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The Marketing of Madness

The Marketing of Madness

In my 30+ years as a counselor with various communities, faiths, and orientations, I have found those ‘labeled’ as mentally ill, to be clearer in what is wrong with the world. As the secular world becomes increasingly polarized relegating anyone who is not like the ‘accepted’ personality” extrovert, outgoing, sociable, fashionable, charismatic etc, etc, etc., the world become more entrenched into a state of dis-ease, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and grief as the one’s who choose to hide their real selves from themselves are caught up in The Big Lie.

What happens is the “accepted” becomes the norm, and all forms of injustices prevalent in all walks of life with both the long term losers the “accepted” for agreeing to wear the mask of an identity that is not theirs, and making everybody else including the world suffer for not accepting those masks.

This powerful video contains interviews with experts, parents and victims. It is the story of the high-income partnership between drug companies and psychiatry which has created an $80 billion profit from the peddling of psychotropic drugs to an unsuspecting public.  How did these drugs, with no target illness, no known curative powers and a long and extensive list of side effects, become the go-to treatment for every kind of psychological distress?

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Statement: The Free Front for Peaceful Change

Egyptian Youth form national coalition by Wael Ghonim

The Free Front for Peaceful Change condemns and rejects the threats of Saudi authorities regarding the trial of the deposed president. We regard these threats as interference in the Egyptian internal affairs, objecting with the national and popular resolve endorsed by the great January 25th Revolution.

We also announce the formation of an official delegation of the Front to hand a memorandum of protest to the Saudi Ambassador at the statements made by Saudi authorities. These statements contradict with the resolve of Egyptians, who want to put the tyrant Mohammad Hosni Mubarak to trial. This delegation will meet the Saudi Ambassador on Sunday- 10.04.2011 at 12.00 p.m. The Front also demands an official apology from all Saudi official authorities to the Egyptian People for these statements.

There will also be a press conference in front of the embassy after handing the memorandum.


The Free Front for Peaceful Change condemns and rejects what happened at Dawn with the unarmed demonstrators at Tahrir Square.

We demand starting an urgent investigation and an immediate trial for all involved in this incident. We stress that the slowness of the Military Council in putting Mubarak and the rest of his former regime to trial is one of the most important reasons for the incidents. We also stress that the ambiguity and slowness in the Purge of the country of corrupts is the certain danger to Egyptian national security. We warn about and are concerned that there might be secret hands mastering the setup between the Army and the People.

Spokesman of the Front, Essam Al Sherief, stated that what happened stressed that the remnants of the NDP and some hidden elements were manipulating the security and stability of the Egyptian street. He added that these elements were trying to divide the Army and the People. He said the Military Council should show its goodwill and accelerate Mubarak’s trial and the trial of the rest of the corrupt regime to preserve the security or our Great Egypt.

The Free Front for Peaceful Change

Egypt’s Youth Front for all the people of Egypt


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Which Mask Did You Wear Today?

Which Mask Did You Wear Today?

By Hwaa Irfan

We grow into a world that we believe we know, and in turn knows us – at some stage at least. As we grow the days seem longer, and the obstacle less tangible as we work our way through the multiple identities that confront us with who we are. If we are lucky we learn and grow from teachers with a greater and more in depth understanding of ourselves. But in general many of us are not so fortunate, as we get knocked and bruised by the individualistic persuasions of a cloned society. On the one hand they tell us we have a right, it’s your choice, you are free to do what you will, but the most difficult thing one finds that as time passes, and it becomes increasingly evident that in an environment that champions its self to be better than somewhere else, that the only part that has a right, and has a choice, is the part of one’s self that behaves accordingly. Even if one tries to dress differently, talk differently, do different things, it becomes the elastic norm, but in reality I have no choice, I have no me. As long as I wear the mask that laughs in the right places, and has the same interests, and agrees with the same things, and rejects the same things, I have no right. In such subtle ways this is what we learn as we become socialized into a defined pattern of behaviour. As long as I don’t forget to wear the right identity for the right occasion no one will know how unhappy I am being myself, and even then, no one knows the reason why I am unhappy, why I am not going to like, like you, hate like you, and want like you is because you won’t let me like myself. But I am not supposed to think this, I must stop thinking like this, what will people think of me, don’t worry about what I think of myself because actually it’s not important. As long as do all the bad things that you want me to do, and get away with it, it’s alright I’m in with the in crowd. Don’t question it just do it – I can always buy my happiness…

The days passed into years of living life in the kitchen. It was the only place where she felt free to create. The world outside the kitchen did not make sense to her – se wanted none of it, as her unhappiness grew to the point that she would sending her children packing to their grandparents once a month when they demanded of her more than she was willing to give.

The trouble is as we go through our daily lives, we pick up a mask without thinking, we change that mask frequently according to who we are with or where we want to be. When it becomes so normal we are definitely in trouble because we then become entrained to be what we are not – we lose ourselves no longer knowing who we are, and what we feel, and what we want. We measure our every action by actions of others, and then when the moment comes along, tat pause in the noise, that silent gap which is not filled, we panic…

To fill that moment of silence has become a lifelong endeavour by the experts, lauding the one who can be blamed for that gap as introverted, then making one who does not respond in a particular way as mentally/socially/emotionally challenged, and in the process we lose 50% of the population – the most creative, and inspiring part of the population. Then the experts add labels than once explored mean a mask such as character, personality, charisma (in the modern meaning), or extrovert (meaning entertaining). As long as these people completely believe that (according to Marx) that their self interests is more important than the truth of the situation, or that their judgement calls represents the truth, or that being shallow is a virtue, it will remind everybody else of what they are supposed to be.

And there she was forced not to listen to her soul (so she did not realize at the time) to dance in a manner that went far against her soul as the dance teacher called for more emphasis on the hips to music that was far from elevating, or inspiring. And when she returned home to wake the next day, she found her mind and body had made a pact against her soul which yearned to become stronger through the dance that did not take place. Shattered and gutted, it was a while before she realized that her soul had gone to hibernation not willing to rise above her ego.

We have been taught for so long to package ourselves in a certain way, to package everything is a certain way and only those who have not been taught, who have been raised in environments that more often than not are looked down upon by those who mistakenly convince themselves that they are freely living in a democratic society can turn around like the child in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes and see quite clearly that the Emperor is naked! The irony is however, that the Emperor is buried in veils of perception that are too dark for him to see.

And so it was that one day into the first week of the Revolution that the walls of her kitchen had disappeared. A new world materialized in her neighbourhood where the traps that had been laid for 30 years had been removed so they felt. Her neighbours were now talking to each; the streets were free for the children to play as the older ones no longer felt obligated to shut the doors of their homes at the end of the day. The prison-gates that each neighbour had locked around their own lives were now open, and the community was whole again. She just could not stop talking, and the false dreams that her and her husband had held onto for so long melted into the past, as the real dream of belonging began to materialize.

What masks did you wear today?

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