Earth Shift and Shift of the Ages

Partial Solar Eclipse Jan 04 2011

Earth Shift and Shift of the Ages

By Hwaa Irfan

Our eyes only tell us what is apparent to us, and what is apparent to them is what we see in our daily lives. Our perception of the earth that we stand on is shaped by pictures, and information, but at the end of the day we have no idea about the life of the earth beyond what it provides us, and when it reacts aggressively. We know according to the information that we have been given consciously, and subconsciously that the earth is round, and that it moves around the sun with the other planets; but we do not feel that movement, and so in our perception of reality it is still – we can walk, we can move, jump, and dig without worry, because we have always done that without seemingly to pay any ‘price’ for that.

If we are open and sensitive, we become aware of the earth as a living entity, with an identity, and a force that struggles to maintain a balance against the odds we present it with. If we are sensitive enough, we might have even felt that time is passing more quickly, and with that speed more anxiety and fear amongst those who do not know what is going on.

When we hear through the media that the axis of the earth has shifted because of the extremely powerful 9.00 (on the Richter scale) earthquake in Japan, we begin to panic, but in reality we have no idea of what that means. The actual reports from the experts like NASA, and other geospatial experts, actually state ‘probably’, or ‘maybe’, but the sensationalist reporting from other media convey it has a definite – maybe it is too early to tell, or they or not in a position to tell just yet one says having no idea how they measure if an object moves position in all that Space!

The thing is any powerful earthquake as well as other changes in the balance of nature e.g. the melting of the North Pole, has that ability, in theory at least! We do know that the largest Japanese island of Honshu where the city of Tokyo is moved 2.4 meters, because it is measureable! Being a tectonic earthquake, i.e. the continental plates on which we landmass builds up, in this case Pacific and North America plates rubbing shoulder-to-shoulder causing a shift in the earth. The same thing happened in 2004 with Chile and Indonesia that had a 9.1 earthquake unlike Haiti’s 7.0 on the Richter scale.

Instead what we do have is a theoretical calculation based on a model by research scientist Richard Gross of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which guestimates  a 17 centimeters, towards 133 degrees east longitude, based on the theory that anything that changes earth’s mass should shift earth’s axis, and shorten the length of days.

Shift of the Days

This should was applied in the case of Chile’s earthquake with a projected 1.26 microseconds, and a shift in the axis of the earth by a guestimate of 8 centimetres, and again in the case of Sumatra where it was guestimated that the length of a day should have been shortened by 6.8 microseconds with a shift in the earth’s axis of 7 centimetres – so how have we fared since then? The earth is still rotating, and for the living we are still walking, driving, jumping, digging, and bombing on it, for we are not aware that the earth is a living, breathing entity that has things to do. Has NASA research scientist Gross commented:

“Earth’s rotation changes all the time as a result of not only earthquakes, but also the much larger effects of changes in atmospheric winds and oceanic currents,”

“Over the course of a year, the length of the day increases and decreases by about a millisecond, or about 550 times larger than the change caused by the Japanese earthquake. The position of Earth’s figure axis also changes all the time, by about 1 meter (3.3 feet) over the course of a year, or about six times more than the change that should have been caused by the Japan quake.”

Polar – Human Shift

What comes to mind when we think of a polar flip? The increasing and more devastating natural disasters probably reinforce that first impression. We want everything to remain the same as we have always understood it despite that nothing bad lasts forever – yeah it was all a series of illusions that have not quite worked out, to say the least some good has to happen sooner or later. The reason why it was all bad is because we never really felt good about it, good to be alive, to feel in rhythm with life, and to honour all life including the life that we walk, drive, jump and bomb on! We were always in denial of the truth, and then when everything started to go wrong, we demanded to know the truth, a truth that has a bitter overtone.  By abstaining from life we consent to all the horrible things that have happened.

For some time now there has been talk about a polar flip, much of which was hush, hush and put down to New Ageists.  Now it quite evident that there is something going on when an airport closes temporarily to ‘upgrade’ its runways. It happened at London’s Stansted Airport in 2009, and so it was for Tampa International Airport, U.S in January 2011. The Federal Aviation Administration asked for the primary runway which was aligned 180 degrees from the north, and 360 degrees from the south to be changed on account of the magnetic North Pole being on the move again! The magnetic North Pole has been resident in north Canada for two centuries, and is presently relocating to Russia. It began processing its unofficial migration papers in 1904, and has been picking up speed over the past 10 years – and Aristide did not take so long!

One wonders if with all these shifts, if this is not the reason (or HAARP) why governments remain ‘mum’ over the mass deaths of sea and air animals which still continues to happen around the world maybe because their navigational skills have been thrown out of sync — just a thought!

We are reminded of the magnetic North Pole everytime we use a compass. The earth’s EMF grid as indicated on the Muslim map of Piri Re’is 1513 is created by the flow of molten iron inside the earth’s core. Formed by the earth’s ionized outer core which moves faster than the earth’s surface, the earth’s magnetic field serves to protect us from electromagnetic solar storms, . The pattern of earth’s rotation normally aligns with earth’s axis hence forming the magnetic South and North Pole. Occasionally, this magnetic dipole moves or disappears altogether leaving a complicated magnetic field with many poles. It is free to wander under God’s Laws of Nature, moving approximately as much as 40km annually northward each day after only proceeding at 10km annually last century. The worry is though that our protective magnetic field has weakened 10% since the 19th century, but ‘experts’ say that is nothing to worry about because it weakens and strengthens all the time. But if the purpose is to protect us from solar electromagnetic storms, which have been getting stronger, it is an awkward time to be weak!

Scientist Gauthier Hulot of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris using data from the Orsted satellite found that a magnetic area beneath the southern tip of South Africa points towards the center of the earth. This is opposite to the rest of the earth that points towards the Southern Hemisphere. Another such area has also been found near the North Pole. Both areas account for the decrease in the earth’s magnetic field by 10%. At the same time the earth is passing through a Photon Belt and the earth’s rotation is slowing while the earth’s frequency is increasing.

Accumulative evidence that has become observable indicates that we might be in line for such a flip. The only records that go back far enough to inform us as to any previous flips are geologically embedded, with the last flip occurring 780,000 years ago. The earth’s frequency has been 7.8 cycles per second for years. Military global communications developed on this frequency. However, reports show the current frequency at 11 cycles as indicated in the data from Norwegian and Russian researchers. Greg Braden predicts that when the earth stops rotating the resonant frequency will be 13 cycles – zero point magnetic field before rotating in the opposite direction. Other than that, not much can be said scientifically speaking.

While all of this is going on, we must remember that we too as humans are a ball of energy, electromagnetic energy to be precise.

“I think there is clearly something powerful about the human energy field and it’s interaction with the energy in the world – electromagnetic, biochemical, and the energy we get from other people and plants and animals” commented Dr. June Murray of the Saston Center, U.S.

It has been noted that solar and geomagnetic activity, as in weather systems affect changes in blood pressure and blood composition. Changes in human behavior occur during high or low solar activity and geomagnetic storms that have become increasingly frequent. Solar and lunar effects have also been seen to influence patterns of civil behavior. If, and it is a big IF the animals dying on mass are dying because of the earth changes taking place, might it be not that we too, on a much more subtle level are affected too by these changes!?  Time will tell if these changes will be good for us, or if we will learn from it and rise above the entrenched patterns of behavior that deny ourselves the full meaning of life, and those who suffer as a result of that denial.


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