — just a thought!

We are reminded of the magnetic North Pole everytime we use a compass. The earth’s EMF grid as indicated on the Muslim map of Piri Re’is 1513 is created by the flow of molten iron inside the earth’s core. Formed by the earth’s ionized outer core which moves faster than the earth’s surface, the earth’s magnetic field serves to protect us from electromagnetic solar storms, . The pattern of earth’s rotation normally aligns with earth’s axis hence forming the magnetic South and North Pole. Occasionally, this magnetic dipole moves or disappears altogether leaving a complicated magnetic field with many poles. It is free to wander under God’s Laws of Nature, moving approximately as much as 40km annually northward each day after only proceeding at 10km annually last century. The worry is though that our protective magnetic field has weakened 10% since the 19th century, but ‘experts’ say that is nothing to worry about because it weakens and strengthens all the time. But if the purpose is to protect us from solar electromagnetic storms, which have been getting stronger, it is an awkward time to be weak!

Scientist Gauthier Hulot of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris using data from the Orsted satellite found that a magnetic area beneath the southern tip of South Africa points towards the center of the earth. This is opposite to the rest of the earth that points towards the Southern Hemisphere. Another such area has also been found near the North Pole. Both areas account for the decrease in the earth’s magnetic field by 10%. At the same time the earth is passing through a Photon Belt and the earth’s rotation is slowing while the earth’s frequency is increasing.

Accumulative evidence that has become observable indicates that we might be in line for such a flip. The only records that go back far enough to inform us as to any previous flips are geologically embedded, with the last flip occurring 780,000 years ago. The earth’s frequency has been 7.8 cycles per second for years. Military global communications developed on this frequency. However, reports show the current frequency at 11 cycles as indicated in the data from Norwegian and Russian researchers. Greg Braden predicts that when the earth stops rotating the resonant frequency will be 13 cycles – zero point magnetic field before rotating in the opposite direction. Other than that, not much can be said scientifically speaking.

While all of this is going on, we must remember that we too as humans are a ball of energy, electromagnetic energy to be precise.

“I think there is clearly something powerful about the human energy field and it’s interaction with the energy in the world – electromagnetic, biochemical, and the energy we get from other people and plants and animals” commented Dr. June Murray of the Saston Center, U.S.

It has been noted that solar and geomagnetic activity, as in weather systems affect changes in blood pressure and blood composition. Changes in human behavior occur during high or low solar activity and geomagnetic storms that have become increasingly frequent. Solar and lunar effects have also been seen to influence patterns of civil behavior. If, and it is a big IF the animals dying on mass are dying because of the earth changes taking place, might it be not that we too, on a much more subtle level are affected too by these changes!?  Time will tell if these changes will be good for us, or if we will learn from it and rise above the entrenched patterns of behavior that deny ourselves the full meaning of life, and those who suffer as a result of that denial.


Buis, A. “Japan Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days, Moved Axis.”

Calvin, J. :USGS: Earthquake in Japan Moves Honshu Island 2.4 Meters.”

Edwards, L. “Tampa Airport Runways Renumbered Due to Magnetic North Movement.”

Graham, Sarah. “Satellites Spy Changes to Earth’s Magnetic Field.”

Our Planet’s Magnetic Field is in a Constant State of Change, Say Researchers Who are Beginning to Understand How it Behaves and Why.”

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A Solar Radio Storm Going On…

A Solar Radio Storm

There has been a sustained solar radio storm at 180 MHz over the past few days. It consists of Type I radio bursts and sounds like ocean surf. A profusion of emerging sunspots has kicked off a days-long radio storm on the sun.  VHF receivers on Earth are picking up loud bursts that sound like waves crashing on a beach.  This ongoing event continues a recent trend of increasing activity as Solar Cycle 24 heats up.

Radio emissions like these are caused by plasma instabilities in the sun’s atmosphere above sunspots. With the sun becoming ‘radio-active,’ it’s no coincidence that sunspots are emerging in abundance.

Check out


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There has been a sustained solar radio storm at 180 MHz over the past few days. It consists of Type I radio bursts and sounds like ocean surf. A profusion of emerging sunspots has kicked off a days-long radio storm on the sun.  VHF receivers on Earth are picking up loud bursts that sound like waves crashing on a beach.  This ongoing event continues a recent trend of increasing activity as Solar Cycle 24 heats up. 

Radio emissions like these are caused by plasma instabilities in the sun's atmosphere above sunspots. With the sun becoming 'radio-active,' it's no coincidence that sunspots are emerging in abundance.

Check out for audio and images of the instigating sunspots.

Allah’s Medicine Chest: Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Allah’s Medicine Chest: Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

By Hwaa Irfan

With a strong aromatic taste and aroma liken to celery, the geometric rhomboid seeds of the Fenugreek are rich in dietary fibre, phosphates and absorbable iron. The fresh leaves are used by Indians as tasty spinach, which can also be dried to be used as a flavoring. On a therapeutic level the seeds have been traditionally used for a variety of uses including arthritis, lactation in nursing mothers, sinus problems, and excess mucus for example. Fenugreek seeds have a long medicinal and culinary history in the Middle East, amongst the Egyptians, and in Rome and Greece.

As a member of the plant family kingdom of Leguminosae, it’s Latin name, Foenum-graecum means “Greek Hay” as fenugreek was used to improve low grade hay. Known in English as fenugreek/Bird’s foot, and helbah in Arabic, methi in Urdu, abish in Aramaic, Allibre in Basque, Wuh louh ba/ hú lú bā in Chinese, and Semen Foenugraeci in pharmaceutics, Trigonella foenum-graecum is an annual plant native to the Mediterranean, and has become naturalized in Africa, India, and South Europe.  Growing up to 2 feet, the simple stems bears trifoliate leaves, which are oblong in shape. The light yellow flowers are solitary. The rhomboid shaped seeds number up to 20 inside sickle shaped pods appearing brownish-yellow on the outside, but on the inside they are yellow. With a groove down the centre of each side, the seeds appear like two uneven lobes.

Commercial cultivation of the seeds today is prominent in Africa, Asia, France and Germany. One can find many product derivatives on the market today not least of all powdered fenugreek. However, the problem with powdered fenugreek in places like the U.S., for example is that it can be found to be adulterated with starchy material, probably to make the it look more bulky, but fenugreek itself has no starch!

Chemical Properties

  • 4-hydroxyisoleucine (free amino acid)
  • Aspartate
  • α-cadinol
  • α-bisabolol
  • Alanine
  • Apigenin (flavanoids)
  • Arginine (free amino acid)
  • Cadinene
  • Cysteine
  • Carpaine
  • Choline (alkaloid)
  • Histidine (free amino acid)
  • Isovitexin (flavanoid)
  • Isoleucine
  • Lecithin (phosphate)
  • Leucine
  • Luteolin (flavanoid)
  • Lysine (free amino acid)
  • Gentianine
  • Glutamate
  • Glycine
  • Methionine
  • Nucleoalbumin (phosphate)
  • Orientin (flavanoid)
  • Proline
  • Pyrazines (toasted seeds)
  • Quercetin (flavanoid)
  • Serine
  • Threonine
  • Trigonelline (alkaloid)
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine
  • Vitexin (flavanoid)
  • γ-eudesmol

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) is reported to have said that if people knew the benefits of fenugreek they would treat it like gold. Given the long list of identified bioactive compounds Prophet Muhammed (SAW) hit the nail on its head!

With the growing arena of patenting life forms in the pharmaceutical industry a 2002 claim (patent  application # 20040009247) was made in the U.S. on bioactive compound 4-hydroxyisoleucine and others ability to “facilitating and supporting the metabolism and transport of glucose and carbohydrates into muscle cells” The claimant noted 4-hydroxyisoleucine’s ability to stimulate the production of insulin under specified conditions, useful in the treatment of hyperglycemia, glucosuria and hyperlipidemia.

The alkaloid, Trigonelline reduces inflammation in cases or urinary tract infection.

The many therapeutic qualities include:

  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Demulcent
  • Emmenagogue
  • Galactogogue
  • Hypoglycemic
  • Pectoral
  • Secretolytic/Mucolytic
  • Stomachic
  • Spasmolytic

For glossary see It All Makes Good Scents!

Rich in phytoestrogens, Fenugreek seeds have proven the test of time in both folk and traditional medicines as a galactogogue, i.e. increasing milk flow in nursing mothers. Science has identified the key bioactive compound as diosgenin given that there are some similarities between phytoestrogens and the female sex hormone estrogen.

A double-blind study gave either 500mg of fenugreek seed husk extract/placebo twice a day to 88 menopausal women. All of the women were suffering moderate to severe discomfort and were experiencing 3-5 hot flashes a day. The women who took the fenugreek had significantly  greater improvement on the Greene Climacteric Scale. The women who got the placebo had little improvement: from 34.25 at the beginning of the study to 30.49 at the end; the women who got the fenugreek had significantly greater improvement: from 34.83 to 19.64. Hot flashes decreased by 47.8% on fenugreek, and 32% of the women who took fenugreek had no hot flashes at all. There was also significant improvement in night sweats (57.1%), insomnia (75%) and headaches (53.9%) compared to placebo. Vaginal dryness improved significantly more in the fenugreek group.

Fenugreek was also superior to placebo for psychological symptoms. Mood swings improved by a significant 68.2%. Depression, anxiety and loss of sexual desire all improved significantly more on fenugreek. Compared to placebo, there was also a significant improvement in quality of life in the fenugreek group. The women who took fenugreek experienced improvements in physical and mental fatigue, concentration and interest in daily work as well as overall health, mental health and well-being.

The fenugreek also reduced total cholesterol, the dangerous LDL cholesterol and triglycerides without lowering the heart healthy HDL cholesterol in women who had elevated cholesterol.

In the fenugreek group, estradiol increased by 120% versus less than 5% in the placebo group. The researchers say that the increase in estrogen and the improvement in menopause symptoms “point towards the establishment of a healthy hormonal balance.” There was no toxicity and no adverse events in the fenugreek group (Phytother Res 2016;doi:10.1002/ptr.5680).

Another hormonal problem fenugreek helps is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Women with PCOS suffer from 2 of elevated male hormones, infrequent or lack of periods and enlarged ovaries with lots of small cysts. 50 women with PCOS took 500mg of fenugreek seed extract twice a day for 3 months. The fenugreek seed extract significantly increased both luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. At the end of the study, fenugreek had brought about a nonsignificant reduction in volume in the left ovary and a significant reduction in the right ovary. By the end of the study, 71% of women had regular menstrual cycles. 12% became pregnant during the study: an important improvement, since PCOS is the most common cause of ovulatory infertility. Fenugreek reduced cyst size in 46% of the women. 36% completely shrunk their cysts. Overall, 94% of women experienced improvement either from shrinking or eliminating their cysts, returning to regular menstrual cycle or becoming pregnant (Int J Med Sci 2015;12:825-31).

In Ayurvedic medicine, fenugreek is suggested for those living in cold climates, and for those whose extremities are always cold as fenugreek seeds are warming to the body. In this cases, it is recommended that the fenugreek should be fresh or dried. In Ayurvedic medicine , besides the promotion of milk, the seeds are also used to promote menses where there is delay, noting that diosgenin also helps to reduce menopausal symptoms, and to reduce the risk of colon cancer. It is also recommended for those who suffer general debility, or who suffer from tuberculosis.

As discovered by the claimants who aimed to patent a fraction of fenugreek, Ayurvedic medicine also applies fenugreek in the application of cholesterol reduction, i.e. the bad cholesterol, LDL = low level density lipoprotein, and the effect is significant.

Number of studies have proven the efficacy of fenugreek seeds in controlling Type I and Type II diabetes as the galactomannan content, slows down the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the blood, as well as reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease with the support of 4-hydroxyisoleucine’s which induces insulin production.

In Chinese Traditional Medicine, fenugreek is suggested for kidney patients, as a diuretic promoting the flow of urine, and in both Ayurvedic and Chinese Traditional Medicines, it is recommended to induce labour. The high fiber content helps the digestive tract to function properly adding bulk to the stool.

The German Commission have found fenugreek seeds to contain secretolytic properties, which demonstrates the ability to rid the body of excess mucus, an important tool in upper respiratory tract infections. The reputable British Pharmacopoeia notes the demulcent qualities, i.e. soothing, and its hypoglycemic action, which is important in the attempt to lower high blood pressure, but must be avoided by those who have hypoglycemia, i.e. low sugar in blood which is a result of too much insulin or low food intake.

Scholars of Hadith recommend a decoction of fenugreek seeds for sore throats which falls in line with the findings of the German Commission which recommend fenugreek seeds for infections of the upper respiratory tract. It eases sore throats as an antiseptic including tonsillitis, and severe coughs. In the Punjab a decoction of fenugreek seeds makes a good remedy for dandruff, adding tone to the hair.

The rich soluable iron content is what is relied on in rural communities where hard work is frequent for the relief of fatigue,. As the iron is easily digested and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, one would recommend it for pregnant women in replace of the less digestible iron supplement if it was not for the fact that fenugreek seeds can also induce labor being a spasmolytic!

Nutritional Content


  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Saponins
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B₁
  • Vitamin C



Nowadays, fenugreek seeds can be bought in multitudinous of forms, from capsules, to extracts, as well as powders. If choosing a supplement over the actual seeds, be mindful that the actual herb/spice, fenugreek seeds is more beneficial than the supplement, which like all supplements are reduced versions of the original, and thus carry with them a list of potential side effects! If one is pregnant, or has epilepsy, diabetes, high level of bad cholesterol one should first discuss it with one’s doctor, especially if one is on a medication for any of those conditions, and one is considering the supplement. The herb/spice itself once bought should be stored void of moisture and light.

Appetite – In the Punjaba decoction of 5g of seeds to 1 pint increases the appetite in cases of anorexia.


Ears – A cup of fenugreek seed tea taken 3 x daily provides a good relief from Tinnitus – hypersensitivity to noise, due to the saponin content. A tea can be made by soaking 500g of fenugreek seeds in five ounces of cold water. After three hours (nothing good comes easily) the infusion can be drunk hot or cold.

Fevers – To reduce/prevent fevers, soak the seeds in water until they swell to form a thick consistency then apply as a poultice.


Gastrointestinal – A decoction of 1 ounce of seeds to 1 pint of water drunken, reduces internal inflammation of the stomach and intestines.


Hair – Added to shampoo, fenugreek seeds keeps dark hair dark.

SkinTo improve the condition of brown skin, in Ayurvedic medicine a paste from the seeds are made including chick peas, mustard oil, and turmeric, as the paste smoothes the skin, and gives it a glow. A poultice of the powdered seeds reduces inflammation where applied and helps to relieve skin irritation. A decoction of 1 ounce of seeds to 1 pint of water used as a poultice reduces abscesses, and boils.

Menses – A decoction of 1 ounce of seeds to 1 pint of water acts as an emmenagogue restoring balance to the menstrual cycle, and eases menopausal symptoms.


Pregnancy – In the Punjab a decoction of 5g of seeds to 1 pint increases the milk flow in nursing mothers.


Respiratory – A decoction of the tea reduces inflammation of the throat, eases breathing, and used as a wash the rectum and vagina, also reduced inflammation. The decoction can be made by using 1 ounce of seeds to 1 pint of water. In the Punjab a fine powder of fenugreek seeds is mixed with honey bees wax and used as a poultice to relieve chest pains, but is not a solution for angina or cardiac problems.

Urinary – A lukewarm decoction of the seeds increases the flow of urine, and 5g of seed to 1 pint of water as a decoction stems diarrhea.

In balance He gave us everything we needed, but as for what we want!


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The Ides of March: Libya, Another War By Deception?

The Ides of March: Libya, Another War By Deception?


From Alexandra


The invasion of Libya via the UN and the 2003 invasion of Iraq were both done on March 19, as with many other military conflicts, cited in the video, On March 2, 2007, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), described a memo he was shown, stating that the Bush Administration planned to take out

7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran, between 2007 and 2012.

General Wesley Clark is the former Commanding General of U.S. European Command, which included all American military activities in the 89 countries and territories of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Additionally, he was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR), which granted him overall command of NATO military forces in Europe 1997 – 2001.

Clark was awarded awarded a Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Purple Heart for his service in Vietnam, among numerous subsequent medals and citations. He graduated Valedictorian of his class at West Point.
Here is video taken by 24 French reporters from the frontlines in Libya:



On Saturday morning March 26, 2011, President Barack Obama said in his weekly address that, “We are now handing over control of the no-fly zone to our NATO allies and partners, including Arab partners like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.”



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