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Heavenly Signs: Saturn and New Moon

Heavenly Signs: Saturn and New Moon

By Hwaa Irfan

The twin features dawning upon us under God’s Laws of Nature revolves around the New Moon and Saturn for April 03rd – 04th 2011.

{If indeed thou ask them who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon (to His Law); they will certainly reply Allah} (An Ankabut 29:61)

We have a New Moon conjunction ushering the Islamic month of Jumma dhul-Awwal from 04th April 2011(depending on where you are) topocentric i.e. observable the following day on Tuesday 05th. The actual New Moon occurs when it is positioned between the Earth and the Sun i.e. all on the same plane in conjunction, with the side without light facing Earth therefore not visible. However, the original meaning of the New Moon was the first visible crescent Moon after being in conjunction with the Sun. In the Chinese calendar, the New Moon is represented by the dark moon.

Astrologically, the Moon represents our relationship to our external world. What is your relationship with others, the environment that our Creator bequeathed to us to sustain and nourish us? Like all His signs, what can you learn from the New Moon, the new month of Jumma dhul-Awwal? Can one’s intentions be made anew to reset the balance that might have been lost in the previous month – these are indeed testing times!


April 03rd 2011, if one’s sky is clear, one might note a yellow looking star in the Eastern sky accept it is not star. Radiating more energy into space, than it gets from the Sun, it is Saturn presenting itself to us at its most brilliant with its rings as it positions itself in opposition to the Earth. If one has the means to look closer, one’s eyes would only see the beauty, not that that beauty is made up of frozen chunks of all sizes with the backdrop of the Sun’s light making Saturn appear to us in the constellation of Virgo before its almost 2 year duration in Libra comes to an end in 2012 signifying the balance of Libra, the compromise we must all make in order to make room for each other on this one planet Earth which we all stand. Talk about pertinent timing as force continues to be used on the physical, mental, and to some extent the spiritual planes to seeking coercion instead of cooperation, abuse of rights instead of seeking consent, seeing the “other” as the “enemy, instead of as the other piece of the puzzle from which to learn about the grandeur of our diverse world.

Saturn, which takes 29 years to orbit the Sun, when the Moon takes 29 days tests through experience, uses sorrow, disappointment, and limitation to teach humility, in the hope we as humans will rise to greater compassion, and through the lessons of our experiences greater wisdom at a time when the New Moon calls on us to renew our intentions with others, and with others the environment. The youth of the Middle East have led this cause. A symbol of that cause has been about respecting the environment in which one lives. Their honorable intentions served to make the general populous take more responsibility for their immediate environment, yet one can see the rich (some of whom are foreigners) who keep their homes tidy and respectable by handing over the responsibility to the overworked doorman and his family to remove that rubbish to anywhere else, creating rubbish dumps away from their homes, when all they would have to do is pay for the rubbish to be collected like most ‘ordinary’ citizens – passing on responsibility to those who earn very little, instead of taking responsibility and giving the doormen and their families a break!  So it has been for far too long, and the signs of our Creator tells us that these times are changing, and we have had our selfish run.

As Saturn visits the constellation of Virgo, the symbol of criticism amongst things, let us be open to self criticism and see what we can discover in order to raise the level of vibration of our lives, our communities, and our greater relations as we remember the lives that have been lost in Japan, those who are still missing, and taking responsibility for the lifestyle choices we make rather than passing on the blame.


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