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Japan: Why Going Nuclear is a No, No!

Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami – 2011 – A Requiem!

Japan has become heaily dependent on 55 nuclear plants

When the magnitude-8.9 (upgraded to 9.1) Tohoku earthquake and tsunami severed electricity to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex 170 miles (270 kilometers, 40 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake) northeast of Tokyo on Friday 11th 2011, the coolers were crippled, and the backup power did not kick in.

Later, a state of emergency was declared at two nuclear plants at Fukushima, damaged by the 8.9 magnitude quake along the country’s northeastern coast – there was meltdown when a explosion took place afternoon of Saturday 12th 2011!

By Sunday 13th 2011,   reactor #6 (i.e. #1, #3 and #6) have lost it’s cooling systems as the authorities began to stop issuing public statements until the the third reactor went, serious enough for the Japanese authorities to contemplate issuing iodine tablets to residents to prevent the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine.

A Chinese news agency reported that radiation from the Japanese nuclear plant meltdown could blow over the Western half of North America, depositing toxic particles over millions of square miles of land by the end of next week. reported that fallout with 750 Rads of radiation will begin to blow over and infect the
United States West Coast, starting around March 22 2011.


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A River Runs Through Us

A River Runs Through Us

Video Report

This documentary tells the stories of people from all around the world – India, Mexico, Brazil – whose way of life, livelihoods, and homes are threatened by the proliferation of mega-dams.

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