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Maybe It’s Time to Think About Going Vegetarian!

Maybe It’s Time to Think About Going Vegetarian!

By Hwaa Irfan

If one is use to eating pre-cooked foods, i.e. tinned, processed, frozen, take-a-ways, T.V. meals, it might not be a huge stretch of the imagination to eat cloned meat – besides who knows if the meat in the take-a-way was not from cloned meat. After all, one is less concerned with the quality of food and its nutritional value, but more concerned with taste and whetting one’s appetite. So there is no need to read further, after all food is anything that one puts in the mouth, then chews, and swallows – this category of people are indeed a blessing to the food, and agro-pharmaceutical industries.

However, if one is use to eating fresh food, and are particular about its content, and cooking, one might be more aware that every God given that sustains and nourishes our life force, has a purpose, and thus an affinity. For instance meat becomes less of an ‘obligation’ to consume, because one is aware that factory farming has reduced the quality of meat by using all forms of chemicals to beef up the cow before slaughter, i.e. to increase its body mass to get better financial returns, to increase milk supply, or egg production for instance, and that the cattle are not only kept in unnatural conditions, but they are also fed with feed that is unnatural to the cattle. Then of course, each food from the earth serves a particular function, holds a particular life force that has an affinity to the multitudinous needs of our body – God planned it that way!

However, man is arrogant enough to believe that he has all God’s hindsight, and knows exactly how everything functions and inter-relates when he has less than 50% working knowledge on the human body – yes it is still in the discovery stage, so how can man be so arrogant to believe that he can create life, pull  double whammy, and tell us that cloned meat, milk and the like is fit for human consumption?

And so it is for the British public and the rest of the European Union has cloned meat goes on sale unregulated and without labelling. The strange thing is the decision-making process of the European Parliament, as most of the ministers of the Parliament were, and are strongly against the whole idea, so who does the Parliament represent, if the ministers were unable to represent their constituents.  And there we have it, John Dalli, the EU Health Commissioner unequivocally backs the unscientific ‘truth’ of scientific research that “the scientific assessment we have on cattle is that there is absolutely no risk to health.” Assessment based on what? Then to complicate matters the Executive branch of the EU supported a ban on cloning for food production, but they were against a ban on food from the offspring of cloned animals – talk about genetic encoding!

Principles fly out the door if one’s premise for doing or not doing something is the threat of an argument, with the argument or trade war knocking at EU doors from the up and running cloned foods exports of the U.S. If that is the fear, then equally Japan has a right to have their radiated foods from the nuclear blowout of the March 2011 earthquake-tsunami for their own survival, and for those exports to be accepted – what is the difference: oh yes, one has been proven to be a health risk, and the other has not scientifically speaking!

If cloned animals have been suffering from all kinds of disease (abnormalities in foetal development miscarriage, organ failure and gigantism in new-born clones), by passing on that life force through the food chain is sure to set up a domino-affect which may transpire as new forms of diseases! This is what has happened in the case of GM, (genetically modified) foods when it was discovered by:

  • Plant geneticist Dr, Arpad Pusztai on behalf of the German authorities (2004) found that Monsanto’s MON863 – GM corn caused variable weight is kidneys of rats.
  • Researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2005) that over 50% of offspring’s of rats  fed with GM soy died, within 3 weeks of life, six times more than those fed with non-GM soy.
  • Researchers of CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia (2005) found that GM peas caused a severe allergic response in mice.
  • Researchers of the University of Urbino, Italy (2005) found that GM soy caused cellular anomalies in mice.

“It is deeply frustrating that the Council would not listen to public opinion,” Gianni Pittella, chair of the parliamentary delegation to the Conciliation Committee talks and the EP rapporteur on novel foods, Kartika Liotard, said to the Environmental News Service in a joint statement.

“Measures regarding clone offspring are absolutely critical because clones are commercially viable only for breeding, not directly for food production,”

“No farmer would spend 100,000 euros on a cloned bull, only to turn it into hamburgers.”

And there we have it, public opinion is not of consequence, which the public already knows, but if the process of cloning animals is so expensive, will not too the produce be expensive?

Ethics out of the window, regardless of all the compromises, the European public is left to face the reality that cloned produce: currently meat and milk, has been available in the, mainly from the U.S., and that they may have already eaten/drunk cloned produce. How much the European public have been made aware of this is in question, but now they will have to make some hard decisions if they do not want their lives to be reduced down to what they eat. Countries can continue to export/import, but it is still down to the consumer to buy it. There are always such options as identifying and sticking to reliable and reputable products if one can afford to, finding nutritional alternatives in one’s diet, or in some areas buying straight from the farm – some farmers do provide a door-to-door service for organic products. Leave it to the government to sought out its priorities because what is not bought cannot be sold!  Even if one is not concerned about what one eats, just think of the bankers, investors, and Wall Street – the real reason behind the price food hikes, and the ones who profit from what one feels one cannot do without! If not, think about the multinational pharmaceutical companies which will profit from your illness, yet never truly able to return their consumers to a complete balanced state of health. Clearly, if they are interested more in the profits of a few over the well-being of their constituents, then the constituents have to take more responsibility for their own well-being.


Clash Leaves Cloned Meats Unregulated Across the European Union.

“Dangers of Genetically Modified Food Confirmed.”

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