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Egypt: Bullying a Return to Normalcy

Egypt: Bullying a Return to Normalcy

The civility of those who have protested, and are still protesting for the revolution cannot be understated. Those who have supported them through strike actions, has also to be admired in order to bring about a change in the direction of the country that is for the common good of all citizens. They have acted with good intentions, and in doing so have permeated the air with hope for millions of Egyptians, brought a sense of community, and mutual responsibility, and have helped to remove the barriers that divided many sections of society. The feeling of having control over one’s own life cannot be understated, hence why depression and other forms of mental ill health has been on a phenomenal rise for the past 5 years in the democratic West for the root of all depression is the feeling of having no control over one’s life.

But now Egypt is being re-presented with the ugly face that ruled the country in a more evasive form for the past 30 years in very apparent terms. Those terms are the terms of the pro-Mubarak’s who have gone around bullying members of the public, frightening children in their schools, and physically beating protestors for voicing their opinions, opinions that are based on years of deprivation, and increased deprivation, pushed to the limit under a U.S. backed government that was making more and more difficult for the ordinary citizen to feed themselves, shelter themselves, and to receive a fairly decent education. This is the normalcy that those thugs want everyone to return to as they set upon the protestors in Tahrir (Liberation) Square, today, Wednesday 09th 2011.

Those thugs want to return to the addictive normalcy that favored them, and disfavored others, which had created a society of people who were becoming increasingly sickened by the suppressed feeling of having no control over their lives. Some of these thugs may have been present in the hacking and the destruction of the Coptic Church in the village of Sol, Helwan in Cairo. These thugs are doing as much possible to re-instill the old fears and the old divisions in order to bring about a counter revolution.

So addictive is their mentality that they do not have the ability to think and act without foreign interference, the kind of interference that supports the call for democracy when in reality the only democracy in the West is the right to be poor, the right to be an object of sexual pleasure (with or without one’s will), and the right to produce for the sake of the all-omnipotent state.  The same state that puts the survival of the banks over and above the survival of their citizens, the same state that is conspiring to use Egypt as a smoking gun to invade the area in order to reorganize the world’s natural resources for the interests of those states.

The arrogance of pro-Mubarak supporters, the lack of true purpose of those thugs, and the arrogance of representatives of foreign countries, countries which have fallen prey to their own policies and are struggling to survive, have the audacity to interfere, arm, coordinate with, and advise a country that has the ability, with time to define the nature and implementation of its own democracy, cannot be understated when some of their own citizens feel better off in Egypt psychologically at least than they do in their own Western countries. This arrogance permeates Western mainstream media, loath to refer to it as Revolution, and loath to believe that the ordinary person in the street has enough intelligence to know what is better for them, and under the misguided belief that they assisted in bringing about that Revolution. What has become apparent since, is the fact that European, U.S. and Israeli governments conspired to dethrone Mubarak, because as much as he was disliked, and as much as what he did was done with the same arrogance that Western governments have towards their own societies, Mubarak was working towards the interests of Egypt, and working less in favor of their own interests. This was his mistake, the mistake that all governments make that they act without the people accept when it come to election time.

As the U.S. did a media blackout on the 10,000+ protests in Wisconsin, and previous mass public protests, as it struggles to maintain an image with increasing poverty, and hunger, Egyptians should look to each other and not the ‘experts’ who have driven their own countries into a state of ruin, the kind of ruin that bears a striking resemblance to the one that the Egyptians have had enough of! The words of former U.S. president Henry Kissinger speaks profoundly in so few words of what is going on and that is:

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

All talk of democracy those in positions of power and influence is just that talk in order that our eyes may not see what they who are addicted to the period leading from the Industrial Revolution, are really proactive with. Like the pro-Mubarak’s, their supporting thugs, the thugs who don’t give a damn – mercenaries, and the opportunists on the side of the Muslims, and the Copts who by exploiting the situation are tearing the country apart. Be aware of those from within and without who only seek the limitations of their minds, and not the interest of all Egyptians, including the women who inspired the Revolution, The Bedouins whose rights have been ignored, and the Nubians who have always been pushed to the outskirts. Make no mistake that the dream that has been achieved since January 25th 2011, is the dream of many around the world, and make no mistake, that the devil is always in the details…

The Armed Forces are stretched to their limits, and what good relations have been established are fragile unless the Egyptian people take more responsibility for each other.

Sheikh Qaradawi asked for patience, for patience is what is needed during this time of transition, a transition that must involve the dissolving of old patterns of behavior, behaviors that cannot be put down to any government – the comradeship, and communal energy released since January 25th proved that is possible, with patience, diligence and compassion all is possible for the good of ALL Egyptians. Far too many remain in their homes out of fear because they listen to state television news, but the reality on the streets is one hope, with a little fear, due the counter-revolutionists, not knowing who to trust – this is the legacy of 30 years that must be broken in order to heal, and to live, and to love without conditions. Only those who hold this dream, can help those who do not, otherwise more lives will be lost, and not just physically. The Friday gathering in Tahrir Square should be used for this purpose, otherwise people will start believing that the dream is impossible, if not already…

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