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The People’s Democracy Stands Vindicated

The People’s Democracy Stands Vindicated

By Hwaa Irfan

To all those who have done their utmost to undermine the Egyptian January 25th Revolution, to eliminate the demonstrators, to bully and terrorize them, and to set Egyptian against Egyptian, and to ensure that former President Mubarak’s account is not frozen, and to involve external elements to prey on the people, the people who took their lives in their hands, and raised alarm

Despite the Armed Forces call for all documents found to be returned in the interest of national security, some individuals did go to the media, and at this point in time, what information was accurately conveyed to the media bells to the destruction of important documents by the security forces, to pro-Mubarak supporters, who have used the same machinery used for the past 30 years, to bring back to what it was before January 25th 2011, the youth movements of Egypt, and the older generations at all levels of society who have taken time to support the call for change needed, stand vindicated by the evidence that escaped destruction either by plan or by default.

Despite the Armed Forces call for all documents to be returned, it is necessary for the information to be relayed accurately to the media to rid the atmosphere of fear and suspicion of each other, and as many remain in a state of denial, or disbelief that in their names that the system had become totally corrupt.

According to the reputable Al Ahram Weekly (9 – 10 March issue), the following has been revealed from what documents were relayed to them:

The Copts

  • The New Years Eve bombing of a Coptic Church in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria in December 2011, bombing.
  • A detailed list of all churches throughout Egypt and the congregation members recruited by SSI.

It would not be surprising that the SSI are behind the recent destruction of a church in the village of Sol, as the villagers (both Muslims and Copts) raise they protest making it clear that the media is misrepresenting Muslim-Christian relations. They all swore would help the Armed Forces to rebuild that church.

Judicial System

  • A list of judges who allowed SSI to interfere in cases:

Said one memo:

“We have coordinated with the minister of justice and prosecutor-general ‘s office to ensure the case does not become public.”

  • Judges were categorized as: independent, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, loyal, and others. Only the “loyals” were allowed to participate in the supervision of the 2010 parliamentary elections.
  • One protester witnessed documents at the Medinet Nasr SSI headquarters, a center of torture a series of documents demonstrating a  bribe of one thousand Egyptian pounds each (total L.E. 5,000), of an SSI general.


  • All elections, from students, to parliamentary, and syndicates were monitored and interfered with. A 2005 meeting between the deputy chair of Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat El-Shater, and an SSI officer agreed on a set number of seats without security interference, and El-Shater agreed not to put candidates in 10 constituencies in order that Mubarak’s NDP would win.
  • SSI also interfered with NGOs aiming to monitor the 2005 elections, some were allowed to enter the poll stations, and some were not, but this was also repeated for the 2010 elections, and was evident on state T.V.

  • The monitoring of political parties, movements, the Muslim Brotherhood, trade unions, NGOs, universities, Palestinians , Euro-Mediterranean affairs, and state owned companies, as well as some SSI officers.

  • The security forces or more accurately the State Security Intelligence, SSI, contrived to and did install candidates in the elections to prevent “…leftists or Muslim Brotherhood members…” from participating. It involved direct orders to university officials.

What has become apparent was that former President Mubarak was not up with what was going on in his own country, but his son Gamal was and is as 28 of his “business partners” are currently under detention for charges of exploitation of NDP for power and profit, and the “appropriation of state land for a minimal price making enormous profits. This is one of the allegations made against the regime by the Bedouin whose demands for reparation and release of Bedouins imprisoned without trial, as well as recognition for their role in protecting the borders is now being seen to by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. In all of this, the U.S. is strongly implicated.

If it holds true that the Mubaraks wealth has been made from selling of arms through an exclusive Pentagon contract as well as the profits from selling natural gas to Israel, it will be interesting to see if the same machinations put in process to prevent the freeze of former President Mubarak’s account, will also put an end to any judicial procedures to reclaim that fortune and return it to the people.

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was asked: ‘…what is the best type of Jihad [struggle].’ He answered: ‘Speaking truth before a tyrannical ruler.’ ” Riyadh us-Saleheen Volume 1:195

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