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Protestors Bear Witness to State Security Corruption

Protestors Outside State Security H Q in Medinet Nasr Mohamed Abd El-GhanyProtestors Bear Witness to State Security Corruption

While a Muslim and a Christian family lash out in a violent feud in the Cairo governorate of Helwan over an ill-desired relationship between a Muslim and a Christian, half the public universities remain closed, and pro-Mubarak supporters start entering and frightening the children. The Armed Forces have been stretched thin by overseeing the Constitutional amendment and the referendum set for March 19th , meeting with the Youth movement of January 25th Revolution, ushering in the demands of the people for a new interim government to replace the one presented by former President Hosni Mubarak, coping with the flood of refugees from the ill-fated  Libyan Day of Rage, providing for European diplomats (in the name of the U.S.), responding to flash points around the country, and secretly going in to Libyan borders, and probably trying to figure out how to respond to calls from certain sections of the population for increased presence of the dysfunctional security forces around the country, protestors around Cairo have been vigilant. They have to be… as not everybody feels as they do, that or believe it or not, some still prefer to remain in a state of denial about the realities that governed their country.

The 4th week after the official end of the protests (February 11th), has been a heated one governed by the behavior of a security force which consists of members who are corrupt, and reckless in their attitude towards the people. Their failed attempt at protesting for higher wages at a time when the needs of the country should take priority over personal needs earned or not, has probably led to an increase in irresponsibly behavior on the part of the insecure security forces. It has been a week in its infancy that witnessed the trial of the former Interior Minister, Habib –Al Adly, and the rumor that Susan Mubarak and son are back in town… To outsiders, it would appear that Egyptians have been on the rampage with no respect for the status quo, but from the inside, it has been a week that culminated in members of civil society taking responsibility for their respective communities, including their own form of policing. Marching ever forward figuratively speaking, the branches of security forces around Lower Egypt, have been descended upon by protestors.  The right to do so, is exampled by demonstrations at the upper middle class area of Medinet Nasr, called upon, who else, the Armed Forces to take over the building under the strong belief that important documents were being trashed.

That strong belief became a proven fact following the same act being carried out around the country at other state security branches. Protestors in Medinet Nasr on entering the 6-floored building in an attempt to save what documents they could saw evidence of bribery with relevant documentation pertaining to certain generals before the Armed Forces took control 2 hours later. One demonstrator reported that she saw shredded and burnt documents, and even had time to calculate the thousands that one general was being “bought” fortain to rigging of the last elections, and documents that pert! Protestors even captured 30 police officers trying to escape, and handed them over to the Armed Forces.

When the Egyptian Armed Forces started engaging with their public through Facebook and SMS messages via the nations Mobinil, and the Arab-owned Etisalat, apart from being amused, one can be sure that the Egyptian Armed Forces are taking the role seriously while Mubarak from the Mediterranean city of Sharm El-Sheikh is busy with his communicating with people in Cairo.


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