Time – Out of The Crazy Pace of Modern Life

Time – Out of The Crazy Pace of Modern Life

By Hwaa Irfan

With increasing evidence that the brain can only take so much bombardment from all the avenues of information that permeates the fast pace of living in the democratic city lifestyles, it is not surprising an increasing number of people are looking for a more sane life.

According to U.K. – based Plantforlife:

“…half (45%) of people in the city have dreamt of leaving their hectic lives behind to lead a more fulfilling (39%) sustainable (29%), and greener life (23%) in the country.”

  • 47% want a slower pace of life
  • 41% want more space to grow their own food
  • 56% crave a healthier outdoor life.

For those who have gone past the dreaming stage, and have taken courage to live their dream:

• 62% grow their own fruit and vegetables
• 42% collect and re-use rain water to water their plants
• 27% grow strawberries in hanging baskets
• 14% plant greenery up against their walls to increase insulation
• 10% grow dwarf root vegetables in hanging pots

What the total number is of the above percentages is not evident, but it shows that with all the state push and shove to squeeze the life out of people to perform at a level in society that is unsustainable in the long term when it comes to human resources, that this lifestyle is essentially inhuman in accumulative terms psychologically, and in health terms if one pursues living in a perpetual state of stress. This is all too familiar with those approaching retirement, looking forward to retirement in great anticipation, hence the reason for the protests in France in 2010 towards President Sarkozy’s increasing the age of retirement because the country could no longer afford to pay the pensions required, pensions that those approaching retirement had earned!

While most developed western countries have been pushing last year to increase the age of retirement, because of promises that they cannot fulfil due to the global economic crisis, and even beforehand, because of the decreasing workforce, the much disliked (by the West) people’s president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, lowered the age of retirement to 58, because he said:

“We are fulfilling a promise with the Bolivian people.”

Whether this commitment which takes effect 2011 is feasible, when a society has had not a holistic sustainable structure to implement those dreams is another question, but the intent recognizes the needs of a people who too should begin to think about life in a more holistic sustainable manner.


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