Hillary Told to Go Home

Hillary Faced Anti-US Chants in Tunisia

By Kawther Salam

Black flags, demos and “go away” chants was what the US foreign minister faced on Thursday March 17 2011 during her visit to Tunisia. The International media did not pick up and reveal the news about Hillary’s visit and how the Tunisian journalist shouted at the minister’s security and forced them to retreat from their abusive and arbitrary security checks, such as searches with dogs, which were seen by the Tunisian journalists an insult to their homeland Tunisia. All journalists shouted at the inhuman paranoia of the American security staff accompanying the Minister.

After that spontaneous show of anger, most journalists left the Tunisian foreign ministry before the press conference started. Clinton then let the journalist wait for three hours in the press conference room after they refused to be searched with the dogs of her security staff, “as a punishment”.

The Tunisian demonstrations in condemnation of the visit of Clinton was continued in the main street Avenue Habib Bourguiba in the center of Tunis for the three days of her stay in Tunisia. The demonstrators wanted that minister Clinton go away, out of their country, describing her visit and the US interference in their homeland affairs as an intrusion which was rejected by all Tunisians and which brought shame to the liberating revolution which the Tunisians had recently lead.

Thousands of anti-American Tunisian protesters chanted “No to the American tutelage over Muslim lands” and (يا للعار يا للعار, بعد الثورة إستعمار) “Ya lil Aar ya lil A’ar ba’s el-Thawrah el-Istimar”  (What a shame, What a shame – after the revolution comes colonialism). The protesters waved black flags and raised banners with English phrases such as “Hillary Erhali – Hillary go away”. They also raised a sign in French: “Degage” – (Go away) which was turned into a symbol of their revolution and chanted loudly in front of the Red Cross while Clinton was there.


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