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Fighting Malaria with Nature

Fighting Malaria with Nature

By Hwaa Irfan

As we see the rich hold not only the government to ransom, but the not so rich American public by forcing almost a shutdown in government, and getting away with paying less taxes, those rich who have profiteered from producing anti-malarial drugs have been sitting comfortably too without a conscience. As the battle against malaria continues especially as the global climate heats up, it is nature that comes to the rescue once again despite man’s faults.

As the malaria parasite develops increasing resistance to man-made attempts to combat/profit from the disease, it is the ‘unscientifically’ proven herb Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia annua) used in traditional African medicine to combat malaria that presents an alternative to the solution of the Chinchona Tree, the only source of Quinine.

Anti-Malarial Drugs

When one thinks of malaria, one automatically thinks of hot climates, but as the climate change continues and increasingly more and more countries in the Northern Hemisphere become exposed to similar climatic conditions, so too is the increased risk of contracting illnesses that one would normally subscribe to the Southern Hemisphere. That change takes place at a time when Western orthodox medicine faces the challenge to the drugs that it employs.

Low cost multi-drug resistant malaria is considered to be one of the main contributory factors by researchers for the annual death toll of 515 million people, and in places like Tanzania, East Africa that annual death toll is 125,000 out of 14-18 million people who contract malaria-related diseases. One such drug is Coartem produced by the multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis. Coartem is an artemisinin-based drug that was complicit in the death of Bahati,  a Tanzanian woman. Culturl anthropologist Caroline Meier zu Biesen learnt of her death from her husband. After being tested positively for malaria, Bahati received a prescription for 24 Coartem tablets to be taken over three days. Bahati never completed the three days, after the first does problems began. In the words of her husband Jonasi:

“My wife started to sweat, she felt miserable and expressed doubts (mashaka) on this medicine… she thought her body would need time to get used to the new drug. But after having taken another four tablets, Bahati complained about palpitation, she had chills (kitapo) and her skin started to itch strongly (ngozi yake ilianza kuwasha sana). My wife´s started to develop blisters (ngozi yake ilianza kutoa malenge lenge) and it felt like burning fire (ngozi yake ilihisi kama ime chomwa na moto). When she started to scratch her skin, it began to peel off (ngozi yake ilianza kubabuka), first on the scalp (ngozi ya kichwa) and then on the entire body. Whenever my wife tried to move in her bed, the skin would stick to her kanga9 and peel off, causing her terrible pain.”

There is a history within Western medicine, which upon extracting particular compounds in order to formulate a new drug, there is a lack of appreciation for the reality of that compound being most effective when taken within the supportive and balancing context from which that compound originated – that is the wisdom of Allah’s Medicine Chest. However, the plan material used to supply artemisinin in the making of Coartem was a mass cultivation of Artemsia annua raised on Novartis insecticide the crop of which is expected to grow on commercial demand.

Sweet Wormwood

Sweet Wormwood or Sagewort is one of 180 species of the Compositae family of the plant kingdom. Known for its bitterness it has been recently commercialized as a tincture in South Africa for its aromatic and antibacterial properties, anti-malarial properties, for checking fevers and fro checking blood loss. However, Artemsia annua is native to China, and has a history in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Known as dawa ya kienyeji in Swahili, the leaves have been used as an antiseptic, a digestive, a febrifuge in the treatment of colds, diarrhoea, and fevers.  The identified chemical compound artemisinin had already proven to be the bioactive ingredient effective in cases of the multi-drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum, the malaria causing parasite.

At the Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dept. de Medicina Tradicional, Mozambique fansidar/Quinine was compared to Artemsia annua in the treatment of malaria. In the case of Artemsia annua, a standard treatment was applied meaning 7 days of an infusion Artemsia annua i.e. a tea, totalling 1 liter. Fansidar/Quinine was used as a control. The patients age 16 – 60 who had mild malaria were given the tea, and they were tested for the presence of the malaria parasite. Findings included:

  • Malarial symptoms declined at the same rate
  • The parasites decreased faster with Fansidar/Quinine
  • Efficiency of Artemsia annua was rated at 90% and that of Fansidar/Quinine, 98%
  • The kidneys were able to eliminate Artemsia annua more easily than Fansidar/Quinine with which there were more side effects after treatment

To add to the long line of scientific research on Artemisia annua/Sweet Wormwood researchers at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences near Oslo have been exploring its efficacy in the treatment of malaria as an alternative to conventional medicines. Looking at the plant extract used in traditional African medicine they are also exploring the role of the synergy of compounds within the plant. From the team Dr. Stangeland commented to Science Daily

“The fact that both the sweet wormwood plant (Artemisia annua) and the bark of the cinchona tree have been used for centuries against malaria — and the parasite has yet to become resistant — indicates some support for this theory.”

With their good intentions intact:

“If we can find plants that prove effective against malaria,” says Dr Stangeland, “we hope that African authorities and countries will register the tested medicines and produce them themselves.”

With that in mind, it might be more efficient to link up with the work that is already being done in Africa itself!

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Is The Media Playing Us on Ghadaffi?

Is The Media Playing Us on Ghadaffi?


With most of the information that proliferates mainstream media on Ghadaffi and the horrors that we are being told he is perpetuating, what is the inside story? Tony Cartalucci presents the reality as it is being played:

The ink was not even dry on the joint op-ed in New York Times written under the names of Obama, Sarkozy, and Cameron, when justification for their proposed expansion of the conflict was conveniently rolled out for public consumption. Reports by the corporate-financier funded Human Rights Watch immediately followed up calls to expand the mandate in Libya, claiming “cluster bombs” were being used in the city of Misrata.

The Libyan government has denied these allegations stating that, “To use these bombs, the evidence would remain for days and weeks, and we know the international community is coming en masse to our country soon. So we can’t do this, we can’t do anything that would incriminate us even if we were criminals.” With the globalists signaling the desire to expand the war and now overtly stating the operation will not end until Qaddafi is removed, the Libyan government would be foolish indeed to employ “cluster bombs,” especially after a series of victories over the rebels without using such weapons.

The BBC, and other corporate-owned media fronts, still maintain that Qaddafi is brutalizing his “own people,” even as video and pictures clearly show these “people” are armed rebels, who themselves admit ties to Al Qaeda and a desire to seize the nation by force. And despite wide ethical berths being given to NATO bombings that both the Libyan government and the rebels accuse of killing people on both sides, the same argument of “collateral damage” is purposefully and subjectively used against Libyan military forces.

Of course, the BBC shares responsibility for the unfolding bloodbath taking place in Libya and the ever expanding Western military intervention, having bombarded the public with a deluge of admittedly unverified reports – the very reports used to justify UNSC r.1973 in the first place. When the BBC isn’t participating in a propaganda campaign to justify foreign wars of aggression, they are taking money from the US State Department to assist in subversion around the globe. BBC’s membership in the Chatham House, a think-tank that represents the collective interests and ambitions of some of the largest corporations and banks on earth, might explain why it lacks any semblance of journalistic integrity and instead doggedly promotes the corporate-financier oligarchy’s agenda.
It should come to no one’s surprise then that the BBC, in tandem with the corporate-financier front Human Rights Watch, would come up with such convenient stories just in time to bolster the debate over expanded operations in Libya, including the possibility of using ground troops we were told would never set foot on Libyan soil. Additionally, the BBC is warning of a “Massacre in Misrata,” with a narrative so over-the-top it leaves impressionable readers almost begging for a NATO troop landing at Misrata’s port.

Once again, the global corporate-financier oligarchy has duped the people into another war. Once again petty prejudices and ignorance has been preyed upon, using party lines to manipulate and corral public opinion. Concurrently on the ground in Libya, the West has created a conflict observing the ancient maxim of Sun Tzu, “Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight,” ensuring both Qaddafi and the rebels are thrust into a do-or-die scenario guaranteeing the chaos continues until the globalists achieve their goal – nation re-building, seizing oil, central banks, etc.

Finally, we are made to believe our “leadership” is reacting to a fluid situation unfolding on the ground, when in reality they are executing an agenda that has been on the drawing board since at least 1991. Apparently voting for what we were told was the polar-opposite of George Bush and his Neo-Conservative agenda has not worked. We must then look past the puppet politicians and their superficial differences and see the corporate-financier oligarchy behind them, whose agenda transcends and dominates petty politics. We must see them as the problem, and replacing them entirely as the solution.

Source: BBC, Libya, and Cluster Bombs

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Denied the Right to Conceive

Denied the Right to Conceive

When one sets out in the world today as a young woman, it might be that one for the things that is farthest from one’s mind is having children. In fact, one might do all kinds of things to not have children without thinking of the long term consequences to one’s health, or the fact that the person one is now, will not be the same person in 5 – 20 years time. We change as we learn more about ourselves, but one of things that does not change when the right has been taken away by force, is the anger that has been invoked. Can you imagine having the right to have children taken from you?

This is what happened to many communities, including the Peruvian community under President Alberto Fujimori Fujimori. This video presents a situation from 1996 – 2000 whereby forced sterilization was actually a part of a governmental family planning strategy

Maria Esther Mogollon, journalist and activist of the Broad Women’s Movement Online Foundation estimates that the number of sterilized women ranging between 300,000 and 16,000 men who underwent vasectomy. The physical and mental harm done has yet to quantified, while those who suffered, suffered immeasurably.

In a 711-page decision as a result of a 15-month, 70-year old Fujimori was found guilty on all charges of human rights abuses, including murder and kidnapping and torture of civilians by a death squad and waging a counterinsurgency campaign in the early 1990s.

Ironically Fujimori’s daughter, Keiko, a 34-year-old congresswoman is considering a presidential bid in 2011. She has said that if elected she will pardon her father.

Source: Servindi

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