More Redundancies and More Meddling on the Horizon

More Redundancies and More Meddling on the Horizon

By Hwaa Irfan

When one finds that one’s expenses have been unrealistic, and has jeopardized one’s ability to provide for one’s self, admittedly serious measures have to be put in place to in the hope that the situation can be rectified. But if one is responsible for a family, one would have taken considered the members of the family before spending money in a manner that was not one’s right to spend without considering the members. Forgetting family basic needs, including the education of one’s child, instead a last ditch attempt is made to secure one’s income by any means necessary. How would such a parent be regarded if their children were no longer able to go to school, or if the children were moved to a school the standard of which would set the children on a path of low standards, thus unable to secure the kind of education that would take them towards future employment.

The U.S., fought hard and strong after it fell into a serious economic recession, but not for the people the government is supposed to represent, but for the active minority that represent the financial institutions, and executives – the one’s that constitutes an Americas that does not represent the whole. Millions were poured into the active minority, unlike the majority which represents a dwindling middle class, and the rest of the employed who keep the country going.

After weeks of demonstrations and sit-ins at the Capitol Building in Wisconsin, U.S., teachers, students, public sector workers, steelworkers, janitors, firefighters, nurses and unions lost the battle when Governor Scott Walker and allies forced through the Senate Republicans of Wisconsin the collective bargaining rights of the public sector employees, reducing provisions for the representative arm of the workers for approval by the Assembly tomorrow, 17th March 2011.

We may not be trade unionists, and trade unions have not always proven to be affective, but what this means is that employees, non-executives, the non-elite have been placed on the heap of disposability bringing the illusion of democracy into clear view. At a time when it looks as if U.S. & Co. are playing chess in the Middle East to bring about the kind of serious change which will put the world’s natural resources in their hands, by spending $30mn on technology companies and NGOs to circumvent cyber security measures in the name of online activism as indicated by Hilary Clintons comment:

“I am sure there are certain folks in the governments of these places that would prefer we didn’t fund these technologies – just as they would prefer we don’t advocate for human rights in general – but it’s our long-standing policy to advocate for Internet freedom.”

When Rupert Murdoch is buying up more media, making it difficult for the person who reads or listens to that media to discover the truth, when there has been a media blackout on the situation in Wisconsin, and the anti-austerity battles in Greece currently, what some may view as a series of coincidences, has lead to a series of measures which the ordinary citizen in the developed world is about to experience.

One of the those measures involved 19,000 lay-off notices being issued to teachers in California, U.S. Preliminary estimates at further lay-offs includes 500 school staff in San Francisco, 540 in Oakland, nearly 900 in San Diego, and about 5,000 educators in Los Angeles. The full picture in terms of the education system will not be known until May 15th 2011. Two years ago, notices were sent to 26,500 staff, with 60% of that losing their jobs. But it is not just about jobs!

More children will be expected to have less teaching staff, larger classrooms, and less attention, reducing the quality of education, and increasing the illiteracy and fall-out rate. It will not necessarily be the brightest who will succeed, but the cleverest – sorry the most clever – not the one’s who can contribute the most, but the ones who can get the most. Inevitably, this will increase the unemployment rate, the crime rate, and teenage pregnancy rate. More young people will feel less secure, and unable to take control of their lives unless their parents/guardians are able to get more creative with the full meaning of education, and not what education had become.

What the U.S. does, the U.K. is bound to follow already taking the dangerous step of reducing the salaries of the police force in a country that is in bad need of a police force. With a faltering education system which from year to year has gone through hoops to continually change the validity of certain qualifying certificates, the teaching staff have also been included in the large budget cuts to take place. Raising the alarm, British head teachers warn of one fifth of staff are to lose their jobs, a process which looks as if it will become nasty as senior staff seem to find difficulty with the self interested notion of how to keep their jobs, and dismiss others, but what about the staff who are needed by the pupils in order that they can learn?

This is at a time in the development of education when society has been force fed the idea of that the experts know best, and parents who are the primary educators to a large degree have handed that role over to the state, all this after the state’s new English baccalaureate has been forced onto a failing education system. The English baccalaureate is supposed to be awarded to those pupils who attain minimum grade C in English, math, two sciences, history or geography and a language – who will staff this process, and will the process be sustainable? Added to this, is also the notion of forcing certain subjects on the children, subjects that they will learn to hate, will remove them from what inspires them to learn, and will remove them from having happier, and more productive lives. This makes them subject to a state that may have room for them as adults, depending on what the needs of the state are at any given time, and in so doing will increase many social ills – an argument that may come to fruition with or without the English baccalaureate if suitable teaching staff are not in place, and if students get lost in increasingly large classrooms.

The $30mn being spent on meddling in the Middle East and North Africa by US State Department, Department of Defence, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors would be better spent on internal security, and that internal security means investing in the well-being and development of American citizens, which in turn would reduce social ills that cost even more!

At a time of crisis everyone reacts differently, but it does teach us if we are sincerely open to it what really matters to whom.


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